Bernard Dooley -2008

Bernard Dooley, who died suddenly in May 2008, was General Secretary of the National Union of Labour and Socialist Clubs (NULSC), a post he’d held for longer than Labour Club records can show. He was steeped in the Labour movement, having served as a Councillor St Helens in the 1980s, and undertaking some of the most tricky of cases, including those of Militant, during 15 years on the party’s National Constitutional Committee.

He joined the NCC at its inception in 1986, serving three terms up to 1995, and then a further two terms from 1998 to 2004. Former NEC and NULSC Member John (now Lord) Evans paid tribute “to a good and lovely man” whilst Eric Wilson, Secretary to the NCC, commented “He was a good man in every respect and will be sadly missed”. For the Labour Clubs, his death will leave an enormous hole, not just for his comradeship over a pint, but for his extensive knowledge of club law and procedures, the ways of brewers and insurance companies, and his long involvement with clubs around the country.

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