Letter to David Cameron regarding Child Sex Abuse Investigation

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

5 November 2012


Dear Mr Cameron,

Congratulations on ordering a review of what information government departments may hold about organised child abuse at the heart of government 30 years ago.

In acting swiftly you have sent an important message about how seriously you take this matter. You have done the right thing and I commend you for it.

And the inquiry that you have announced performs a useful function. It is certainly important that government departments trawl their archives to see what documents they hold. But my experience of uncovering massive establishment conspiracies leaves me in no doubt that what you have suggested does not go anything like far enough. Its limited scope may even slow things down, muddy waters, damage trails. What is needed is a much wider, but equally immediate, investigation.

Since sharing my concerns with you at PMQs, a number of people have come forward to say that they raised their suspicions with the police, but investigations were not carried out. One allegation involves alleged child abuse and a former cabinet minister. We both know that many untruths are told about politicians, but this allegation was specific, informed and appeared well corroborated.

Cutting through a concerted establishment cover-up requires meticulous, diligent, fearless commitment to uncover the truth, whomever it unmasks.

My advice to you as Prime Minister – and from one father to another – is that you need to order a special police investigation, outside the affected forces, with proper resources, to review all relevant police files and those of the intelligence services. If they have documents suggesting politicians in the Commons and Lords or others in positions of power were involved in child abuse then they should make them available to a new inquiry team.

The forces so far known of be affected (Met, Surrey, West and South Yorkshire, West Mercia, Dorset, Kent, Essex, North Wales, Suffolk and Sussex) need to have their archives systematically searched for intelligence from witnesses/victims making claims which were not investigated; investigations which were closed down, and so on.

If what you really want – and I believe that it is – is the truth, then you must draw the terms of reference such that the police inquiry has licence to follow any lead it finds in what will be, after all, a serious criminal investigation. There should be no historic sexual abuse of children which is off limits to this investigation. The police should be supported by a dedicated team of child protection specialists, many of whom have been raising their concerns for years. Your advisers will tell you to be wary of “opening the floodgates”. They are wrong. Their decorous caution is the friend of the paedophile. Narrowing the inquiry equals hiding the truth. That is the reality and it is not what you want.

Detailed recommendations about how to organise an investigation is in the possession of the government. The 2002 guidance on Complex Child abuse investigations: Inter agency issues (Home Office and DoH) continues to be relevant and is referenced in Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010 Investigating complex (organised or multiple) abuse (p194 6.10-1.6.13).

A dedicated police unit is essential, investigating the organised abuse of children, wherever it happened – from the seediest backstreets even to Downing Street – without fear or favour of exposing the rich and powerful, or those who covered up for them.

And if it opens a floodgate of misery, then so be it. We will all feel dirtied and sickened – as we should. Victims have an absolute right to the whole truth.

I know you want to do this and ask that you give it your urgent attention.

You have no choice.

Yours sincerely

Tom Watson MP
Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East

174 thoughts on “Letter to David Cameron regarding Child Sex Abuse Investigation”

  1. Tom,
    Great work, BUT we do not need the police investigating the police again. This never, ever works and you know it.
    How about a ‘Hillsborough Independent Panel’ type enquiry? That seemed to work well.

  2. good letter but I doubt he will do as you say… and I doubt you will even get a reply… but carry on fighting for justice.. this has been known for years and they think that by using dead celebs it will distract the public from the big guys involved.

  3. David Cameron appointing independent senior investigator into welsh abuse case to see if the investigation was done properly . The abused and those that still will be abused don’t want just an apology saying they are sorry they did get it wrong. We want names and arrests not just another cover up or does Cameron think this will be enough to appease people . He is going to feel under pressure from both sides and if he goes too far he knows it will be dangerous for him also

  4. More power to you. You are right to assert that no stone should be left unturned during an investigation.

    You are to be applauded for raising and pursuing this.

  5. Great that victims of historic abuse have begun to be taken seriously.But what about those being accussed now or more recently? It seems to me that the same ‘closing of ears’ that went on back then, is going on regarding the rich and powerful now. Can we only ever investigate sexual assualt and abuse from a safe distance, after the damage has been done?

  6. Agree with Paul above in this one , also think we need a female in charge of this enquiry, too many men have too much to loose …
    But it’s a positive step indeed

  7. Brilliant letter Tom and thank you for writing this. You are a truely wonderful and brave man,

    What is needed are real investigators like Andrea Davison who cannot be influenced or corrupted. The Police are too implicated and as a body too corrupt and the victims will not trust them.

  8. This is very good work. Victims needs are the most important issue in this, however unpleasant that is for the establishment. Thbis is a once in a generation chance for David Cameron. He should take it.

  9. Good luck Tom, you’ve got an army behind you. I really hope Cameron does what is right and not just opens, but tears the floodgates off their hinges.

  10. Fine and timeous letter Tom. However, I fear that Dave will not follow your wise advice. I further fear that the police investigating the police is not a good idea – poor track record. There needs to be close oversight by an independent, courageous bunch of informed people that represent you and me – the public.
    This whole issue cannot, CANNOT be allowed to be swept under the carpet. It WILL not be allowed – the internet (Twitter) has become a powerful force for good in these matters, which have been kept secret for so long.
    Tom – you are a hero and will be remembered for centuries to come if you are successful in steering this to completion.
    Good luck Tom – there are more people behind you than you can imagine.

  11. I’m impressed by the amount of people that imply they are aware of the dangers here & that even David Cameron could be in danger if he takes more steps towards a full & proper investigation. It shows that many people suspect sexual abuse throughout the higher echelons of British society, as do I. Tom, you are doing exactly the right thing & I hope your letter is met with an appropriately positive & realistic response from the Prime Minister. Good luck & godspeed.

  12. Dear Tom – There must be an Inquiry into the Waterhouse Report. Cameron has no choice but to order a judge-led inquiry with free remit. Your blogs have indicated the sickening and perilous nature of exposing abuse on an industrial scale. One thing is for sure Jimmy Savile is no ‘one-rogue’ paedophile.
    Many thanks for your work

  13. Lord Waterhouse disclosed to care leavers, before his death, that he knew of the peadophile ring but was unable to disclose it as his inquiry was prescribed by thatcher not too look at the matter.

    About time the full truth comes out.

