Operation Fernbridge Charges

I’m delighted to see the dedicated Operation Fernbridge team at the Metropolitan police pass another milestone in a very difficult investigation involving complex historic allegations. They are a credit to policing.

Their investigations continue and I urge anyone with evidence to come forward. I know how difficult it must be for people who have been trying to put traumatic childhood episodes behind them. Now is the time for you to speak out.

3 thoughts on “Operation Fernbridge Charges”

  1. STOP asking for people to come forward……with NO SUPPORT…..forget the politics, forget the guilty………get real and get some support for the victims…..BEFORE you ask for people to come forward! you are wounding people if you ask them to come forward without help!!!!!!!

  2. Great to see some movement and progress. What progress is there regarding your request to the Home Office about Dickens dossiers?

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