Tesco announcement on the discovery of horse meat in their spaghetti bolgnese

At 6.30pm this evening, Tesco confirmed that they had identified horse meat in their spaghetti bolognese. Tesco and Aldi quietly withdrew products last Tuesday because they’d been made by Comigel.  They confirmed this publicly when The Sun found out. The retailers said it was a precaution and were testing the product.

Earlier today on Twitter I’d mistakenly said the company had just announced a withdrawl of the spag bog rather than confirmed horse meat in the pasta product. It was pointed out to me by twitter users @yarwell and @booktrunk. So I’ve tracked back on how the two retail giants dealt with the shared problem.

Aldi fessed up there was horse meat at 6.30pm on Fri. Tesco put statement out at 6.30pm tonight. That strikes me as strange, unless of course Tesco were choosing their moment to make the announcement. I would be interested to know when the company had it confirmed that they were selling spagetti horse meat. And my hunch is they were managing the news – or trying to. It hardly inspires confidence if they had known about the test results at the weekend and decided to slip the story out tonight – after the Secretary of State had given a statement to Parliament.

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