  14. Brilliant.
    Two things:
    – I just saw an article on a 78-year-old paedophile being convicted and imprisoned for 11 years on 63-year-old crimes …
    – Don’t talk a walk in the woods after lunch 🙁

  15. Please sign this epetition

    We the undersigned call for a full independent judicial Public Enquiry into organised Child Grooming, Child Prostitution and Paedophilia in the UK and the various responses to it by all Local Authorities, Social Services, relevant charities/NGO’s, Police, Crown Prosecution Services, Politicians and Government Ministers, Civil Servants and the Media with a view to full public transparency and accountability and to make recommendations to ensure this travesty never happens again.


  16. TOM

  17. Tom – well done for being brave enough to persist with this. The more it touches the ‘great and the good’ the more your courage is important. Maybe cutting your teeth on Murdoch and News Corp was just training for this! Hopefully the genie is sufficiently out of the bottle that it can’t be stuffed back in.

  18. You know you have my support and well done. However this is only the start of the ongoing battle as it will be, to get to this investigated as should be and sure we all know that. This is could be so explosive and like myself there are many maybe still sering or retired police who also want this exposed and investigated as any investigation should be. In the case of paedophillia its even more important to get the right investigators of integrity ,knowledge of the issues of child abuse and the dangers of such an investigation. Yes Hillsborough has been done and shown it can be however this sort of crime is so henious and unbelievable at times its going to take strong people. So many for years have waited for this moment as I am sure so many like myself have felt we have let the victims down

  19. An excellent letter for which you are to be praised and thanked. I don’t trust Cameron or any of the Tories so I would ask you to “mind your back” they are powerful unscrupulous people and some will have a lot to lose. Lots of luck and grateful thanks.

  20. Well done Tom. Is there anything we can be doing to ensure your warnings are heeded by Cameron – e-petition, mailing our own MPs, mailing Cameron? Do let us know how we can help you turn over this rotten stone.

  21. A great letter. Thank you so much for your courage. Maybe looking at the Irish experience – i.e. child abuse by Catholic priests which was (and still is) systematically brushed under the carpet and how it was raised into the public awareness – might be of help? –

  22. I wish you well with your endeavours. I was a child enmeshed in the ‘system’ in the early 60s and well know the situation then. In Bryn Estyn, Mobberly Boys School, Red Bank in Warrington, Danesford School in Congleton etc. etc. There is still a lot of dirt under the carpet not yet seen/exposed, even after all this time.
    Could be that the Jimmy Savile saga will help to lift the carpet further. That would be poetic justice….

  23. Well said. Shout louder and louder, get more and more coverage, because that will protect you and the victims.

  24. Well done that man, full of admiration for your stance, as is everyone I know.

    Dissapointed that DC has restricted his investigation to one ‘care’ home and one person, looks like he has done the bare minimum that he can get away with.

    We all know the depravity existing at the highest levels, we are not just talking child rape, but torture and murder, even I can find this stuff out, and DC is briefed by the security services. What are we to do?, liked you when I saw you on HIGNFY, keep the faith.

  25. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing, thank you for being so brave many of us who have been abused have to carry the pain and mess it makes us throughout our lives and we have so little strength left to be able to confront our abusers when we become adults, you are giving hope and inspiration to many and encouraging people to come forward in the hope they’ll be able to help end this cycle of horror and protect future generations of vulnerable children. Thank you so much and let us know how we can help. xxx

  26. This has been going on for decades . I cannot understand why all this seems to be in your domain . If all those in the Labour party with nothing to hide would get behind you on this it would have all those abusers running for cover in no time. I have to ask what these MPs have in mind when they take on the role of Government ministers if they cannot even protect children from this terrible satanic abuse.

  27. Well done on persuing this, but, in my view , its also past time that an enquiry was reopened into the allegations surrounding the abuse scandal at g the Knicora Boys Home in Belfast, the allegations of a cover up were very similar to those regarding events in North wales.

  28. Tom fantastic letter, I hope you will send another demanding the same scrutiny of the BBC if you don’t you will be portrayed as a politician scoring political points on the back of paedophile victims.

    Jusctice for all victims

  29. Like others here I commend you for this.

    Also like others here I anticipate:

    – that the government will drag its feet (despite public pronouncements otherwise),

    – that (as per Savile and Glitter) only the dead or the already-disgraced will be revealed to have participated,

    – that the cover-up will continue as far as the wealthy/powerful are concerned,

    – that a police-led inquiry into the activities of the police will have no credibility and will not deliver the truth.

    Like others here I also wonder if you (and to a lesser extent, possibly, also Cameron) may be in some personal danger? I hope not. Without wishing to seem alarmist: tread carefully and back-up everything you uncover in terms of evidence, corroboration.

    Back to your letter, I thought the following phrase was particularly significant (and chilling):

    “investigating the organised abuse of children, wherever it happened – from the seediest backstreets even to Downing Street”

  30. Keep up the brilliant work Tom. And please be careful in respect of your personal safety comrade. As I’m sure you know, these b*****ds will stop at nothing to silence you.

  31. Tom, you are helping to restore peoples faith, in that not ALL politicians are bad. I am so proud of what you do and the relentless vigour you have in searching for truth and outing evil and corruption. So many people between the ages of 30-60 have had to endure years of not being heard, believed or honoured in trying to speak out. I thank you so much for what you’re doing. If only we could trust DC to have an ounce of your intergrity and commitment regarding this matter. We wait with scepticism to see.

  32. Well done Tom. What becomes increasing clear is that ‘enquiries’, in this country, are in effect used as tools to cover up the truth. Terms of reference are used to prevent any real harm being done to vested interests, and the remainder is printed to placate the public. When all else fails, we then have another enquirey about the initial flawed enquirey. ‘Hillsborough’ was a cover-up too far. The judiciary and police over played their hand. Please continue to persue the truth. You are what other politicians ought to be.

  33. Well done Tom. It sickens me that people use their power to hide their evil sexual practices and seem to live a full and prosperous life with no recompense. The public need to see some big scalps behind bars.

  34. Good man Tom. Good luck. As otherse have said, there are many more people in this country behind you than you can possibly imagine! Stay safe.

  35. Keep up the pressure Tom, I for one, admire your bravery and stance on this issue and certainly have my support. Please sign the petition created by William Cooke on 11.05.12 at 7:11 pm.

  36. We cannot let Tom stand alone . This sadism and corruption is endemic and shapes not only our society , but the world.

