10 days that shook my world

It’s ten days since I raised a question about intelligence suggesting a paedophile ring that touched the very heart of a previous government. I’d done so because a very credible retired child protection professional had lived with a gnawing suspicion of a cover up for many years.

These people are the rarest of human beings. They’re the people who labour in anonymity, day in day out, trying to make the world a better place. They have always been the foundations of our public services. Yet this retired public servant had, through a quirk of fate, stumbled on something that appeared so huge, that almost everyone he’d ever raised his concerns with had baulked at the challenge.

Since then though, many more ordinary people have contacted me about suspicions they have had of a wider wrongdoing – in some cases so heinous it made me cry.

They have talked of psychopaths marking children with Stanley knifes to show “ownership”. They tell of parties where children were “passed around” the men. They speak of golf course car parks being the scenes for child abuse after an 18 hole round.

And they have named powerful people – some of them household names – who abused children with impunity.

Two former police officers have raised their concerns of cover-ups. Child protection specialists have raised their fears that the network of convicted paedophile Peter Righton, the nexus of the group, was wider than at first thought. Others have identified a former cabinet minister who regularly abused young boys.

Some have raised mysterious early deaths, disappeared children, suspicious fires, intimidation and threats.

It’s bewildering.

These allegations go way beyond the claims made on BBC Newsnight yesterday. Newsnight failed to name the paedophile mentioned by a North Wales survivor. I can understand why. A career can be destroyed by an allegation of such magnitude. There needs to be a high bar of proof.

Yet the thing I learnt most from the hacking scandal, and for that matter, the Savile case, is that the intelligence was staring the police in the face. These people were hiding in daylight. So powerful, so brazen in their actions, those who had an inkling of what was happening turned a blind eye.

Or maybe none of this happened. Maybe the 50 plus emails and numerous phone calls and letters I have received were all from fantasists. Maybe the allegations of the victims – made for many years, consistently to anyone that would listen, maybe they’re bogus.

One thing is for certain: someone has to join the dots. And that should be the police. There are a few hardy child protection specialists who for many years, have been burrowing away, trying to uncover the truth. Their work and insight should be taken more seriously. The police should work with them.

The hacking scandal was about the police failing to follow clear leads of wrongdoing by powerful people. They could do this because politicians turned a blind eye.

This is potentially worse. Some of those powerful people involved in a cover up may well have been – and could still be – powerful politicians.

I’m not going to let this drop despite warnings from people who should know that my personal safety is imperilled if I dig any deeper. It’s spooked me so much that I’ve kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen.

As I type this blog post, I’m half-smiling about how insane all this appears. It sounds like I’ve taken leave of my senses – just like they said I had during the early days of the hacking scandal. Maybe I have. Yet with a properly resourced investigation, with the voice of victims being heard in public and with the political will we can get to the facts.

I wish I could fight the case of everybody who has been abused by a paedophile who has so far got away with it, but I can’t. That is a job for the police. Up and down the country private grief is being stirred by these stories. I cannot help in each individual case, but the police and support services can, must and will. If you were abused a long time ago and want justice now, go to the police. It is not too late.

What I am going to do personally is to speak out on this extreme case of organised abuse in the highest places. At the core of all child abuse is the abuse of power. The fundamental power of the adult over the child. Wherever this occurs it is an abomination. But these extreme cases are abuse of power by some of the most powerful people. Abuse of trust by some of the most trusted. It is a sickening story, but one which – like the truth about Jimmy Savile – is now going to be told.

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  1. You talk about abuse of power. Mr Watson, MP’s today are guilty of the abuse of power. What purpose do they serve? We voted them in. They do nothing. They are completely out of touch with what is going on in the real world and now they are in parliament, couldn’t give a to*s about their electorate.

  2. This must be uncovered and those responsible brought o justice if we are to call ourselves a civilised society. Best wishes to Tom, and thanks for all you do.

  3. If it’s true, it is shocking and those responsible MUST be prosecuted! Keep up the pressure Tom.

  4. Thank you for all you are doing. The one fear I have is that this is so big that it will never be dealt with and they will just cover it all up again and the abuse will continue. Take care and thank you

  5. Do not stop what your doing. No matter what. I prey that what is starting to come out is no more than warped conspiracy theory type nonsense, but I think we all know there is more to it than that.

  6. I don’t mean to be disrespectful (I admired you work during hacking scandal – but I really don’t think people have time to read that long essay.

  7. I wonder as you said, to people who’ve been abused in the past, they should go to the police. What if you, or someone, were to create an online storage so that these complaints could be copied to and recorded somewhere. In other words every time a complaint is made it is copied to this person/place.
    Just a thought.

  8. I wonder if you will acknowledge that paedophilia cuts across political party lines and should you uncover any names linked to the Labour Party they will be outed in Parliament.

    You have a certain privilege not to be sued if you name names in the chamber, do it now next week. No one should be protected where Children are concerned.

    Let the allegations be heardm its your duty to expose one and all.

  9. A very powerful piece of writing, which clearly makes the case for a thorough – and long overdue – investigation. Keep safe.

  10. and now it is time to clean house and lock these scum up, ALL of them. regardless of their fame or power

  11. This is a potentially huge issue and you are not ‘insane’ to insist it is thoroughly investigated. If children have been abused by powerful people, and worse, if some have been made to disappear we really do need to know, the victims must be heard and perpetrators must be brought to justice. Good luck and stay safe.

