Response to Rob Wilson MP

Dear Rob,

Thank you for your recent letter which I read online yesterday.

I appreciate your concern for the heat to be taken out of the public debate around this issue but as you have raised this with me publicly, I feel duty bound to explain that which I had wished to remain private.

Your central point is that any allegations I receive should go to the police. I am not sure why you have assumed that this is not happening. You are wrong, in any case.

It remains the case that the documents seized in the investigation into paedophile Peter Righton provide clear intelligence suggesting a child abuse ring that links to a former aide of a Prime Minister. In fact this was my sole focus when the matter was raised with the PM in the House. My concern was not the shortcomings of the previous inquiry into North Wales and at the time I was not aware of any allegations made about politicians relating to North Wales.

This is also why I believe the terms of reference for the inquiry announced by the Home Secretary are inadequate and at some point in the future will have to be broadened, as I told the Home Secretary on Tuesday.

As you know, I have some history with the Metropolitan police. We now know that during the hacking scandal, the organisation was sitting on a vast amount of intelligence that provided clear evidential leads suggesting much wider criminal wrongdoing.

In raising the matter with the PM I was seeking to ensure that the new team at the Met were aware that there could be clear intelligence held by them that would warrant a second look in this case too. I believe this is now happening.

Since raising the issue with the PM, a number of other allegations have been made of which I have made the police aware.

My concern is that the institutions that are there to protect vulnerable children may have historically failed. I do not know why this is the case but seek to understand it. This will take time and I would welcome your ideas as to how child protection policy can be improved in years to come.

The former child protection specialist who raised his concerns with me did so because after the Murdoch scandal, he felt I was prepared to speak out on a perceived injustice and see it through to the end – no matter where the evidence leads and whoever it affects and regardless of political persuasion. I should point out to you that my few public statements regarding an alleged child abuse ring have taken pains not to identify the political affinity of the suspected perpetrators. Nor have I at any point, publicly identified the time period to which the allegations apply. This is not a fit subject for point scoring.

I hope you now understand that I am fully co-operating with the police and that I will not let this matter drop regardless of what pressure is bought to bear by those that seek to undermine legitimate inquiry.

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  1. great response to a comment intended to ultimately discredit you.
    You must know that you have a lot of grief to come from sources that will seek to lessen you and your cause. Thank you for speaking for those whose only voice was heard by you, in parliament. The inertia of public opinion has pulled free, and calls for the answer to your Parliamentary questions have gained a quantum-impulse in momentum.
    Thank you.

  2. “This is not a fit subject for point scoring”

    I agree the subject isn’t for point scoring – but that is exactly how you usually operate – one way traffic/one trick pony!

  3. Tom, know that many ordinary people admire you hugely and know also that you have restored our faith in basic humanity. Those who are responsible for such misery, who once felt so supremely confident that they would never be found out, are now squirming. They forgot that the children who they abused would one day grow up and tell their terrible stories to the world. Those who they killed died diabolical deaths, but they could not kill them all. Thank you Tom for offering these survivors a voice and some hope.

  4. More smear and innuendo for the sole purpose of partisan politicking.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Tom, could you also post rob Wilson’s letter so we can read your reply in context? Your letter makes very important points.

  6. Except Tom, in your previous post of your letter to Cameron you clearly state that the “period in question” was 30 years ago and further highlight allegations involving a cabinet minister. Surely an open letter published on your blog counts as in “public”?

  7. Today on Sunday Politics, Andrew Neil all but interrogated Harriet Harman about your original question to the PM, she of course could say nothing (as Neil must have known) because it is a matter for the police, which he was repeatedly told. It seemed to me (as a lay person) and to many other viewers that somehow Neil was trying to pin on you the entire blame for what happened to Lord McAlpine and subsequently Newsnight and the BBC.

    David Mellor was also a guest later on the show, where he (Mellor) proceeded to call the victim of child abuse ” a weirdo”, Mellor also went on to rubbish Mr Messham’s claims about the police.

    I have read that disgraceful Daily Mail article and I have come to the conclusion that it is no wonder the victims of child sexual abuse behave in this way when they are either not believed, or in fact believed, but the person listening then proceeds to hush it and cover it all up to protect the perpetrators of such abuse. I can well understand why victims become confused, this is a classic way of keeping such victims quiet. Besides all this, it was 20 years ago, is he supposed to remember everything? And why isn’t something being done to discover which police officer showed Mr Messham that photograph and told him it was Lord McAlpine and find out why? Was it to intentional confuse him so his evidence would then be deemed not credible? Which is exactly what happened?

