Eight questions for private equity investor and boss of Findus, Dale Morrison.

1. Yesterday Findus said this was “not a food safety issue” but a labelling problem by a supplier. Today they confirm horsemeat in their beef lasagne. Why has the story changed in 24 hours?
2. Has Findus done its own tests? If yes, what are the findings and when did you have the results? Was it last Wednesday when you put the product in quarantine?
3. Tesco shelf stackers were told to take it off shelf on Monday. Why didn’t you stop it being sold sooner?
4. When did you tell the authorities?
5. How long have you knowlingly let families buy this product when it contained horsemeat?
6. Why haven’t you done more to let people know not to eat the findus horse meat in their freezers?
7. How many packs have been bought by people since the product was put in quarantine?
8. What has the supplier said about when this problem started and how long it has been going on? Was it days, weeks or months?

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