  12. Tom you are very brave but we knew that before. I hope you can get somewhere in this appalling case. You are right that the police have to take it on but I guess they are unwilling because of fear of retribution from above and they have families to feed: and so have you so take care and thanks for your hard work & determination.

  13. Bravo, the world needs more people like you willing to put their head above the parapet. The truth will always out.

  14. Tom you are doing a great job. All right minded individuals will back you. The PM looked very sheepish at PMQT on the 26th Oct. He too cannot ignore this any longer. Please carry on with your work and mind your back!

  15. The agencies & helplines which offer counselling & therapy to survivors of sexual & child abuse have all seemingly had massive increases in contacts. Sometimes double the volume of calls, sometimes more.
    Keep going Tom!

  16. Good luck Tom. I hope it all comes out in the end and every abused person still alive gets some sort of justice.

  17. Fantastic, Tom. I can think of no better person to shake the tree as you are doing.

    Victims need to know that they are being listened to, and that reports won’t get pushed to one side, covered up for fear of reprisal. Intimidation is the weapon of choice for these people.

    I suppose you are right about the burden of proof. But what proof could there be? Many of these incidents happened years, or even decades ago. It will always be the word of a powerful and influential person against one for whom society has little concern or trust. Will they ever get their story heard?

    I sincerely hope so.

    There needs to be a forum or structure by which people can come forward without fear of reprisal. Of course, the accused must be protected against scurrilous rumour, but at what point will an accuser feel that their statements will have any effect?

    It’s a tricky problem, but one which needs to be solved.

  18. Well done Tom. There is unprecedented public interest in these issues as a result of Savile. We just need a few good journalists and politicians to speak out and the momentum could take this all the way. What r the chances of Dave agreeing to a fresh inquiry into Wales I wonder?

  19. Dear Tom.

    Great to read this. Great too that at last someone will pursue these allegations with tenacity to seek justice at last for the victims. There is a big story here. The pieces are everywhere, some in plain sight, others buried, seemingly with official sanction. I’m sure you wont let the British people and more importantly the historic, largely ignored victims down.

  20. Thank goodness that at last someone is prepared to stand up and speak out and not be intimidated because of how high up the corruption goes. I just hope that this time there will be some in authority who will refuse to let investigations be sidetracked or derailed, and who will make sure that the truth is spoken and that no-one is above the law, whoever they are. I also hope that there might be more recognition of the damage done to people and better help provided to those who have survived.

  21. If this is true then the truth must come out and yes be investigated by the police and Safeguarding investigators. The story of those abused must allow justice to rule.

  22. Well done for taking this stand. This blog has it spot on, I think, and you are right that the Police must be allowed to look openly at everyone that might have been involved and establish the truth. There should be no party political points to be made, either; these scandals appear to involve people from both sides of the house as do the alleged cover-ups.
    I am also concerned about past decisions about the appointment of Savile to positions of trust, especially at Broadmoor but that might be off your radar here. Whatever, it should be on someone’s radar and that does involve some dreadful decisions made by politicians who are still active.
    Good luck Tom.

  23. This is most sinister, and must be put into the public domain so that these poor victims can have the satisfaction of seeing the perpetrators of these crimes exposed and punished. What you must do is protect yourself from attacks which will surely follow. Thank you for your efforts. Please succeed with you aims.

  24. You are to be congtaulated on opening this particularly toxic can of worms. We can but hope and pray that they are not allowed to be forced back in and the can sealed.

    I also fear that your world is going to be shaken for considerably MORE than ten days, Tom.

  25. You are to be congratulated on opening this particularly toxic can of worms. We can but hope and pray that they are not allowed to be forced back in and the can sealed.

    I also fear that your world is going to be shaken for considerably MORE than ten days, Tom.

  26. MPs like you are few and far between, the way you fought so hard to bring the hacking scandal out in the open was to say the least admirable, so I beg you please continue the fight against these evil, vile paedophile’s, they MUST be brought to justice, the British public have a RIGHT to know the truth about how people in high places abuse their power, men who use their so-called celebrity status and government and civil servants and public servants who hide behind ‘societies’ of the rich and powerful are detrimental to our society, they must be exposed and the powers that have shielded them exposed too, your work on the hacking scandal was and still is exemplary, please work your ‘magic’ and expose these ‘despots’ that have committed such dreadful atrocities against the children of this country, I know the Bristish public will back you all the way.
    Thank you for your superb work, I certainly wish you were my MP. Yours Margaret Halliday

  27. The plebgate fiasco gives us a real insight into the mind of the powerful in this country. Seems even the Police accept an apology and all is forgotten. Is the constable who made the allegation still at his post or has he been removed and placed on other duties as a ‘reward’ ?
    Has his senior officer supported him and investigated the matter properly?. This ‘thin end of the wedge’ small insight into how the rich , famous and powerful can with almost impunity ride rough shod over ordinary decent people and in some cases children too. Thanks Tom for not being too afraid to speak out and not letting go. I was 16 when after going to a member of staff to complain about the sexual advances from a patient ended up being a victim of the bloody staff. I carried the shame around with me for years even though I ‘escaped ‘ to another hospital and continued my studies, eventually doing over 36 years in the NHS to be again pensioned off through whistle blowing, this time involving a Royal patient !!!! Good luck theres a lot of us out there wanting revenge if naught else !!!!