  8. what has happened over the last week is nothing more than dispicable. I am so pleased to read that you will be carrying on with your fight against those who undermine the vunerable. I thank you for this on behalf of so many abused children.

  9. ‘regardless of political persuasion’ – who do you think you are kidding??

    Can you cover the hacking by the Mirror group, Piers Morgan and the Mail please. Also Motorman. Given your lack of concern with party politics I feel sure you’ll be on the case shortly.

  10. This all needs to come out, but the machine has already been deployed that deflects, obstructs and obfuscates. Witness todays newspaper stories, excepting the Independent on Sunday who ran with a story about not only the suppression of a Council report into Bryn Estyn, but also the destruction of all copies of the report. The Indy, though, s a copy in

  11. William Wilberforce was whiter than white,but it did not stop slave owners trying,i doubt you are has clean has Mr Wilberforce but your work is no lesser for it

  12. “Thank you for your recent letter which I read online yesterday.”

    Classy reply to a person who should have better manners.

    On the subject itself, keep digging away. You’ve earned a lot of trust this last year or so, rightly.

    Truth will out, in the end.

    Kind regards.

  13. Nobody should ask that you take on matters “above and beyond…..”, but is somebody looking out for Steve Messham?
    More than one of us believes that there may be deception at work in the matter of the statement to Steve that “McAlpine is dead”. Maybe he was told that to divert him from identifying his true assailant?

  14. While it’s clear that your issue, at the start at least, was not about the North Wales abuse, I really hope that you will be able to provide some kind of support or safety to the poor man who is being vilified in the media – and by that I mean Steve Messham.

    The story as we are being told it may turn out to be true, but there are many of us that are finding it impossible to believe that this ‘obvious case of mistaken identity’ re the photo can be as is stated by the mainstream press.

    We are expected to believe that he did not see any photos of the man between being shown an image in the 1990’s and this Friday evening, just before he made his public apology. Did all the journalists who interviewed him recently, and indeed the Newsnight team, never once clarify this with him? Did the people who supported him all these years never share an article or interview about the man with him? Did he REALLY never look him up online, not once in nearly 20 years?

    I am disgusted that this man, who has been through so much (please note that no-one has denied he suffered awful abuse as a child), who was brave enough to add his voice, his identity, to help bring this to the fore, is now being torn to shreds by the very bastions of society that are supposed to shine a light on these dark corners of our world. I don’t think this was mistaken identity, I don’t think he has been paid off, but I do think his safety or that of his family has been threatened in some way.

    So who can he turn to Tom? Social Services? The police? The justice system? Parliament?

    I am deeply saddened to say that I think the only safe haven this man has left is you Tom. You, and the many ‘ordinary people’ who are sickened by what we are seeing, and what we are expected to believe… but we don’t hold the position that you do, and so we need you to stand and fight in our name to do what is right.

    Please, if you know any truly good and decent public servants in his area, please put them in contact with him so that he knows we haven’t all turned our backs, so that he knows there are people he can trust…. and ultimately so that this sorry state of affairs will not stop others who have suffered as he has from coming forward.

  15. Mr wilson and others should not be as much concerned with taking the ‘heat’ out of the situation, rather than concentrate on shedding light on what now appears to be systematic abuse of the most vulnerable over several decades. Any such attempt will inevitably raise suspicions of coverup and damage limitation.

  16. So good to see you back Tom. There is hope after all.
    When we think of all those who had the chance to do what you have done, and missed it, it makes your persuance and conviction of these issues all the more gratifying,

  17. I was disgusted to hear Mellor call Steve Messham a weirdo,i hope this isnt the start of a RUBBISH campaign.

  18. You stood up to the Murdochs and their minnions, now your standing up for the vulnerable . Mellor , who used his family to hang on to his job, called an abused man a ‘weirdo’. That’s enough for me to know you are on the right side of the angels. Stick to it Tom.

