Greg Barker MP: the fox hunting energy minister

Greg Barker chose to attend a fox hunt on Boxing Day and in so doing allowed his name to be associated with a campaign to change hunting laws.

Greg Barker is an Energy Minister who chose to go hunting whilst thousands of families were suffering the distress of being without electricity over Christmas.

Greg Barker could have used his time as a minister to ensure that all was being done to get power back to those affected families. He could have chosen to support the team of hard working engineers who have lost their Christmas. He could have taken to the airwaves to reassure people that all was being done to deal with the country’s power outages.

What he actually did was go hunting.

Mr Barker is the symbol of everything that is wrong with David Cameron’s government. He displays a sense of entitlement that embodies the phrase ‘out of touch’.

The energy minister who chose to go hunting during a massive power cut says all you need to know about the priorities of today’s Tories in power. Margaret Thatcher would have been appalled.

3 thoughts on “Greg Barker MP: the fox hunting energy minister”

  1. I agree with all you say apart from Thatcher being appalled, she loved Toffs and hated us Plebs.
    More importantly why aren’t you campaigning for the renationalisation of our utilities, once Labour adopts this as a policy they we be a credible alternative, not just a pale pink apology for a party.

  2. if this man was labour leader I would support them. right now I am supporting the SNP. I always have been a labour supporter but labour have went loco. keep up the work mr Watson. you are a true labour man and the only one I would trust out of the whole lot.

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