  28. Keep going Tom, it was only your persitence that triggered the Leveson enquiry. I can’t imagine the weight of pressure and intimidation but the victims deserve to have their attackers exposed.

  29. I am a Lib Dem councillor fighting powerful interests that want to own Cornwall – privatisers BT and Cornwall Council officers who don’t seem to understand who pays their wages, since they act as BT’s agents. Your battle is a different one but I salute you, Tom – you’re what an MP should be.

  30. After many years of frustration and powerlessness as a healthcare professional I’m tremendously grateful to you for supporting people whose lives have been twisted and distorted by these awful men who are victims themselves.

    I’ve listened to the stories of people who did contact the police and through Operation Sapphire obtained help in tracking down and prosecuting perpetrators of abuse from a long time ago. Easier when it’s just one abuser.

    Equally there have been those who years later were still too upset and despairing to believe anyone would help them and so didn’t ask. In the case of a perpetrator being known and a danger to other children it’s my duty to report this to the police but so many are dead, or names unknown, there may have been many of them, sometimes powerful or shadowy figures their victims have spent a lifetime trying to forget. And then there’s ‘proof’… and whether the police are interested.

    There may be a chance to inflict damage on these webs of deceit and evildoing, now that numbers of people are coming forward. Maybe now they will be believed. I salute their courage, and yours Tom.

  31. Good Luck with this. Anything you can do to throw light on this murkey world can only benefit the many, many children who’ve suffered in the past or still suffer from abuse today. We need to talk about it more openly so that we can help put an end to it. Thank you.

  32. Good for you. Hope you manage to persuade the police to actually investigate these alleged crimes thoroughly and properly and without fear or favour – which is what should have happened in the first place.

    One place to start might be with the official inquiry into abuse in children’s homes in North Wales. Why did the chair rule that none of the accused could be named? Deeply suspicious.

  33. There’s no doubt in my mind that you are aware that you are taking a big risk. So all credit to you for your courage.

  34. We have the same problem here in Sussex.
    A whistle blower is screaming that Sussex police are covering up the murder and killers of Katrina Taylor in 1996.
    It’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  35. Thank you Tom – for being brave enough to expose this. I hope and trust you will follow-through on this expose, right to the very end. You have my support and that of many, many others. [Moderated]

    Once again, thank you.

  36. All the best Tom and more power to you. If there’s something lurking in this then it needs uncovering.

    Glad that there’s still MPs like you in the Commons.

  37. As a victim of abuse I say good luck. It’s never too late to bring abusers to book for their crimes – & it’s taken nearly 40 years for me to be believed. It’s all about power & the abuse of power. Exposé them & if you’re being threatened make sure there is a fail safe line of exposure to these cowardly individuals

  38. Thank god at last someone appears to be speaking up for these poor children,,,I had almost given up hope that anyone cared about these horrendous allegations…please please dont stop fighting for these children Mr Watson….keep up the fight for justice for them….dont be cowed by threats from some quarters,,,you will be able to sleep with a cloear conscience…thank you…

  39. Tom

    I have to admit that when you first made that comment 10 days ago I was not too sure if you were doing so because you really did believe in the cause of protecting our children from paedophiles at the highest level in British society, or if you were in some way trying to score political points against the Tories.

    This scandal is not political in the sense that many people in all parties are implicated, as I am sure you well know by the victims contacting you.

    In many cases that I am aware of, there have been injustices due not too good people in the police force being unwilling to investigate, but due to them being threatened and forced to withdraw from investigations due to pressure from higher above.

    Newsnight did not name the one person the name we all know, but if any good has come of it it has raised awareness that this is an issue far greater than just Jimmy Savile. I want to find politicians I can believe in who will fight with all their mind, bodies and souls to protect the most vulnerable children in our society. I hope you find good people to team up and I wish you well. There are powerful people who do not wish these secrets to be known, but there are far far more people who wish to see justice done, and that our children can live innocent lives free of the dangers and hideous crimes of these terrible people.

    Good luck

  40. If, in theory, it comes to light that a prime minister had issued a D-notice to protect an aide, when the aide was caught purchasing paedophile pornography by a police operation, would the prime minister face charges?

    Just in theory, of course. I was interested in the law versus a D-notice in a situation such as this. Would anyone face charges?

  41. Stay safe, this horrific case has the potential to shake the very British foundations that this country was built on. We have let those bigots/perverts/cruel psychopaths control people for far too long. Let everyone know what your doing Tom, the more people who know, the safer you will be. The working class public will be right behind you.

  42. Well done Tom keep up the good work and keep safe, they cannot be allowed to get away with it no matter how powerful and influential they are.
    I was reading a blog this morning and you have probably seen it already but in case you haven’t :

    from 1997 but I worry over the ban on publishing names imposed with threats of high court action by the tribunal chairman and the lack of any further investigations.

    Best Wishes

    Peter Robson

  43. Good post. It seems to me that a dangerous position has been reached whereby the allegations and names are readily available on the internet, but no serious inquiry is being conducted by the authorities or parliament. If no serious, open and immediate discussion is held in public, the risk is that the rumours fester on the web and people will go to the internet for truth. Please consider using parliamentary privilege to get the names and rumours out in public and allow the established press to build upon your brave stance.