    People rise up .

  37. All you can do is keep pushing Tom, I for one wish you well. E elephant in the room is of course, our so-called ‘security services’ and the rather long shadow they have cast in this, just as in so many other areas of our public life. I hesitate to give you any advice, but please consider, at the earliest opportunity and preferably to Parliament, that you do not engage in Auto-Erotic sexual acts, and were you ever to be found dead hanging with a plastic bag over your head, the only conclusion that could rightly be drawn is that the spooks were to blame. Good luck

  38. Well done and thanks Tom. And the very best of luck. I agree with Jason above, and more. These shits have no nationality and run and ruin our lives worldwide. And anyone reading Tom’s work here who agrees with what he’s trying to do, leave a word of support for him. Who knows what he could start.

  39. Dear Mr Streeter

    It’s not often I’m minded to write to my MP but the issue of child abuse raised in parliament recently by Tom Watson is one I feel very strongly about. I see the Prime Minister has today announced some initiatives, but I am not convinced these are adequate. I’ve been talking to friends and colleagues and gauging the public mood – to borrow a much-used phrase, ‘incandescent with rage’ would just about capture it.

    This issue is fizzing right now but the volcano has not yet erupted. When it does, then look-out any government that has not done absolutely everything within its power to uncover and prosecute the perpetrators of these vile crimes. I don’t want to rake over the detailed issues, Tom Watson has done that very well in his letter to the Prime Minister today. If you are not already aware of its content you will find it here;


    The purpose of this email is to tell you that I support 100% Tom Watson’s calls for a much more rigorous and searching enquiry. I believe many of your constituents will feel the same way. Can I urge you to relay to the Prime Minister just how strongly many people are feeling about this. A more robust approach by the government is needed IMMEDIATELY. We are dealing with clever, resourceful and possibly powerful criminals here. Even as I write they will be actively working to cover their tracks.

    Yours sincerely

  40. All power to you, Tom. Go get ’em all – police, both Houses of Parliament, all parties, media, NHS, education.

  41. It is a very rare event indeed for me to be so impressed – humbled even – by the actions of a politician that I find an element of faith restored in the the innate character of people.

    Naturally I cannot know whether or not there is any truth to the allegations you have received. However it seems that they deserve a full and thorough examination – and I can only commend your actions.

  42. This could and probably should bring down the Conservative party and therefore I suspect a cover up will ensue. Shocking, disturbing reading and heartfelt sympathy to all those children who suffered.

  43. Frankly, I’ll be very surprised if you are still alive this time next year.

    You are to be commended for having the balls to speak out.

    It should be pointed out that involvement of our political elite in high level freemasonry, satanism, child abuse etc, is not exclusive to the conservative party.

    Good luck. You’re going to need all the luck you can get!

  44. Thank you Tom, Brilliant letter. Please stay safe. We need you.
    You have enormous backing by the people, the above is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Too many big wigs laughing in our faces and carrying on regardless.
    Stay safe.

  45. Sterling work, Tom. A note: a friend highlighted some information that 12 or more people who had lived in Bryn Estyn and other care homes died or committed suicide around the time of the Waterhouse Inquiry. Some had provided evidence to the Inquiry. This highlights the need to provide support and counselling for people who are called as witnesses or questioned about their abuse. The fact that these memories are brought to the fore relives the trauma and can be too much for some to bear. I hope any further Inquiries will be mindful of this need for support and counselling.

  46. Fully support you. I believe you are safe. Too high profile, and they’ve done it once too often to do ‘it’ again. They’ll pick off the little people.

  47. Great Tom.
    Thanks so much for all you are doing. There are many people who will help you if you need it – just say if you need any help with research, campaigning or anything.
    Brave fella – take care!

  48. Thank you for standing up and being counted. There are millions of people who will stand with you. We need to see this one through.

  49. Tom Dont be fobbed off, stick to your guns you will meet many obstacles as the establishment is rife with these sick creatures but the power of the people will prevail More power to you

  50. Nothing will come of this,Camoron wont divulge any great conspiracy,there will be abit of theatre like the leveson and chilcot,Waterhouse inquirys and any other whitewash you care to mention,a few scraps like Savile,Freddie starr and a couple of minor civil servants will be served up to placate the phoney media

    waste of time writing to camoron,he wont read a word of this fawning letter let alone act on your recommendations

    just name them and let the media deal with the fallout instead of this bogus charade

  51. Well done Tom, finally a politician using their power for something good. Keep fighting and don’t take no for an answer. We will pray that God keeps you safe. The world needs more like you.

  52. Please PLEASE investigate Jersey. They’ve covered up so much. And its the people in charge doing it. The only way is the UK coming down like a ton of bricks.

  53. Dear Mr Watson,

    I really admire what you have done, in bringing this to the attention of the Prime Minister….abuse must be taken seriously. As a student Paediatric Nurse,
    I witnessed a teacher drag a child with a learning difficulty VERY roughly out of a class room,by her foot, the young girl was extremely distressed. She also was mute. As far as i was concerned the incident needed addressing, as this young girl could not speak for herself. The teacher was the child protection teacher for that school, so I decided to tell my Nurse lecturer who then spoke to the Headteacher, who then spoke to me to tell me, to keep quiet and not cause a fuss. There needs to be a better whistle blowing system to protect vulnerable adults and children. So Keep up the good work.
    Many thanks, Mrs L Smith

  54. The names are coming and brave people are coming forward to support each others stories. The damage these people have done mentally and physically to so many impacts us all. l was 7 when l was abused by 4 men. l can’t change that but speaking out will save others from damage and pain.. Thankyou Tom for being so brave. Take good care.

  55. Great letter Tom. I admire your efforts and hope you are successful but I fear they will try and put a lid on this by insisting on sticking to yet another useless whitewashing inquiry.
    I wonder if the person cowering behind libel lawyers and referred to in the Newsnight programme, has yet been brought in for questioning – If not why not? Any member of the public accused of such a crime would be frogmarched to the nearest police station by now.

  56. Thank goodness for you Tom Watson. Cameron needs to be careful who he chooses to lead any investigation – can the police be trusted, can judges be trusted when its some of these very people that have been identified as abusers. Don`t forget the Jersey abuses, the D notice placed on Operation Ore, the 100 yr ban on the Dunblane scandal, the Holly Grieg cover-up …. you`re only just scratching the surface I think, but good on you.

