Val Price -2008

Hundreds of women across Britain are now mourning the loss of a remarkable heroine of the Labour Party who died in July 2008. Val Price worked unstintingly through Labour Women’s Network and Emily’s List to ensure that Labour women could take their rightful place in the heart of public life, be it locally, regionally or nationally.

Val worked with Barbara Follett to successfully campaign for All Women Shortlists, a standing testament to all her work. But Val didn’t just focus on the big things, nothing was too much trouble for any of the women that she could help. Whatever time of the day or night Val’s women always knew they could call or email her and would get an instant response. Her judgement was excellent and her advice was direct and honest. Without Val many women would not have had the success that they now have.

Val described herself as the mummy spider of LWN, the women who knew her thought of her more as a warm and bright guiding light. She was always supported in all she did by her husband Fred and they made a formidable, loved and loving partnership in working for Labour women. She will be missed.

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