Lord Albert Stallard -2008

Lord “Jock” Stallard of St Pancras has died in July 2008 aged 86. He was a trade unionist and became the Labour MP for St Pancras North 1970-1983. He was PPS to the minister of state for agriculture (1974) and then minister for housing and construction (1974-76) in the Wilson and Callaghan governments. At that time he was opposed to the Americans in Vietnam, to nuclear weapons and bases, to any concessions to Ulster Unionists and, in 1982, to the Falklands war.

When the boundary commissioners reduced the three Camden seats to two for the 1983 election, in the contest for the new Holborn and St Pancras seat, he lost out by 56 votes to 61 to his younger friend Frank Dobson. He was then nominated by Labour leader Michael Foot as a working peer.

Selected as Labour’s candidate for St Pancras North, he devoted himself assiduously to the many problems of the hard-pressed constituents among whom he lived. He intervened on behalf of the homeless, pensioners, immigrants. He even introduced bills to protect vagrants facing imprisonment for sleeping on benches. In the Lords, he kept to his normal preoccupations with better pensions, housing for the homeless, improved loans from the Social Fund, more equitable distribution of NHS funds, flexible retirement, more generous offers to the Catholic nationalist community in Northern Ireland.
He is survived by his wife Sheila, a son and a daughter.

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