  57. I congratulate you Tom on the brave stance you have taken on this matter and others.

    But I do fear that the most prolific abusers will never face justice.

    Doctor David Kelly was aware of dark forces at work at the top of the establishment and these very same dark forces will do all they can to suppress the information that will expose the full extent to such practices.

    If only there were more like you in the halls of power.

    Keep up the good work,


  58. Commendable Tom, but I fear it will come to nought if teh Government or the Police are involved, every indicator points to their complicity and therefore desire for the status quo to continue unchecked. The perpetrators will want to contain this ripple in their rancid pond. What we all need is a creditable media source to show the courage that you have and carry out some old fashioned investigative journalism, it won’t take too much effort to out this organised pedophilia. I’m convinced that it will lead to dramatic change, change for the better in the UK, God knows it’s long overdue.

  59. “My advice to you as Prime Minister – and from one father to another – is that you need to order a special police investigation, outside the affected forces, with proper resources, to review all relevant police files and those of the intelligence services.”
    Tom, We used have such a special police unit with wide ranging powers and a UK wide remit – Special Branch. This cause could be the very reason for bringing them back into existence.
    I hope you realise what a brave thing you are doing and how the public appreciate you. I just wish you had such a brave counterpart in Scotland to shine a light there.

  60. Live on, real democracy.

    May all connect and longingly pine instant new enlightenment.


    PS We all appreciate, understand and are fully behind your bravery in seeking the truth, despite great risk to you and yours.

  61. Great work Tom, this is Britains secret shame and needs to be exposed to public scrutiny. Far too important to leave to the judiciary.

  62. Tom, fantastic work so far and can’t thank you enough for your bravery. Coming on the back of phone hacking and Hillsborough, maybe, just maybe, the immovable object is about to meet the unstoppable force.
    Agree with Shakyboat above, we don’t want a martyr, we want a leader. Happy to give any support I can.

  63. Bust open all Pedophile rings worldwide.
    Re-investigate 9/11.
    Revoke the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

    One problem, the people with the necessary power to do this are the ones you need to lock up.

  64. Great Letter Mr. Watson. I really hope that you never take up high office, because it is strong backbenchers like you that are holding the shambolic government to full account, and now even past governments.

    Keep up the good work. It is MP’s like you that are keeping the Commons Chamber great.

  65. I’m a UKIP (ex Tory) supporter, but more power to your elbow. I’m sure huge pressure will be brought on you to shut up about this, but it is absolutely necessary that these allegations are fully investigated, wherever they lead. Failure to do so will leave people permanently disillusioned with the running of this country and suspicious of everyone in the public eye.

    You are a brave man, thank you Tom.

  66. Hope you will go into the alleged D-notice to block Operation Ore info that Mr Blair issued as well.

    Let’s try and get everything out in the open, however uncomfortable.

    The elite has lost the faith of the plebs I’m afraid, and only shining a light on all corners, and all parties, can get it back.

  67. It is good to see the cogs are finally turning on what is the biggest cover up in our history of satanic child abuse led by the people at the very top…will there also be an enquiry on the involvment of certain members of the Royal family…or is that just too BIG to handle???

  68. Tom you have more support than you could ever imagine.
    Place your evidence in the hands of someone who can release the information if you are attacked.
    Write ALL every day and let us know what and who is telling you to STOP, we need to know who these people are and naming them will bring them into the crosshairs.
    PUBLISH ALL correspondence to and from those you seek to start this investigation regardless of the sensitivity.
    Your protection is ‘the public’ and shining light on the perpetrators. TELL ALL and you will be protected, hide it and you put yourself at risk.
    The universe holds you in high regard and will do what it takes to keep you safe so long as you follow this path, it is JUST and it is RIGHT.

    YOU are a good man.

    Namaste, rev phil;

  69. I had to laugh when I read your list of “infected police forces” above. It listed half of the police forces in the country! The other half, are corrupted in other ways or simply haven’t been caught out yet.
    On an another note I’m sure the whole country wants to read the Jilling Report into the North Wales children’s home, which the Law Commission says (in a report on another subject) was shelved because it named names.


  71. Good letter Tom but Sadly it refers to the late lamented British Government but the whole issue is in the hands of an alien power that has successfully destabilised us and is happy to watch the consequences.

  72. I commend your bravery and support your efforts to uncover the child abuse that has been endemic at every level of society for many years. And as i said in my letter to you, it is important that the blame is shared equally and fairly, and that the BBC is not made the sole scapegoat. They are probably guilty of sustained cover ups, but should not be singled out to take all the blame.

  73. Tom,

    Just keep doing what you are doing, you are a shining light in a very dark world.

    Look after yourself as well, we must catch up for a drink soon.


  74. Great to see an MP forcefully pursuing this and reassuring to see many other people also concerned that any investigation needs to be able to go all the way to the top. When are we going to ask questions about Saville and Prince Charles etc? Well done Tom – keep going!

  75. I have not heard any of the abused say women or people evidently recent immigrants to UK or people evidently of a non-christian religion were among the abusers in North Wales. Rather, I have heard the abused speak of politicians, members of judiciary and police and business visiting their ‘care’ home. Why then do I hear that a white male judge, someone with the same socio-economic profile as the alleged abusers, has been asked to investigate the child abuse? This needs far more imagination than so far displayed by the PM. UK’s universities have a huge pool of women skilled enough to conduct the investigation – and more institutions beyond the uni’s. Maybe it would be better still to go outside of UK – to a Commonwealth or EU country to find the investigator?

  76. comment 53 from the sausage machine is bang on. Why are the press and TV not joining the dots and exposing the evil secret groups and all those who belong to them at the heart of the cover up. All done under the cover of charitable works and donations in many cases. Don’t let anyone be fooled from now on that. Jimmy Saville was a textbook case on how they operate. Everbody who sits on a review panel needs to be thoroughly questioned as to their membership of these groups and associations. otherwise the favours will be called and the results will be fudged. Fantastic work Tom. Continue to be strong and brave and great things can happen.

  77. Good luck with this Tom. But, do you really think that they will cross the red line and name the rich and powerful who did these things in the past and the present. They will all cover their own backs on this one. Oh, and if you are on national tv, let the audience know that you are not suicidal or wanting to learn to fly from a tall story building. Also, try not to fly in private jets that in circumstances like these have a tendency to crash. Good luck and lets get these bastards brought to justice. The bigger they are, the harder they will fall.

