Mike Brider -2009

Mike Brider died on 13 June 2009 after a long illness, aged 55.

He joined the T&G union nearly 30 years ago when working on the buses in Tyne and Wear. Mike was elected to the T&G’s General Executive Council in 1988, where he played a major part in helping the union move beyond the bitter divisions of that period. He was subsequently appointed an officer in 1990 and was deeply involved in both the industrial and political work of the region.

In 2003 he worked for Middlesbrough Borough Council before returning to work for the union in 2004 as regional secretary in Scotland. Following the merger that created Unite, it was to work as the national official for the 100 per cent campaign devoted to strengthening the union in the workplaces. He was working to build Unite right down until his final illness.

Mike brought a progressive outlook, a life-long commitment to the union and an unshakeable belief in the values of the labour movement to all of the tasks he undertook.

Mike is survived by his wife, Michelle.

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