  19. A strong whiff of sour grapes can be detected here from Watson…who is no doubt miffed that another MP has had the gall to steal the limelight he clearly feels is his by right.
    I would add that we are all growing a little tired of Watson’s enormous self regard….his open letter this week to the PM …his self regarding references to the Met Police.

  20. You are fully supported by so many people. Please keep going.

    When you read today’s disgraceful attacks on Steve Messham by the UK’s most powerful media outlets, it is easy to understand why victims are so frightened – the same thing would have happened to Savile’s victims if they’d come forward when he was alive.
    Will the police now explain why they wrongly named Lord McAlpine as the abuser and failed to investigate his relative?

    One thing which has always puzzled me is, why are sentences for those who abuse children so very lenient when the damage caused to victims, and society at large, is enormous?

  21. Yes please keep going Tom. ‘Ordinary people’ appreciate you and the way you go about things. We’re sick of spin, obfuscation, diversion and the politicians who speak with a forked tongue. You have given us hope. Thank you again.

  22. Next time someone says to me that all politicians are the same, I’ll direct them to what you’re doing. Please keep going with it. It’s already obvious that the establishment are pulling together to deflect and discredit. (Some of the replies above are evidence of that.) Hopefully they’ll all come to regret which side they’ve taken. The decent ‘ordinary’ people of this country won’t let those people defend abusers and insult and intimidate victims once the facts are out in the open. But I fear it will be down to you to make sure they’re made public.

  23. Well done Tom, wonderful job, I don’t think the critics understand that to fight this you have to be in your position with the power to highlight the abuse. What a poor excuse for a MP or ex MP David Mellor has proved to be, he is truly out of step much like the Republicans have shown in the US. Thank you again and protect the children and past victims.

  24. Thank you Tom for your ruthless search and desire for unearthing the truth. You are a man of honour and integrity and a commendable Member of Parliament. The truth will out, despite Tory MP’s and press lackeys trying to muddy the waters and divert attention.

  25. My apologies Tom, for not thanking you for all your efforts.

    However I would be greatly surprised if anything comes of this, and possibly the Savile case. The whole issues goes too high in our hierarchial social structure for it ever to see the light of day. It appears to be similar to the ‘Ripper’ case in the height it might reach and the outcome will , no doubt,be the same !!

  26. Some people seem to be wrongly equating evidence from the Righton case with allegations about the Welsh care home scandal. They obviously never listened to your actual question in the House of Commons, otherwise they’d realize the cases are different. It seems you’re upsetting quite a lot of Tories, so you’re probably on the right track. This is really important, so please keep with it.

  27. This is getting very X Files. Fox Watson is battling vast conspiracies. The Truth is out there, or maybe Tom is just out there.

  28. To those who doubt Tom’s motives and fear he may choose to leave some stones unturned, I have this to say: rather than attacking him, wouldn’t it be more useful to set about turning over those stones yourselves? Ultimately, the reasons why justice is being sought are far less important than the _fact_ that justice is being sought. We should all be endeavouring to help with that process.

  29. Keep going for the sake of abused children who have no voice. The conservatives still dont officially accept the police’s version on plebgate when its glaringly obvious what happened – don’t tell me they won’t try and brush this under the carpet for fear of being known as the paedo party.

  30. Children terrorised and abused throughout their childhood should be of paramount concern to any politician. At the moment we have only one who is prepared to act and that is Tom Watson. Some detractors of this MP have preferred to smear him rather than protect children. What a fine set of values!

    Alas, the spectacle we’ve witnessed this week sends us all a very clear picture of our government’s priorities. Reputation management is all.

    As a lifelong Conservative I am absolutely horrified about the sinister direction this is all taking.

    Keep going Tom. I admire you and know all decent people are right there with you so don’t give up.

  31. The fact that your blog is being ‘trolled’ should be an indication that you are upsetting a few people and that you are on the right track.
    Occasionally a man comes along to stand up to the countless ‘Goliaths’, putting himself in harms way to fight for what is right and good. Good luck with your fight and may the gods protect you.

  32. Thank you Tom for speaking up for people abused as children. We need more politicians like you and less like David Mellor. His lack of compassion and understanding for a man that had been terribly abused is astounding.

  33. Is it just my impression, or are our rulers becoming desperate?

    It’s as if they are in a fight for their lives and the gloves are being peeled off.

  34. Tom

    Please know that people at grassroots level support you in your endeavours to bring these vile abusers to book.