  44. All power to you Tom. We seem to be content to vest power in the hands of a very people who seem to regard the UK as fiefdom. Good luck in penetrating the interwoven webs of privilege, corruption and wrongdoing that have become commonplace in our country.

  45. I would advise caution. However, that’s how they got away with it.

    There is another scandal that will soon have to be addressed that has so many medical professional with vested interests, we have fought for many years now, only to be thwarted at every turn.

    May you be successful and safe
    Best wishes joy

  46. You are a very brave individual to take on these bastards. I’ve met them at a local level years ago and it still haunts me to this day.

    More power and courage to you, you are braver than I.


  47. I have to send my gratitude for your strength in exposing child abuse rings in the UK especially those in authoritative roles. The coverups and collusion must come to the fore.We need to challenge the police system who have a duty to prosecute these serious crimes and from experience have failed many even under protection orders.Victims should not have to go back to previous allegations they should be dealt with properly in the 1st place.If those in positions of trust and power can’t investigate these crimes because of fear what chance to we stand to break the cycle of abuse.

    Kind Regards.

  48. Good post. Alas, the Jersey victims are unlikely to find justice as those in power are actively crushing any investigation, using abuses of power and tame local media. John Hemming is trying to help, but he is one man…

  49. Good luck, stay calm and out the rot. To those that threaten you, please rest assured that there are more of us than you – to keep this story going until the rot is either in prison or have popped their mortal coil. @Lex_Fama

  50. Tom
    You have touched the central issue., when you mentioned the issue of power. As Thucydides said 2500 yrs ago, the strong do as they will, the weak do as they must. Only between equals is there justice. in a democracy we are equal before the law we create as equals. If the victims are to receive justice, the rule of law, before which we are all supposed to be equal, must extend to these allegations and crimes.
    The challenge for a decent society is to protect its weakest members, those in care, those un able to defend themselves, those with no one (but the state) to speak for them.

    To the extent such allegations are proven, it will turn a powerful light, perhaps blinding, upon society. The abuse of power occurs anytime there is a disparity in power and a lack of transparent accountability. The horrors of Winterbourne show us what human nature is capable of doing when people are not held to account in public or private.
    As a society we will need to reflect on how we protect the weakest from the depraved, vicious and the callously indifferent. In all of these institutions where the young and the vulnerable have been abused, there have been management structures, leaders, who bear responsibility but appear to have escaped justice.

    Is it time we changed the law to make sure the management are held responsible, are held to account, for failing to have systems and procedures in place to protect their clients. Perhaps it is tme for the equivalent of a Sarbennes-Oxley for industries that are responsible for the young and vulnerable.
    Good luck with your work.

  51. Tom

    I am surprised you have such confidence in the Police,having seen how inept,corrupt and how they wash their hands of any accountability,in addition to defending the thugs thy employ.It seems most of the Chief Constables are just as corrupt,if they don’t resign with a knighthood and a pension they commit suicide or they join the PCC. As for Cameron he will jump on any passing bandwagon.

  52. As someone who gets up the nose of local councillors here, IU applaud your stance. Far too much is covered up and not brought out into the open by people who rely on power or celebrity (or both). As the axiom says: All it needs for evil to thrive is for good men (women) to do nothing. You have my support!

  53. PLEASE do what you can to get justice for the survivors of this horrific abuse and bring their abusers to account. No one in authority seems to be doing anything about it. It is SO wrong that these men are getting away with it. Name names. Force the issue. Who cares if it brings down the whole sorry edifice of power in this country? From the outside it seems rotten to the core and in urgent need of drastic reform. This is the sort of work that MPs should be doing, and I salute you.

  54. please continue fighting the fight Tom; we need people like you to unearth the truth and fight for the common man. The are a great many in the silent majority , me included, who are willing you to carry on. We support you all the way.

  55. God Bless you, Tom. As a Counsellor I have spent much of my working life sitting with people who were abused as youngsters and who had either spoken out and not been believed or who had grown into adulthood carrying their ‘secret’ through to middle age in fear that they wouldn’t be heard or believed or that they would be seen as somehow to blame. Many have struggled all their lives to deal with their feelings.

    Thank you for your courage to stand up for the voiceless, against what appears to be possibly the most powerful paedophile network that is to come to light.

    I weep with you at the very thought of this.

    With love and support

    Maureen Perrett

  56. Please keep up the good fight Tom. I am related to an abuse victim and know what they go through – for the rest of the lifes. If The Establishment/”Celebrities” are involved they need exposing.

  57. I can only applaud your honesty, integrity and bravery. At a time when our democracy is probably at its most discredited, and when politicians are openly corrupt and self serving, it’s almost unbelievable to see someone taking on this fight.

    I’ve no doubt you are in danger. I survived an attempt on my life by a women who’s partner was a senior police officer. She was a serial stalker who’d destroyed four lives before mine. She openly boasted of her plans, knowing people were too terrified of her to speak up. Afterwards, she boasted of hiring hit men. She was supported by a number of corrupt police officers, and then the BBC also colluded with her. Her contacts and influence enabled her to act with immpunity.

    My only crime was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is still free, and despite hundreds of complaints to the police, I now live in hiding.

