Very late submission from the Metropolitan Police to the Leveson inquiry suggests John Yates has yet more serious questions to answer.

A remarkable last minute submission from the Metropolitan police to the Leveson inquiry has been brought to my attention by the twitter user going by the name of @MrsTrevithick. The submission claims that as far back as 2009, senior investigating officers at the Metropolitan police had a strong belief that there was wider criminality at the News of the World and urged John Yates to re-open the inquiry – or get another police force to investigate.

The date of the submission was 21st November 2012 – almost too late to be included in the final deliberations of the team drafting the report. So whilst according to press reports the Metropolitan police seemed to have been cleared by Leveson, this last minute submission would not have been able to significantly change the conclusions in the document.

Just looking at the document suggests to me that John Yates has very serious questions to answer. I’m shocked that this testimony has been sneaked out in this way.

The document appeared late on the Leveson inquiry website possibly as late as last night. Please take a look at the Keith Surtees evidence here.

UPDATE: When I published this blog post yesterday, I gave the wrong link to the Surtees submission. The submission that includes the extract below is here.
I am looking at all the other late published documents and will write more later today if I spot anything else.

See key extracts from the late submission of DCS Keith Surtees:

“On more than one occasion in meetings I attended in 2009, with AC
John Yates and others advising him, I voiced my concern that the
original investigation could and should be re-opened or re-examined
and suggested either HMIC or another Force undertake such a task. I
explained that the reasons for ending all activity in 2006, including the
victim notification strategy, no longer existed in 2009. DCS Williams can
confirm this as he was present, as can DCS Clive Timmons who was
also present.”

“Third, I set out my view on the possibility that the criminality extended
beyond Mulcaire and Goodman. It was a view held jointly by DCS
Williams and myself that the phone interception and other criminal
conduct of Mulcaire and Goodman was not limited to them, and that the
criminality extended further. This view is clearly expressed in the
decision log of the Operation.”

5 thoughts on “Very late submission from the Metropolitan Police to the Leveson inquiry suggests John Yates has yet more serious questions to answer.”

  1. I wish someone would investigate the influence of Freemasonry in the police and prosecuting authorities –the extent of wrongdoing seems widespread and flagrant. The establishment seems to operate like a state within a state. Why?

  2. Leveson does deal with this at Part E 8.106 and 8.107:

    8.106 DCS Surtees has submitted further evidence497 in which he states that the minutes of 10 July 2009 were not a wholly accurate reflection of what was discussed and that in this meeting and subsequent meetings he attended, he was vocal in advancing his view that the matter should be re-opened and re-investigated for the very reason that he knew there were evidential leads to pursue and that the rationale for closing the investigation in 2006 did not exist in 2009. He states that he challenged Mr Yates and even suggested that Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) should be appointed to investigate. DCS Williams, in
    his further evidence, agrees that DCS Surtees was “quite vociferous”, at his first meeting with Mr Yates in suggesting that he review or reopen the investigation or that HMIC have an independent look at it.
    8.107 DCS Surtees was not asked about 2009 when the evidence was called and Mr Yates has not been asked to respond to what is now said. In the circumstances, as a matter of fairness, I am not prepared to reach any conclusion on this issue. By 10 July, however, the scene had been set both by the briefing given by DCS Williams and the press announcement of the previous day: it would have required considerably more than DCS Surtees calling for a review to persuade Mr Yates to alter the course he had fixed in place. Furthermore, to be fair to Mr Yates, it is right to note that in the briefing note to which DCS Surtees contributed, dated 12 July 2009, and considered below, the evidence was not represented in a way that steered the reader to the conclusion that there were viable leads.

  3. This does open up a can of worms but, I believe that Leveson has still to report on some of the police/press behavior due to criminal charges that are going through the courts.
    Even more worrying is the fact that personnel from our Defense Departments have been paid huge sums of money to give the press information on possibly secret information.

  4. It’s always the cover up that shops them. Who in the Met made the late submission? When did they know about Surtees evidence? Who or what prevented submission at the proper time?

  5. Are you the MP who tried to force a three time elected Prime Minister to stand down (Tony Blair) so that the “great” Gordon Brown who you supported to take over? Great judgement!

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