Doug Grimwood -2009

I knew Doug when I worked for the Labour Party in Ipswich, he joined the Party in the early 70’s. Having had a severe back injury which prevented him from working full time, he joined the party and devoted himself to improving housing conditions in the town. He was elected councillor for the Chanty ward basically the town’s biggest council estate – in 1973 and was soon elected Labour spokesman on housing.

When we took control in 1979 he was he was the councils Chair of Housing and provided the leadership for a major improvement to the councils housing stock which saw all of the remaining 2000 (out of 1200) council houses without indoor bathrooms and toilets have them installed and major programmes to install central heating and double glazing in our council houses. We also had a major programme of council house building small purpose built estates, well integrated into the areas around them, contributing to the major improvements seen in Ipswich under a Labour Council. He stood down from the council in 1993, living appropriately in sheltered housing on Chanty estate.

Doug was a smashing man, down to earth and hard working, always ready with a laugh and a smile. He played a major role in improving the lives of people around him and will be remembered fondly by those who knew him.

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