Dr David Kerr -2009

Dr David Kerr, former Labour MP for Wandsworth Central from 1964-70, died recently at the age of 85.

David Kerr went to school in Croydon then spent the war at the Middlesex hospital medical school, winning in 1941 the Royal College of Surgeons’ MacLoghlin scholarship. During the Blitz and later, he served in the London ambulance service during attacks by V1s and V2s.

In 1958 he was elected to London County Council as a member for Wandsworth and subsequently was selected to 1964 General Election he won Wandsworth Central – a seat Labour wasn’t expected to win. The sitting MP was Conservative deputy chief whip Michael Hughes-Young, who had been since October 1959. It was one of the victories that allowed Harold Wilson to become Prime Minster with a small majority.

As an MP his campaigns concerned cervical cancer, dental health, homosexual offences, prostitution and illegitimacy. He was made PPS to Joan Lestor at the Commonwealth Office in 1966.

He stood down at the next general election partly because of boundary changes but also because he wanted to get back to being a GP. He was also involved for many years an active member Socialist Health Association as well as becoming a Councillor in his adopted county of Hertfordshire from 1989 – 2001.

He leaves his wife Margaret, six children, seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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