    You are the good man that will not let evil thrive, while others do nothing.

  35. I want to echo comments above. Please keep going. All we want is someone with the cojones to take this issue on and see it through to its conclusion. Vulnerable children have been abused and those who are responsible need to be brought to justice. Let none of us ever lose sight of this.

  36. Thank you Tom. You are a lone voice in the wilderness of corruption. Continue the excellent work with your skilled patience and investigative detail. Many abused victims will be relieved and grateful for your stand on these issues.

  37. The Tory government always deflects and discredits. Please don’t stop your work Tom. For once we need to see this through and I believe Twitter and other media will keep the discussion alive but you need to gather other honest politicians around you and ensure that the discreditors don’t win. For the sake of the abused children and a good society.

  38. “I should point out to you that my few public statements regarding an alleged child abuse ring have taken pains not to identify the political affinity of the suspected perpetrators. Nor have I at any point, publicly identified the time period to which the allegations apply. This is not a fit subject for point scoring.”

    Maybe, but enough said to set the attack dogs off on a false scent while you sat back and watched an innocent man get vilified on a falsehood. With your history around the McBride episode any claim of non-partisanship has to be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

  39. Dear Moderators

    Please would you explain why ou have posted one of my comments, but not the correction to the comment?

    Is it because there was a web address in the second post? If the web page I referenced for discussion is the issue, then I must say that a comment prior to mine linked a scurrilous article of dubious veracity from the MoS. An article that has subsequently been retracted.

    The web page I linked to is of a blog that was voted No.7 blog and No.5 author in the TotalPolitics 2011 Blog Awards.

    Or do you just not like the web page?

    It’s your blog Tom, therefore your rules. I have no problem with that. But if I am going to take the trouble to comment, and link discursive articles/weblogs then an explanation as to why you have refused to post the comment with the link would be nice.

    Keep it up Tom!

  40. The orchestrated obfuscation is happening right before our blinkered eyes, the focus has now shifted back to blaming the BBC and we’re hearing less and less about the numerous claims of abuse and abusers. This is a classic example of a Rourke’s Drift famed Zulu buffalo attack formation with the body attacking the BBC and each horn seperately attacking the abused and dividing forces respectively. I sincerely fear that the buffalo will not prevail or “they’ll” get away with it, again.
    Tom, we need you to be a contemporary Lt John Chard VC.

  41. @Gracie, the Daily Mail has vested interests. Research and evidence clearly shows which way their compass points, and who their owners are.

    Trust them not.

    And good job Mr Watson. Still a long way to go unfortunately, and it’s going to get rougher before it get’s better, but you’re the man for the job, keep at it 🙂

  42. This is hugely important work that you’re doing, Tom. It’s just a guess, but I imagine that you are receiving a good deal of information on disparate but related matters from various parties. Thankfully you don’t seem to be showing any sign of being diverted by those trying to shift the emphasis away from the abuse victims.

  43. In my opinion you are a thug who as normal was trying to kick the tories by your comments and the left leaning bbc blindly followed you and have paid the price for not having parliamentary protection like you.You did this for tom watson and no one else

  44. From the Slog mentioned above

    Dear Ed

    Just a few minutes ago, as yet unconfirmed news arrived to say that the Bryn Estyn whistleblower and long-term fighter for justice against institutional sex abuse Steven Messham has been found safe and well.

    It’s a relief. But let me give you just a glimmer of what this man has had to suffer – for the nth time – at the hands of tabloid hacks, justice-perverting smears, and neolithic views about mental health problems over the last 36 hours.

    A disingenuously patronising piece in the Mail on Sunday by Lord McAlpine. A foul piece of smear journalism from two Mail hacks with a sorry track-record of pro-institutional, anti-accuser mistakes. And being referred to as “a weirdo” by the truly appalling David Mellor.

    Do I give a monkey’s about Jimmy Savile, Gary Glitter, Freddie Starr, or the McAlpine family? Not really. Do I give a toss about blamestorming the BBC? No, not even slightly.

    Here’s why, Edward, Her Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition.

    Mostly what I care about is horribly blighted lives, frightened and confused kids, and the vermin who satiated their delusional lusts upon them at the most vulnerable period of their growing-up process.

