UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom links with Le Pen, & Belgian and Austrian far-right

Franz Obermayr
Marine Le Pen
Phillip Claeys

FO: Ladies and gentlemen a very warm welcome to our kick off press conference of the EAF, European Alliance of Freedom. On the 8th of November a new Executive was voted in, I am very happy to be here with our co-Presidents, Marine Le Pen and Phillip Claeys.

ML: We are going to focus on European issues and not on national issues.

Journalist: Ralph Neimeyer, European Chronicle. A question for Mrs Le Pen first, then also to the two gentleman. Mrs Le Pen, this alliance consists of Vlaams Blok, of your party and of the Freedom Party of Austria. Do you have any support from the UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party in any way?

ML: […] why you’re trying to play us off against UKIP here or underline some sort of contradiction between us, but Godfrey Bloom is part of the European Alliance of Freedom.

FO: I can tell you that Godfrey Bloom is one of the founding members; he’s one of the group’s executive.

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