Response to the Metropolitan Police Announcement that a Criminal Investigation has been Launched

This new criminal investigation is welcome news. I am confident that the Operation Fairbank team are committed to a thorough investigation that leaves no stone left unturned.

As they get nearer the truth it is vital they are given the time and space to conduct the investigation without interference.

I urge any witnesses or victims to come forward if they think they can help with the inquiry.

No matter what has happened in the past, now is the time for your voice to be heard.










7 thoughts on “Response to the Metropolitan Police Announcement that a Criminal Investigation has been Launched”

  1. We can’t have too many of these ( I hate to call them people it makes them seem normal) persons brought to justice, problem is this government won’t take the neccessary steps to stop them reoffending afterwards, like Castration eg. Time for someone to take the lead.

  2. Hearty congratulations Tom We sane honest people thank you so very much for your introduction of this new FAIRBANKS investigation. Very well done Do you fancy being our next Prime Minister? I would be very happy to fly back to England if you were our candidate.

  3. it is heartening that you are using the power given to you by the people to endeavour to right the wrong done by powerful people to young powerless is similar to the hillsborough that brave individuals with the help of andy burnham succeededruth will out and its why i am a member of the labour party

  4. Thankyou Tom for your continued hard work and perseverance in gaining justice for these victims, and for alerting the public’s attention to the fact that hopefully, despite social standing, these criminals can be treated and prosecuted the same as if they weren’t police or parliament. I back you all the way.

  5. Tom, thankyou for your continuing belief that something needs doing about this, when everyone else has blurted what they have to say and fallen silent.

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