  78. The Freemasons in the police, judiciary and parliament protected their own in all previous inquiries. How will you stop that happening again?

  79. It really needs a investigator with support to come in from overseas. Who to trust? Someone from the CIA or FBI? Maybe the Australians have a team that can’t be bought? I don’t think a British team will uncover much evidence.

  80. Keep up the good work Tom, all our support and thoughts are behind you.

    Do everything you can to expose this sick and vile system of abuse.

  81. excellent initiative and constructive suggestions to PM – but surely this needs a full independent enquiry – as in the case of the Hillsborough disaster

  82. Mr Watson,

    could you also use your position to press for answers as to why the UK Border Agency (UKBA) got involved in the apparently illegal detention and subsequent deportation of American journalist Leah Mcgrath Goodman. She had intended to research for a book to look into the allegations of cover ups with regards to the historic child abuse in Jersey’s Childrens homes and care homes. It is bad enough to think that Jersey’s Customs & Immigration services would get involved in an attempt to silence someone seeking the truth on thier own island, but to think that the UKBA would be swayed to get wound up in it all is beyond comprehension. Who in Jersey is powerful enough to the pull the strings of someone in the UK who, in turn, is powerful enough to force the hand of the UKBA? And more importantly, why?
    Lib Dem MP John Hemming has previously posed the question in Parliament to no response. All right minded MP’s should band together on thiese matters regardless of part affiliations.

    Keep up the good work.


    You can read more on this matter and view the petition for the reinstatement of her visa at change.org

  83. So excited that there is a politician willing to stand up, speak the truth and be counted when I didn’t think there were any. Tom’s PMQ is the bravest, most exciting thing I’ve seen happen in Parliament in my young life and I hope to see much more. Finally! Someone standing up for justice.
    Tom for Prime Minister!

  84. Tom,

    well done for raising this issue. The more that is revealed, the more questions need to be asked. I believe there has been a cover up at all levels of public office for many years. I think that uncovering this is not going to be pretty and will challenge many of our perceptions of “respected” characters. The rabbit hole goes extremely deep and therefore has the potential to be extremely dangerous for those who attempt to uncover the truth.

    Tom, what you are doing is essential for the soul of the nation and it is imperative you continue. My advice to you is be very careful and take measures to ensure the message is brought out even in the event of attempts to silence you.

    Good luck and may God protect you.

  85. What people are forgetting is that for most the only way to handle what happened was to turn to drugs and alcohol.
    Most will have died in their 20’s or earlier.
    It’s unlikely the people who abused them will never be brought to justice.
    The last Inquiry was limited to North Wales to keep the worst of the abuse (Child Rape & Torture) hidden.
    People that were involved in this abuse could and probably are working in Care homes, Residential Schools, Hospitals, Youth Detention Centres the list is endless.
    If they don’t expand the new inquiry to cover the whole of the UK then those who were abused in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, South Wales & Channel Islands have it reinforced that we didn’t matter.
    Since most of the historical victims are dead or suffering mental health & substance abuse issues how do you fix that?
    What about the children being abused tonight that wont speak out for many years, the average is 22 years after the abuse.
    How do you build trust with a victim that looks at you and knows everything you say to them is a lie!
    It doesn’t get better! You never forget! You never trust people! That moment when you wake up & for an instant you back in the past.

  86. But I wonder if the accused will be around anyway if the heat is turned on and it gets too near to exposure, will they be a liability to their own kind. You just know what they will say, the person was hounded, everyone will feel sorry for him and the public will end up being confused. Then where would this go . May has given them six months to come up with the report , far too long for cogs in their machines to start working for their benefit.

  87. This abyss is far too deep to get to the bottom of but from your efforts you have my respect. In my opinion there are verry little morals and ethics in Westminster if any at all and this will be “swept under the carpet” like the last enquiry which was nicely covered up for 100 years by Tony Blair……. Something HAS to be done to clean up politics and the public service in this country. Politicians of all parties in this country need to start doing the right thing because its the right thing to do. Let’s hope that this is done right and those sick and vile perverts are brought to justice… All of them.
    Good job the public are that selfish because if they weren’t, this could quite easily turn in to revolt….

  88. PS

    Shame there isn’t enough people willing to stick their necks out to agree that if anything suspicious happens to you they will bring down the Government………… One can but dream but be careful and don’t get sucked in by those evil……. (you know the rest)

  89. You are doing a great thing Tom, don’t give up! This needs to be fully and properly investigated, I think it needs to be taken out of the hands of the Government, especially as too many Tory links seem to be inferred – it needs to be investigated by the most experienced teams on this subject & the victims of these abuses allowed to give their full account of the horrors they endured, not just in Wales, but wherever they have occurred. I believe that this enquiry by May will be a cover up of the 2 previous cover up’s by Hague and The Waterhouse Tribunal. I do not trust the Government to conduct this enquiry. The previous report that was ordered to be shredded by the council who commissioned it would have made for a very enlightening but horrific read by the sounds of things. These are wealthy and powerful people, in positions of authority, we need and deserve to know the whole truth and the victims deserve for this not to be covered up any longer and for their voices to be heard at long last. They have my full respect and support – I think all decent minded people in this country will back the neccesity for a full & transparent enquiry – transparency appears to be another word the Tory party don’t appear to understand the true meaning of.

  90. Mr Watson, I truly wish that there were more MPs like you in Parliament. This is what politicians should be for. I say this as a Conservative voter- and am delighted to say so.

    Please commit yourself to this campaign as you did to exposing the Murdoch empire’s criminality. Yes, these people could be fantasists but I seriously doubt it. I suspect that the Murdoch business will seem but a stroll in the park, by comparison. It doesn’t matter how much upheaval is caused by the truth, or whether society is shaken. Victims deserve justice and perpetrators punishment. We will be the better for it, in the long run.

    Kick the hornets nest, Mr Watson. The public will support you.

  91. There are multiple issues related to all these inquiries.

    Firstly, the allegation that the police failed to follow up leads related to child abuse outside of the homes. Why is this not a matter for the IPCC? I can’t think of a more serious complaint of dereliction of duty than to fail to follow up on allegations of child rape. Historic accusations or not, it is the job of the IPCC.

