Ken Cure OBE -2007

Ken Cure who died in June 2007 was born in Coventry and maintained a huge affection for the city. Ken started school at Bablake in Coventry and then went on to King Edwards Camp Hill in Birmingham. In 1940 he started an apprenticeship at BSA Small Heath as a gun design draughtsman.

In 1942 he received his call –up and joined the Royal Navy and left in 1946. He was heavily involved with the Church of England and the Scout movement. He joined the labour party and took his first part-time officers role with the Engineering union in 1956. The big idea for Ken was social justice, and education was for him a central plank. He served the union as a full time officer from 1975 through to his retirement in 1989.

A constant for Ken was fighting the hard left. Soon after his election to the executive council of the AEU came the seat on the National Executive of the Labour Party. When paying tribute to his father, his son says: “I can honestly say that I don’t think he ever lost sight of his convictions or why he was there and I think he enjoyed every minute”. He played a key role in routing out Militant, and – via the St Ermins Group – helped to turn round the NEC and hence the party from its darkest days in the early 1980s.

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