Two amazing quotes on gay marriage from Paul Waugh’s morning memo

Here’s an extract from Paul Waugh’s daily email. Is it me or is the reaction of these MPs remarkable?

Last night, Tory MP Stewart Jackson raised the spectre of ‘civil disobedience’ if gay marriage went ahead. He told the Westminster Hour that out gay marriage was not in the party manifesto and said many Tory MPs were worried about the way the legislation could be used with the Human Rights Act and Europe to force churches to do things they didn’t want to do:

“There will be a legal quagmire. The only people who will be happy will be the lawyers, there will probably be an impass between the Lords and the Commons. There may even be civil disobedience. This is a very serious issue for the Prime Minister because I think it is symptomatic of a certain degree of arrogance on his part and a breach of faith, not just many MPs but the view of many Conservative party members and the wider electorate.”


Bob Blackman said over the weekend that Cameron should reintroduce Section 28. Blackman told the BBC: “I still abide by that and feel thats the right way forward, and if teachers are forced to say same-sex relationships are equivalent to heterosexual relationships I’d be very opposed to that.”

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2 thoughts on “Two amazing quotes on gay marriage from Paul Waugh’s morning memo”

  1. Yes I heard Stewart Jackson saying that on the Radio. Astonishing.

    Thing is, in my real life (as opposed to my on line one) I don’t know a soul who has a thing to say against same sex marriages. Even quite bigoted anti-gay people seem to think that if gay people are going to be gay then getting married isn’t really making things any worse.

    I’m not sure what kind of civil disobedience he means. Presumably he means that gay Tories will refuse to get married.

    Either he is very out of touch or I am. Either way it saddens me that the Conservative Party has people with these opinions; much as I dislike the Tory Party I’ve worked with many Tories, and most of them were a lot more reasonable minded than this.

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