    Secondly, none of the many inquiries is an actual re-opening of the criminal case. It’s almost as if the inquiries exist merely to get the issue lost in a morass of inquiries into the process of holding inquiries, and as far from the accused pedophiles as humanly possible.

    Thirdly, given that we have now three very similar cases (North Wales, Jersey, and going back Kincorra) of essentially child brothels and renting out of children to influential and wealthy individuals, why is there no cross-referencing between the cases? One can imagine there being intersections between those “customers” and their circles of friends and acquaintances that could identify times and places and maybe help validate or disprove the allegations being made.

    So many inquiries, useful in themselves no doubt, but not likely to result in justice for the victims.

  92. Continue to be careful Tom. I applaud your efforts. Please be strong. If you are subject to gang-stalking/psychological intimidation please allow me and other supporters to help you. You are not alone. Remember that and stay strong.

  93. You’re probably starting to become aware of the international relation to this. That’ll be the next stage of revelations. That’s when you might want to start thinking of letting the people know what’s going on, before it gets silenced again. A lot more people know this time, thanks to the much wider use of the internet, but still, a LOT of people don’t. Something of this magnitude should be told to them.

    At the end of the day, it’s the people and the public weight that truly matters, they just need to wake up (as I’m sure you’re feeling it).

    The people are behind you, against this horrible atrocity that has been occurring for a very, very long time.

  94. The collective upper establishment is like a boil, all the rancid filth will eventually rise to the very top.
    Just think for a moment Mr. Cameron, how would you feel if you found out that your handicapped son, had laid helpless, in a hospital or care home bed, waiting to be abused again and again, night after night, by these pieces of filth, and unable to cry for help. Think about it long and hard. As a father, would you not have moved mountains to stamp on those who had harmed your son, your flesh and blood, your child? These unfortunates are all someone’s child, do you have the courage to stamp out ALL paedophiles whether they be in parliament, the judicial system, aristocracy, care agencies and hospitals, the media, entertainment, postmen, binmen ad infinitum.
    This is no expenses fiddle, or sharing a hotel room with an aide, it’s not about floating duck houses or claiming for lightbulbs. something you can shrug off with an ‘I stand by the honourable gentleman’. This is HUGE, and it’s going to get bigger, it needs a leader who is steadfast, honest, principled and extremely brave, someone like….. Tom Watson. Sorry Dave, you just don’t cut it.
    Thank God for people like you Tom, your constituents should be very proud of you. I only hope my MP is half as courageous, forthright and selfless. Have faith Tom, by God you’re going to need it. Keep yourself safe, and record everything in triplicate.
    And Brits, shake off your apathy and stand firm on this one, and don’t take your eye off the ball in other matters political because, as we now know, ‘it’ll be a good time to bury stuff.’

  95. Here’s an idea – Get Andrea Davison back with full immunity to assist in leading it, or to lead it, or guiding the multiple independent investigations (which is probably best to do multiple, if it’s only 1 leading investigation, it makes it much easier to place key individuals in positions which can alter/fabricate the investigation).

  96. Tom, watch out for those 33° Masons, the establishment, judiciary and Police are riddled with them and they will do everything to bury this, make sure they don’t bury you with it, just like Dr David Kelly. There’s a Masonic Lodge within Buckingham Palace, you need to know what you’re up against here. The UK is not rotten to the core as some would have us believe, but it is rotten at the core……..

  97. I can only hope that you have started an avalanche that will sweep away decades of lies, corruption and deceit. As you so beautifully put it at the end of the letter, Cameron really has no choice over this, public opinion will surely see to that.

  98. Tom,

    Thank you, you have personally re-instated some degree of trust from me in the honesty and integrity of UK politicians. I too, urge you to consider your personal safety and do whatever you can to ensure that any resistance you encounter is swiftly brought into the public view.

    Tom Watson for PM.

    Live long & prosper (but not in a corrupt manner – lol)


  99. Keep on Tom,keep on,let’s root out these beasts once and for all,I have emailed my own MP and hope others will to support and encourage a full no-holds barred inquiry,this could bring the house down-so be it

  100. I am so impressed by what you are doing Tom, sickening though the revelations are, your efforts are inspiring and you are a brave man. Don’t give up and don’t let the truth be silenced!

  101. I was in Bryn Alyn 1969-76 yes things went on in the dead of night people complained to there socail workers police nothing ever done the iquiry by North Wales police was to convict one man while many went without arrest
    Was John Alyn the scape goat to protect all the big boys.
    Why was physical/mental abuse not taken into consideration why was sun alliance the insurers of the home told they did not have to pay compensation my claims are against the council who placed me in care Newcastle i was place in care bt the courts for the protection and well being of myself not to be battered regually

  102. Tom, would it not be possible to legally set up a Support Group for these victims so that they can get help, support and to openly talk about their experiences. It may be possible that these victims need to meet other victims of such crimes to help them realise that it was not their fault and come to terms with what has now been exposed as this is going to be a difficult time for them.

    It is also possible that these victims will get justice if they come together and speak with one voice. Also by coming together they will have confidence for the difficult times ahead.

    You Are A Good Man Mr Watson.

  103. Tom,

    I have been told of these goings on (Hollie Grieg in particular) but dismissed it as something of a conspiracy theory. Even now I find it hard to get my head around it and actually not sure I want to. But this goes to the very core and I salute your courage and wish you every success in unveiling those who have perpetrated such misery. How successful your campaign will be I have my doubts but would love you to prove me wrong. As others have said before I sincerely hope you are not damaged in any way in your search for justice either in reputation (which is the easy way for them to get to you) or physically. I hope you get the bastards.

  104. Well i wonder if something will actually be done this time, the police came to me in 1993, Conway police, they was’nt interested in anything i had to say, and 10 years ago i put in a complaint about rose hill in northenden in 1978 and about wood end in atherton and about bryn alyn in wrexham north wales in 1979, and i was told that the law was in a state of flux, that was the words given to me by a law firm in cheadle, stockport, i wont say their name, but to me all of what happened in the three homes i was in, has completely ruined my life, my relationship with my family and how i get on with others.

    Lets hope this is the end to it all and justice is at long last served, but life will never be put right.

  105. Tom, maybe a support group for these victims could be set up by an independent person or you may be able to get some legal advice, ideas, contacts, advice or more from this following organisation to find out the best way forwards : National Association For People Abused In Childhood.