    A blight that caused Mr Messham to humiliatingly soil himself out of anxiety last night, and thus need a bath afterwards….and a long, lonely walk to recover. A blight that caused many women of my acquaintance to flee Britain in order to find sanctuary and justice elsewhere. A blight that still leaves men and women across Britain leading isolated lives, during which misplaced guilt and lack of trust has frosted what they might have been.

    A system that was supposed to mend them, Ed, broke them for eternity.

    Next, what I care about is your Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader who, between them, broke every promise they made when Ministers for children and women respectively in the previous Administration. Specifically, they failed to end the disgrace of the Secret Family Courts, and did zilch to reform a social care system that is, at best, sexually dysfunctional.

    Next, I care about the chance all this horror has given to Newscorp. I am justifiably suspicious of Rupert Murdoch’s motives in yet again attempting to demolish the BBC when more important social issues are in play. Lest we forget, this is the same, unreformed Newscorp that threatened your MPs, lied copiously to Leveson, and hacked the dead body of a paedophile victim…but still prefers to knock the BBC, rather than right grave injustices done to other victims of gross sexual perversion and insitutional corruption.

    When you became Leader, you told the oppressed in our country that you would be their ‘friend in tough times’. For the last forty years – pretty much non-stop – a tiny but powerful group of paedophiles in the social care, teaching, local government and Westminster political arena have ensured their innocent victims are without any friends at all; in fact, all they have faced is enemies….in the Judiciary, police, legal profession, media and politics.

    These are people already rendered afraid of every shadow by the nightmares of their youth. Yet those who have tried to help them continue to face threats, injunctions, castigation, and of course…yet more smears.

    These people – the careworn and the carers – do not need another enquiry into the BBC, any more than they want Jimmy Savile’s headstone removed. They don’t care about Sky’s ambitions, or Jeremy Hunt’s puerile plurality ideas, or points you can score at the Dispatch Box this Wednesday.

    They want justice. They want repeal. They want a decent level of retribution. And above all, they want their precious human dignity back – that shining light so callously snuffed out by fat sex-maniacs, tabloid media, uncaring politicians, corrupt judges, gagging orders, Secret Family Courts, and all the rest of the apparatus so wickedly assembled over time by the carnally depraved.

    If your Party – and indeed at least some of those in the two Parties opposite – can’t do this much for the British citizen, then it is over for all of you.

    For you are all implicated. Let us stop playing dumb here. Ministers bankrolled by rich men with paedophile site connections. Former Ministers who left discreetly for Europe. Deputy Labour Mayors in the East Midlands. Rich Tory supporters in Wales. Ambitious police constables in the South West. Crooked psychiatrists in Stafford. These people seem to wield astonishing influence….and as most of their MP sympathisers studied law, draconian injunctions do not seem to be a problem.

    So this is my appeal to you, Ed: for once, listen to Tom Watson, and don’t leave him outside the stockade as the Lone Wolf yet again – like you did on Hackgate. Dump the BBC emergency debate posturing, and demand instead a combination of off-turf-no-holds-barred enquiry and Special Team police action to clean up – at last, and once and for all – these havens for sexual psychopaths.

    Show some bloody balls. And above all, pay your respects to those who have suffered enough.


    The Slog.

    If anyone has a painless means of getting this in front of Tom, I’d be grateful for your help

  45. What really matters here is that children have endured untold suffering through abuse. Nobody protected them or gave them a voice. How vile that this could happen in our society, or anywhere! I am sickened that people object to you trying to uncover the truth. There but for the grace of God go any of us. It is heartening to know that people of integrity still exist in this country. I salute you Tom! Keep up the good work!

  46. Good God people, please wake up. There is no ‘conspiracy’ around Messham, the fact is he is unreliable. The DM article summarises the reasons why this is the case. Whatever the root cause of this, the reality is that anything he says needs to be treated with care and corroborated. Otherwise one ends up with the travesty we have seen in the the Mcalpine case, which given Messham’s history is totally inexcusable.

    Even now, many people have blindly accepted his claim that years ago he was told by police that is was Lord Mcalpine. That might not be true either for goodness sake.

    This whole debacle shines a light on the complexities and difficulties that are faced during this type of investigation. There is no cover up, no conspiracy – several million pounds later this will be the outcome of the inquiry and of course, many of you will still not believe it then either.