    Knowing how it now ‘works’, I can see that nobody is safe. I was lucky. But if it could happen to me, it can happen to anyone. If you get too close to the truth, there is no doubt you are in danger. So please be careful.

    Once again, it’s fantastic to see a member of parliament standing up for truth. Surely this should be the role of all parliamentarians ? Perhaps you could remind them ?

  58. Do stay safe Tom.

    Make sure you make a copy of anything related to this and entrust it to someone you can and ask them to keep it safe. If anything were to happen to you give them orders to release it.

  59. Do stay safe Tom.

    Make sure you make a copy of anything related to this and entrust it to someone you can trust and ask them to keep it safe. If anything were to happen to you give them orders to release it.

  60. “That is a job for the police.”

    no, the police do whatever they are told by the government.

    the Savile case proves that the police are part of the problem – it is written plain as day in his own autobiography as several programs have shown.

    in a democracy the people tell the government what to do. in as much as the police won’t properly investigate these crimes, they are showing that the government is failing to be democratic – because people obviously want the police to do their job in this arena, and the police have not done it.

  61. Tom, would you speak out against a Labour-run local authority, trying to in some cases and succeeding in others, sending children under their care to back to, or keeping them at, a school where those children said they were being abused? Would you criticise a Labour-run local authority that failed to review the care of pupils at which abuse could have been picked up? Would you criticise a Labour-run local authority which tried to force parents to put their child in a different school where children were later found to be abused, meaning they had to use nearly all their money to fund a judicial review?
    If so, please get in touch for some shocking accounts from my childhood.

  62. No stone should be unturned, no cover up, no “old boy” network, no hiding place and no limit to how far up this sickening culture goes. No hiding place – name and shame.

  63. and to take a page from the Polish underground in the 80s – when the state itself is made up of criminals, thugs, rapists, and thieves, you have to set up an alternative social network to fill in the gaps. you have to have an alternative press, you need an alternative source for legal help for people ensanred in the court system , you need alternative networks of doctors who are not beholden to the system, and on and on.

    take Paul Kimmage – he was being sued by the cycling body, UCI, for repeating what Lance Armstrong told to Landis and Hamilton about UCI. UCI sued Kimmage. Not Armstrong. Think about that.

    The response? 80,000$ were raised on the internet for Kimmage’s defense fund. Thats what we are talking about here.

  64. This country is steeped in evil and its concealment. I regard the abuse of dear children as one of the worst crimes. I can see by the reaction of some to the revelations re.Savile that some adults do not share this view.

    Question. There were allegations about Forde House ‘approved’ school in Newton Abbot near where I live in the 90’s. A policeman patient told me that the scale of the investigation was very large but the force had to investigate and charge the perpetrators one by one for legal reasons. I cannot recall any wide exposure. What happened to the investigation that was taking so much man power then? If you ‘Google’ ”forde school paedophilia” there are TWO entries.

  65. Tom,

    You are a very courageous and honourable human being.
    With public faith in politicians and authority at an all-time low, your question during PMQ’s was like a breath of fresh air in a stale fog of spin and rhetoric.

    Only this question is indeed, deeply toxic, for this and future governments.
    When investigations are re-examined, into CEOP, operation ORE and others, it will be like grabbing crocodiles and tigers by the tail.
    There are probably, many people who have first account of the heinous actions of powerful and influential people from our life time, who really need support and courage to speak out.
    The question on my mind, is that if some masonic, Faustian, Machiavellian pact really is proven, the truth will frankly piss many people off, but ultimately, it might finally bring this country back to its senses and set us all free.

    I have absolutely no doubt, as history teaches us, that power corrupts and that ordinary people have too often given their bodies and their lives for the twisted self-interests and pathological, base needs of wealthy and powerful individuals.

    Psychology tells us, that given the approval and instruction of authority, 7 out of 10 people would disobey their own conscience and empathy, to inflict pain and suffering upon another human being.
    It was what empowered Adolf Hitler, “Bloody Mary”, Charles II and many, many others.
    The darker aspects of human nature are unpalatable, but in the environment and circumstances of authority condoning or allowing perverse behaviour, to become “acceptable” Bad things happen when good people stand idly by.

    Fear, of losing one’s home, job, favour, livelihood, pension and future are powerful controlling forces which can in effect, cover up murder and every heinous crime imaginable.

    The culture of change in these austere times, of apparent deficit, the breaking up of the NHS, the private companies presiding over welfare and legal reforms and the fabric of society, is deeply troubling.
    The moral provision for the young, old, sick, disabled and unemployed, by people with a question of their past conduct, is utterly untenable and must be examined, surely.

    If people in authority can turn a blind eye to child abusers and gross personal liberties, how can they possibly be in government? Such actions are those of Dictators and despots?

    If more people can feel empowered to speak out against these past and present criminals, they will enjoy the support of a great many authentic, but equally vulnerable people.
    This terrible question goes beyond party politics.
    The issue of abuse of power has long been a fact of life, which has brought down monarchs and governments.
    The national reputation is at stake. Though I love my country and most of the people in it, If there is a potential cancer within our power base, it must be cut out.
    Vulnerable people are suffering and continue to suffer.
    Child abuse condemns people to a life of self-loathing and fear.
    Sexual predators feed off of this fear to empower them, to help them make the tough decisions they perhaps have to make in positions of authority.
    This cannot be allowed.