    This group may be able to help you decide what is the best way to set up a Support Group for this paticular group of people. More importantly they may be able to quickly give you legal advice on setting up such a group. I hope that this idea is of use because I feel that the only way to get justice for these victims is by getting them together to speak with one voice whilst getting support for the hurdles that they face in the future. You do not need to reply to this post and I sincerely hope that this has given you some ideas to help those effected and to get justice. They must have suffered so much pain in silence over many years. I hope that they find strength.

  106. I salute your bravery, honesty and dignity. So refreshing for someone who could have taken the easy road to be so moved by appalling cruelty to the weakest in our society, to take such risks, politically and physically. Deepest respect and good luck.

  107. Well done on bringing this back into the mainstream. When you research the gaping holes left open by the previous inquiries it’s hard to get your head around how this was left to go away. Please don’t let it this time.

    This may all seem a long time ago but if the perpetrators were driven to these sort of crimes then, they will most certainly still be indulging their twisted fantasies to this day, they may just have found other countries where it is easier to find the innocent to abuse.

    This must be stopped and it doesn’t matter how high it goes the criminals must be bought to whatever justice can be achieved (before they pay their way out of it later when the media eye has turned elsewhere)

  108. well done mr watson, please can you respond to a question?

    Tom, would you kindly ask this question of the Ministry of Defence, whether the cyber attacks on the Hollie Demands Justice website are official and what is their purpose? Please see extract from the webmaster of his email report today.

    These attacks are coming from the MOD.
    Visitor, dh108.public.mod.uk, IP Address,
    Visitor, dh108.public.mod.uk, IP Address,
    Visitor, dh108.public.mod.uk, IP Address,
    There have in the past 4 hours been several attacks and some failed attacks. Some of these attacks have been successful.

    Working on corrective action., on 2012-11-05 15:35:12, on 2012-11-05 15:35:14, on 2012-11-05 15:35:16


    many thanks.

  109. I do voluntary work on a helpline and often speak to victims of child abuse. Their calls are heart rending and very difficult to listen to.

    What stands out from all the calls is the extreme and lasting injury caused to these victims, whose lives are damaged irretrievably by their experiences and also the fact that so many suffer in silence, sometimes for the rest of their lives.

    Although an Inquiry will not take away that long lasting pain, it may start to change our society’s view regarding abuse, make people more willing to listen to the abused, and allow the abused to speak out without fear of ridicule or shame. If any of these are achieved, then they will make it far more difficult for the abusers.

    Your work on phone hacking was commendable, but at the end of the day the victims only suffered invasion of privacy. Exposing child abusers and preventing further abuse holds the promise of radically changing people’s lives – by both providing justice to the abused and preventing further abuse.

    Please do not let go of this cause and thank you.

  110. The truth will be shown when an enquiry is INDEPENDENT of the judiciary… Hillsborough has proven that! … Time for a proper, open, transparent and independent enquiry.. NO MORE WHITE WASH.

    I salute you Tom Watson.

  111. Dear Tom

    Congratulations on your letter to the PM, as ever it is most erudite and to the point.

    I just have one small point. It is a tad disappointing to see a public servant sending letters to the PM which contain mistakes. May I suggest you take on a proof reader.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards

    Gray Milner

  112. Dunblane hada v unsatisfactory ending under Blair…serious poloticians had their finger in th pie…n a 100 yr D notice was issued…nasty little paedophile group involved….Sec Def lord Robertson robinson…watever…signed th gun licence for hamilton….we shud stop th government practise of using national secrecy_security asa nice little convenient way of hiding their disgusting private habits

  113. The public hear the words “Inquiry” and “lessons to be learned” far too often. Inquiries drag on, diluting interest and resolve.
    What is needed is a number of dawn arrests – an unlikely scenario because paedophilia has spread through certain police forces. Therefore, it seems to me a dedicated police task force, independent of those forces under suspicion, must be drawn up as quickly as practicable. Speed is of the essence, to prevent pulping of evidence.
    Finally, it is worth reflecting how the scourge of paedophilia has ripped through our society. A number of reasons of course but I want to make one point here. Harriet Harman talks of the Savile affair being a “stain on the BBC”. You have to dig to discover this, but she became the legal officer at the National Council for Civil Liberties in 1978 where the Paedophile Information Exchange had already been affiliated for three years. On that basis I want to hear no more pontificating from her on the culture of child abuse, thank you very much.

  114. Great! Break down the firewalls. Reveal the smoke and mirrors of the hoodwinkers, the ‘old boys’ networks, the freemasons, the scams and corruption within our councils, the police force, and the government. The pedos who masquerade as ‘honourable’ or ‘respectable’ just because they belong to the local golf club. Bring them all to justice! Yeh, that’ll be the day!

  115. “without fear or favour of exposing the rich and powerful”

    The special investigating police unit should be give strong and real police powers for all individuals who would act to thwart or block full investigation.

    It almost seems like an impossibility to have a full and vigorous and honest investigation of any heinous crime these days. It certainly was not possible here in the USA of 9-11.

  116. Having suffered abuse at a private school in Birmingham and having served some time in the police here in London may I say ‘Thank You Tom’ for sticking your head above the parapet in all this. 1. Outside force/team needs to investigate ‘other’ forces. 2. Police need to be less fearful about trawling for evidence. 3. ‘Listen’ to survivors 4. Be honest if they feel they don’t have the skills to dig deep and ask difficult questions of the sometimes clever manipulating privileged folk in the organisations that they are charged to investigate. 5. Keep the survivor updated. 6. Ask the system what is holding people back from telling what they know? Fear of reputation loss? Loss of job? Insurance binding over an organisation?…Space needs to be created for honest debate to happen. 7. More openness is required from the secret societies that normally attach themselves to powerful institutions such as private schools. TRUTH MAKES US FREE… apparently

  117. Tom

    The most incredible thing about this pedophile saga is the lack of mention of the common thread running through all cases. All the known names and those yet to be named have one thing in common, they are all Freemasons. It is well know that they will protect each other no matter what. They are the Cancer affecting the body politik of this nation and all parties have been heavily infiltrated by them. The true power lies in The Crown a.k.a. The City of London, which they control.

