Upcoming Open Rights Group Event

The Open Rights Group (ORG) are arranging an event on Monday 17 December in response to the proposals of the Communications Data Bill. If you can, please do come along.

Joint Committee released damning report on Communications Data Bill

The Joint Committee’s final report vindicates ORG’s view that the current proposals should be dropped. They label Home Office evidence “fanciful and misleading” and say the Bill pays “insufficient attention to the duty to respect the right to privacy.” However, Theresa May is still refusing to listen, saying there “can be no delay”.

We believe that a fundamental review of digital surveillance is required. However, a review of this nature should not be entrusted to the Home Office; the Committee has shown them to be too insular and secretive to properly consider questions of justice and civil liberties. We want a full public and open consultation.

On Monday 17th December we will be lobbying MPs in Parliament. We want you to join us!

Come along and tell your MPs that the Government must go back to the drawing board:

Jubilee Cafe, Westminster

12pm – 6pm

Monday 17 December

We will be there all day with advice on speaking to your MP as well as having detailed briefings on the CDB on hand.

Can you come along next Monday? If so, please book an appointment with your MP here or by contacting the MP switch desk 020 7219 3000. Calling may well be faster at this time.

If you are willing to attend and have severe difficulty getting transport we are willing to pay rail fares for some on a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to travel to London at this time you can also use our tool to book an appointment with your MP at their constituency office.

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