    I trust there are more good people than bad, who might come forward and help us confront this human crisis.
    We all need to be, seekers of truth, knowledge and social justice.
    I fear, much of the legal system of natural justice and common law, is slowly being eroded from our once proud democracy under the cloak of “National security and anti-terrorism”.
    Personally, I think the real enemies are the ones making the laws and starting the wars, not the people fighting back.
    I too have heard “rumours” of impropriety carried out by powerful men in the 1970’s and 1980’s.
    At the time, as a callow youth, studying in Brighton, these rumours seemed too separated from myself and my then reality.
    Yet these former “rent boys, waifs and strays” in my acquaintance at college in Brighton, often former residents of children’s homes, re-housed in Brighton and Eastbourne to help them heal and re-build their lives, were quite common in my social circle.
    Many have all gone on to live soul-less lives of misery and penury, plagued by mistrust, depression, alcoholism, substance abuse and homelessness, unable to properly integrate.
    Emerging from a children’s home, damned for a life time, for no better reason than the fact your parents were dead or you were taken into care for your own “protection” is now looking like a national Scandal, for what we know now.

    Berthold Brecht warned us of the consequences of powerful capitalist, conservative ideals.
    That it merely creates the environment for the prostitute, the criminal, the orphan and the vagrant.
    I’m not a religious man Tom.
    But I do feel that a moral and emotionally intelligent critical mass has to be found here.
    The boat is beginning to rock already.
    The details of this “speculation” are being reported in the press and social media.
    The circumstantial evidence is also quite compelling.
    Although we cannot convict upon a “sixth sense”,
    I trust my gut instinct, my intuition when I come into contact with people and see them beyond their polished deliveries at the dispatch box or lectern.

    I hope the time has finally come for the truth to emerge.

    Bless you Tom and others like you. I shall look forward to further news and developments.
    If Robin Cook and Dr Kelly are anyone to go by, I would avoid any solitary country pursuits or fast cars for a while too.
    There are many people have got your back.
    Trust, faith and courage are infectious amongst real people.
    Thank you.


  66. Great job, keep going. These people just cannot be allowed to get away with this. Once you get one, the rest will fall like dominoes. Kudos for being brave enough to stand up.

  67. Well said and well done, Tom. Any abuse of the defenceless is inexcusable and unforgivable. What is especially harrowing is when children are used for sexual gratification by the very people who should be protecting them from harm. We should all stand with you in this. It is vile beyond words.

  68. You are a brave man. Please keep going for children everywhere. l know from my work with children that this is widespread. Thank you

  69. Many of us have been investigating Parliamentary Paedophilia for years, and have come to the conclusion that it is pretty widespread if not actually endemic within Parliament. The person that newsnight failed to name is just one of many known to myself and others investigating this, and it goes across all parties.

    Good luck, my friend.

  70. Tom, keep pushing this please. I work in child protection and it makes perfect sense that the powerful, rich and famous in such paedophile rings might escape justice. Good luck and stay safe.

  71. The late author Richard Webster would strongly disagree with you.

    His research showed that many of the claims made against care home staff in the nineties were unfounded. His (badly laid out, but otherwise excellent) website is still there at http://www.richardwebster.net, which is highly informative. His book ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ is excellent.

    I implore you to read these sources, because they may well change your mind. I do not believe there was any child abuser conspiracy at the heart of the Thatcher government, regardless of whatever else it may have been guilty of.

  72. This case has so many parallels to the Franklin Cover-up in the US where a paedophile ring was discovered at the heart of the Republican Party.

    A documentary film made by Yorkshire Television looked set to blow the scandal wide apart and was scheduled to be aired on the Discovery Channel but was then mysteriously pulled at the last minute and never broadcast.

    A copy of the film survives and is available online (link below). It is well worth watching to understand how these cases are so often whitewashed, why few of the abusers are ever brought to justice, and that those who try to expose such darkness often end up dead.


  73. Stay safe young man cos if they can cover up such nastyness god alone knows what they would stoop to to protect their sordid lives

  74. It’s very easy todo a Twitter hashtag search to find the names of those accused. There was much comment on Twitter last night – including from Piers Moron – that Newsnight should have named names and “grew some balls.”

    Newsnight was right not to do so and you were right not to do so. The police have to be given evidence, and witness statements, rather than for such an important issue to be trial by media or trial by twitter.

  75. At last, a decent person willing to listen to the victims and start joining the dots. A few hours on the internet, ignoring the obvious consipracists, will reveal all manner of abuse and cover up – that reaches into every corner of our society.

    The police and other agents of the State have been wilfully negligent.

    I have been looking at this story and am so pleased, relieved that you Tom are actually doing something about it. Something good, decent and what we might have expected the whole of Parliament to be doing.

    Thank you.

  76. Thankyou for speaking out about this stuff. Here’s to the courage of those who have spoken up in spite of the threats, indimidation and control placed on them, and here’s to the courage of those who will not stop until this cover up is blown out of the water.

  77. Good luck my friend. Tread very carefully though. You have and will generate many enemies in your quest for the truth

  78. Thank you. So many people are so grateful for your tenacity and your courage in holding our institutions to account.

  79. why doesn’t someone just come out and name the MP involved…because as soon as cameron meets the guy who’s requested the interview it’ll get hushed up and we won’t hear anymore of it

  80. Tom, this is incredibly important; thank you very sincerely for your perseverance on this and some other important matters.

