PRISM event with Tom Watson, David Davis, Caspar Bowden and Simon McKay

PRISM, US surveillance and the UK: an expert briefing

Committee Room 6, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA
Thursday 27th June, 15:00-17:00.

You are invited to an Open Rights Group briefing on PRISM, the US surveillance programme which has recently been the subject of significant public concern and press interest.

The event will be chaired by Tom Watson MP and will feature David Davis MP as well as two of the leading experts on UK and US surveillance law, Caspar Bowden and Simon McKay.

The speakers will address what PRISM is and its impact on UK citizens, journalists, politicians, businesses and NGOs. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions during the event and interviews after it is finished.

Space at the event is limited. To RSVP or for more information please call Open Rights Group on 020 7096 1079 or contact Ed Paton-Williams at campaigns (at) openrightsgroup dot org (replace (at) with @ and add in the full stops).

Caspar Bowden will explain the US law behind PRISM, and how this can be used to access the data of non-US citizens and businesses. Caspar was previously Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft for nine years and a director of the independen think-tank, the Foundation for Information Policy Research.

Simon McKay will set out the UK laws governing surveillance and how they interact with the PRISM programme. Simon is a solicitor advocate specialising in intelligence and covert policing. He advised the Guardian on phone hacking and represented the Sunday Telegraph in the MPs’ expenses case. He is also a former adviser to the UK Government on terrorism and covert policing.

Open Rights Group have also produced a two page briefing on PRISM and its relevance to the UK and sets out the questions that the UK Government is yet to answer.

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