  47. Clearly the most interesting thing here is the presumption of a hidden conspiracy and the presumption that anyone/anything that might attack that presumption is itself part of the very conspiracy that is presumed to exist.

    Don;t get me wrong, I’m not saying it doesn’t, but the way Tom’s reply reads and the way the comments read, everyone has pretty much decided what the truth is already, and anything that deviates from that will be held up as evidence of further cover-up.

  48. Excellent letters, Tom, and ‘the slog’. And Mr Messham – so sorry for him. Does anyone else feel uneasy that the central figure brought forward to speak for those abused is one so vulnerable to having his testimony discounted? It feels like a set-up to me, by whom I have no idea, but more than anything I feel for him and all others who suffered in the same way and who are now scared to death of coming forward. To talk – even think – of abuse brings it all rushing back and can be too much to bear, which is why so many bury it. Some can’t even read newspapers or watch television in case the subject is mentioned. Many will feel bombarded right now. I just want to say – we’re with you, the decent, kind people of the UK are with you in sympathy and support, and we will try our hardest, as Tom himself has vowed, to shout loud enough and long enough to get justice for you and also do everything possible to prevent this happening again. But never give up. Don’t let abusers take any more from you. We all, I am sure, wish you courage, comfort and peace.

  49. I cannot do much to help your brave campaign to excise this pervasive evil from our society – but I feel moved to express my support and that of many people I know. I am confident that you will stay on course despite threats and inducements – but I am glad you are taking steps to protect yourself. Alas it is an illustration of our perception of the evil of powerful forces that so many of your correspondents are worried for your safety

  50. Thank God that a local Conservative MP in the North Wales/Cheshire area is a thoughtful man who is not responding along the aggressive Daily Mail line. He is taking the allegations of child abuse seriously and is not dismissing victims as unreliable, but is backing the inquiries. Despite being a Conservative who has the embarrassment of dealing with headlines now naming a [late] Conservative MP across all the local newspapers after decades of prevarication. Perhaps there is hope of cross-party cooperation in this? In respect for the victims and their families, there was great cooperation in unfolding the now-agreed conspiracy to cover up the truth of the Hillsborough Disaster. I trust that we can come together to look beyond all this, for the sake both of the victims and the truth.

  51. Nick says: “A strong whiff of sour grapes can be detected here from Watson…who is no doubt miffed that another MP has had the gall to steal the limelight he clearly feels is his by right. I would add that we are all growing a little tired of Watson’s enormous self regard” – ignore that poster, Tom. What we are REALLY growing tired of is the transparent machinations of those in the press and in parliament who seek to undermine your valuable work.

  52. Thanks Tom. Please try and get some cross-party support to keep the focus on the real issues rather than distracted by party ‘point scoring’.
    The truth won’t mend all the damage but the abused deserve the truth and the abusers deserve to be caught and any conspiracy exposed.

  53. Please keep going with your campaign. It is vital that someone stands up for the victims of abuse in this country and fights against the lack of openness about what truly went on. Don’t those in power realise that by constantly trying to divert attention from the story they just look shifty rather than ‘in control’?
    Well done for your determination and please keep going – the ordinary folk in the UK really do appreciate it.

  54. I went to Bryn Estyn and numerous other hell-holes.

    Lord McAlpine had a comment made against him, and is paid out immediately, anyone who has suffered gets nothing! In fact, are punished for anything possible!

    Tom is the sort of voice which is needed. Good luck.

  55. Good on you, Tom W. And thanks again for that tweeted recommendation of Bridget O’Donnell’s brilliant book “Inspector Minahan Makes a Stand”. Finished reading it yesterday. As topical (sadly) today as the events of 1880s Britain it brings so vividly to life. Almost like reading a well-constructed political thriller, rich characterisation, vicious political and press rivalries, all against a background of Irish nationalist bombings and the looming Parnell scandal. And above all class, social inequality and the resulting exploitation of vulnerable children by a hypocritical elite ruling class.

    Plus ça change?

    In solidarity

  56. Hello Tom ,

    i have been disgusted that this sort of evil has been protected on our shores you are a very brave and honourable man if only there were more like yourself this country would be a much better place .

    Good luck !

  57. Tom, your brave work – for the children of our land – is invaluable. I trust and hope you will indeed see it through to the end. I salute you.

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