    I’m sure you’re increasingly aware also – as are one or two of your hardworking colleagues – of the covert way that some people have likewise been able to continue inflicting deep, sometimes lethal, damage on small (British & other) girls through FGM: female genital mutilation… [More on this here ~ http://hilaryburrage.com/tag/fgm/ ~ if that helps.]

    There is absolutely no ‘competition’ between these grim child abuse issues, they are both matters of huge shame to all of us because they’ve been (‘silently’) known about for years and so far haven’t been brought to justice.

    But I’m sure that there is now a groundswell which will, with all due acknowledgement of the criticality of adequate proof and properly assumed innocence until found guilty, soon begin to bring these and similar dreadful wrongs into the open.

    Only when the light has been shone in such dark places can these criminal cruelties to children be stopped; until then we must all keep on in whatever ways we best can.

    Thank you again.

    #NoFGM @NoFGM1

    STOP FGM in Britain: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/35313

  81. “If you were abused a long time ago and want justice now, go to the police. It is not too late”

    Get real. Many did exactly that at the time and were not believed. Many did so and the police did next to nothing. Read about Greig Holly. This is just like Jersey, where the rich and powerful get away with impunity.

  82. It is indeed possible that you are in danger as a result of what you
    have done.

    I believe that you should do the following:

    – Place all the evidence that you have in an electronic archive

    – Encrypt the archive using strong encryption (e.g. AES)

    – Distribute the encrypted archive widely

    – Provide the key to three or four trusted friends and associates,
    with instructions that any of them should release it according to
    their own judgement in the event of your untimely death
    or arrest on trumped up charges

    – Publicise the fact that you have made these arrangements.

  83. I read an internet page yesterday that named several politicians, but towards the end of it, he started to sound like a fantasist. I wish we did not live in such a cruel world and that all children were safe from this. Keep uyp the good work.

  84. I applaud you for putting this out to the public, too many cover ups over the years too many childrens lives ruined, this has to be brought out in the open and maybe more children can be saved if others speak out, it happened in my family and from child protection teams who helped out say paedophiles can offend over 300 times before they are caught, and only 10% ever convicted !! this must STOP !!! This old view of shutup and say nothing has to end, we have to have a voice for past present and future children, and let those no they cannot hide anymore from their perverse lifestle.

  85. well done tom, i understand the perplexity, which is was peaodophiles feed off and manage to proceed. as always it always boils down to the word of the child against that of the adult. keep at it, these abused people need your continued attention and focus. for too long they have depended upon their elelevated and highly privilleged statu to protect and further their depraved personalities.

  86. Finally finally, and thank you Tom for using your position again for the benefit of all, this time for the most vulnerable and powerless. It will be the greatest gift you give, and please let me know if I can be of any help in the cause you are now fighting. I am not one of the victims you are hoping to help, just a citizen horrified by the revelations and wishing to make amends on behalf of society.

  87. Corporal punishment of children, at school and in the home, used to be the most prevalent sexually-motivated form of abuse of children. Good luck in yoir work.

  88. You are brave and inspiring. Now is the time for the rest of us to be brave. If we truly love our children we must root out the abusers and bring them to legal and moral justice. That is the least we can do for them.

  89. If you can take on Murdock mate, then your in for a bit of a shock if you think you can bash your way through a corupt health system: you’ll have to resign yourself into the ranks of the ‘historical’ and our kids can get to hear about it in 2033. And then they’ll say: ‘lessons were learnt, and improvements are now in place…’

  90. You must continue to be brave, Tom. These evil people must be brought to justice and I’m proud of your determination.

  91. I left one in response to the Ed Miliband issue over mental health pointing out that mental health professionals are never held to account and quite often a report made can turn someones mild stress into a case of criminal insanity and that the system is built to avoid accountability and culpability. To appeal against a health care report can cause mental illness.

  92. The very best of luck to you and God speed the justice so long overdue these poor victims. I absolutely applaud your courage and persistance. My heartfelf gratitude for your plight..

  93. Great blog Tom.
    I can’t understand why there’s not more of an uproar about this. Why are we soft on paedophiles?
    Keep up the good fight Tom. You haven’t taken leave of your senses, you’re one of the few in Westminster talking sense.
    Don’t let he bastards get you down, bring out the truth.

  94. Well done Tom, taking a stance against “intitutionalised” abuse must be a tough decision. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts completely. These individuals must be made brought to account. The whole sickening mess must be addressed and the culprits, identified and prosecuted.

    Regards Bill

  95. If backed up by fact, can these allegations not be made in parliament, covered by parliamentary privilege? Surely the best place for it if that’s the scene of the cover-up

  96. You have an audience…. I found your blog via facebook, have “shared” it with everyone I know and asked them to share it too. I guess the more people that follow you, the safer you’ll be. A relative of mine was a foster parent for some time, offering respite for full time carers. One little girl he looked after was regularly abused in the New Forest. She was raped with broken bottles – I won’t go on. When my relative told the police, social services, and anyone else who would listen, he got nowhere and couldn’t understand why. We could only suspect that the people who were guilty held positions of power. This was about 10 years ago. I met the girl one Christmas and she was cowering in the corner of the room because men were present. I broke down in tears and have never, nor will ever forget it. It will haunt me to the day I die. I wish you every success.