    Until the day when anyone taking office is forced to declare their membership/non membership nothing will
    change. The Police is riddled with them and this explains while during all these years they took no action against the pedophiles.

    I wish you good luck in your endeavors, and please take good care of yourself.

  118. How many believe that the police are currently expending more effort in finding dirt on Tom Watson than they are in arresting Establishment paedophiles?

  119. The Chester Chronicle is running a story about Sir Peter Morrison.


    In it, they quote Edwina Currie as saying senior Tories conspired to cover up Morrision’s alleged (non-consensual?) sex with underage boys at Bryn Estyn. Would those be the same senior Tories that you are concerned with Tom? Or yet more of them?

  120. Never ever stop fighting on this one Tom.In the light of David Cameron’s remarks this morning on ITV in which he said that there is a danger of all this becoming a witch-hunt against Gays;

    What utter nonsense,those of us who wish to see those brought to justice who abused children are not anti gay per se.We just want to see people brought to justice who committed vile offencees againt vulnerable children.Whether the trail leads to Sir “so and so” or Lord “whatshisname” then so be it.

  121. Tomn , can I PLEASE ask you never let this drop. The intelligent of us in the UK know there can not be an independent inquiry if it involves local government, national government, court officials or the police. The old boys club wont rat on its own, that’s how all this has been perpetrated.
    The ENTIRE process MUST be overseen by child protection specialists, even better from another country.
    I applaud you for what you have started, and sincerely hope you have the conviction to see it through

  122. Tom your request for a wide ranging investigation in to historic abuse cases is plaudable howver, the urgent need is for a full enquiry in to present day Society, Police , Social Work and CPS attitudes to abuse and its victims. statistically the overwhelming majority of abuse is by parents and close relatives and that fact needs to be stressed in abuse related discussion. The people most abused children are at risk from is not celebrities or the bogey man in the wood but members of their own family.

  123. We all need to be mindful that many previous enquiries have done nothing to bring the vast majority of participants in the sexual abuse of minors to book for their crimes, and we are therefore no nearer to protecting those whom any half-decent society’s first duty to protect. How can we, how are we to know that we are not being fobbed off again with some enquiry that like the others on ly pretends to be interested in its real duty to uncover and dismiss this ghastly trade in children? It is terrifying that any child be subject to this treatment because of a failure of our elected governments, one after the other, and our paid Police Force, one after the other, to perform this duty in all our names? And this is not a ‘baying mob’, as I have heard it dismissively described, demanding a scapegoat, this is a collection of people shocked to the core and desperate to protect all children lest they be one of our own to fall into these people’s clutches? Please, please don’t let them fob us off yet again.

  124. is there such a thing as an investigative politician!?
    good luck you hero, absolute legend!
    tom watson for attorney general!

  125. Dear Mr Watson,

    I am neither a Labour party supporter or a constituent, but heaven cries out for vengeance for these crimes, crimes against the whole of society and the most vulnerable members of it.

    Do not rest, Mr Watson, until every last stone has been turned, until every perpetrator shakes in their boots until they are brought to justice. We must root out this evil and we must do it now.

    Thank you for your courage. God bless you.

  126. Tom, you are the brave voice of silent children I am proud to support you. I pray that you keep safe and continue in your endeavours to obtain justice for the innocents who have suffered.

  127. Tom, I hope there is more to come out because in the last couple of days there’s been a very worrying, and sinister, shift in focus within the MSM and blogosphere – with obvious attempts to discredit the victims.
    What Phillip Schofield did was wrong but the outrage is out of all poportion (the names were not visible) and appears to be deliberately whipped up to deflect attention from the real issue. It’s a shame the same level of outrage is lacking over the physical and sexual abuse of the most vulnerable children in our society. Very, very strange.

  128. Still on the ball Tom, not named by you .They will all come tumbling down soon, getting closer and closer but not this time it seems. Keep up the good work.

  129. ??????? ask as much as you can.Don’t let them side step this issue by their usual use of a deliberately ineffectual inquiry that does nothing but to whitewash the situation. I hope you get results,but judging by question time last night I fear we will get the usual fudge .DEMOCRACY what democracy??????

  130. Excellent work jumping the gun Sherlock. Child abuse is deplorable, as is being wrongly accused of being involved in it.

    This travesty actually harms genuine investigations. A spectacular own goal.

  131. Reflecting on the damage done to your career by your failure to check facts and your blatant party political tactics yet, Tom?

    Or the fact that your behaviour probably means that there will no realistic action taken against those in politics who abused children?

    I do hope your constituents reflect on their choice of MP – you’re in no way, shape or form up to the job.

  132. Andrea Davison would be able supply you with plenty of ammo to throw at PMQ’s. She’s alledgedly holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. The ‘coverup boys’ want her much more than Assange.

  133. “Of course any suggestion that the BBC were at the very heart of this establishment cover-up is hogwash.”

    “Yeah and what is it that your hiding. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.”

    and there are a lot of people who would have others blind to seeing things that the elite get up to.

  134. Hi. Just to let you know if have loaded your letter to ` Dave` onto my facebook and invited people to share. Hope this will help. Keep it up mate!!

  135. Fantastic letter Tom – thank you for raising this issue. Myself and other victims of abuse in North Wales appreciate your efforts.

  136. So when will you do the honrable thing and resign like Entwistle has, your total wrong and ilimform question at MPQs lead to the troulbe at the BBC.

    I know your to slimey to resign so how about a full public apoigy.

  137. state sponsored institutionalised child abuse that all tax payers helped to fund, no shame in admitting that as a starting point,, the rest is down to the government and the public at large to ensure this doesn’t simply go away, because many many live with the impact of this abuse, no matter how much care or therapy you may be lucky enough to access, it never goes away. I have nightmares about not being believed, of my abusers all being on one room, the police and social services there to, people who I thought would defend me all carefully and with great talent ‘disbelieving’ my truth because that suits them, and allows them to sleep at night, whilst my abusers smile sweetly as I cry.

  138. At last, an outspoken, plain-speaking and honest MP, who is willing to stand up for others. I so admire you, Tom. Well done.

  139. keep up the good work. you are restoring confidence here that we has some representation in government. get a body guard and god bless

  140. Dear Tom,

    you may be the saviour of the almost rotten political system. Please do what you started to the end after so many effort were silenced – I hope it will be the greatest job the politician could ever do in thousand years for us, your people.

    God bless.

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