  97. Tom, you and any other men of honour in the House are invited to join Anonymous in Trafalgar Square on the 5th.

    Many of the Anonymous have also been raising disquiet about paedophiles in high places. You may meet people with important information to share to bring these evil people to justice at last.

  98. Respect to you for tackling this really serious matter. Although the true extent we will probably never find. There will be many who will be working against this. Stay true. Take care

  99. Best wishes. You need to find allies you can trust. Don’t tackle alone. The country will back you on this. It must be exposed and stopped. Those responsible must stand investigation and trial. Keep up the good work.

  100. I applaud you for looking into this, once again we see the police and legal system has failed the most vulnerable. Anyone who has evidence of these allegations should come forward now.

  101. Thank you for bringing this potential grim and murky matter into the spotlight of publicity. These ‘people’ need to be sought, whoever and wherever they are and removed from society. They have destroyed lives and will continue to do so until taken out of normal decent society and incarcerated at HMS pleasure. No one is above the law. There should be no hiding place exempt from the law. Every possible means should be employed to punish all concerned.

  102. Given your record of relentlessly exposing phone hacking at News International but apparently completely ignoring similar activities at the Labour Party-friendly Daily Mirror, how can we be sure that this new investigation of yours will be balanced and non-partisan?

    Supposing your investigations turned up something that went to the upper core of the Labour Party hierarchy, can we rely on you to expose it with equal ferocity, or will you suddenly go quiet?

  103. As a teacher of secondary school children, I feel a particular sense of protection towards the young people in my care. Know this: you are doing a brilliant thing by standing up to these ‘people’ (if we feel that this word still applies?) and that, should anything happen to you, public outcry will demand answers. Children, both those affected by this as well as those growing up today, deserve to feel happy and safe and fearless – it’s our responsibility as the adults in their lives to ensure this. Let’s fight this, right to the very top.

  104. Power to you, someone has got to fight and uncover this filth. Clearly, too many people have got away with horrific behaviour, believing they were above justice, it’s time to proove them wrong.

  105. All power to you Mr. Tom Watson. I respect you very much and have faith that you will leave NO stone unturned in your pursuit of justice for the abused. The truth NEEDS to be heard. Abusers of children and power from public people of high responsibility MUST be held to account. Or we as a society will lose faith in all of the institutions and people who are meant to make Britain and its public safe. The country will descend into anarchy if we lose this. Keep strong and focused.

  106. Here is a defining moment, where we will see if there if there is any rule of law
    in the UK, or whether we are simply ruled by the ruthless and morally corrupt.
    Everyone who has children or hopes to have them will support your stand, Tom.

  107. I don’t know if it will help but it might be worth asking around about an investigative documentary that was going to be made by Granada in the mid-90’s. It was looking into allegations of a paedophile ring operating in children’s homes in Cheshire and north Wales. I met one of the researchers who said they had allegations about Saville’s involvement and accusations against senior figures in the police, politics, and the judiciary.

  108. Tom Watson, you are a brave and fine man. I have read some horrific things too, and heard many who have been abused. It is a huge grief to me that children are still unprotected from such harm and terrifies me that my grandchildren or any child would ever be in the position to encounter the terror and pain these children have been forced to live through. I hope you can make some headway with this but please be safe, there are ruthless psychopaths masquerading as decent citizens out there, and they, from all I can gather from recent searches online [which I regret in one sense but won’t look the other way, much like reading details of the holocaust in Germany], will stop at nothing to maintain their positions.

  109. You are a hero Tom. This is seismic and you are the only hope right now it seems.

    I would say, speak loud, speak clear – the more noise you make the more untouchable you will be.

  110. TOM

  111. Shining a light into the dark can be a dangerous thing. Spare a thought for those who did go to the police and ended up on the run, or have been persecuted ever since, they are still out there, still fighting for justice. All police cannot be trusted either!
    Well done Sir, for making a start, do not keep your evidence to yourself, only total exposure will protect our childrens’ futures.

  112. Please do all you can in this investigation. Its the most important work you can do in your life. If even a fraction of what you have been told and suspect is true then people should be rotting in jail for the rest of their lives and you will be the one to put them there. There is no more important work in the country right now.

  113. Tom Watson, you are one of the few good men that sit in the Westminster House of Vice. Keep pursuing the truth, for the sake of all good honest people; and for truth’s sake too. You have many friends and followers. You are a pillar of sanity and reassurance in an ever-crazy world.

  114. Tom,
    at last! These rumours have been around for years. Be careful and make sure you have strong friends watching your back. Be prepared for the backlash! You played a big part in the demise of Murdoch et al so we know you have the strength to take this on.

  115. A friend in social services told me many years ago that child abuse was tied into the powerful, it involved all aspects of the law, politicians, judges, police. It was impossible for him to do anything about it.
    Sadly I didn’t do anything about his comments, I didn’t talk to anyone about it, does that make me part of the problem?

  116. You have made a powerful and courageous statement. You must now carry on. This issue goes so far beyond the ‘celebrity’ news that is currently being dangled and drip fed to us plebs. There is such a danger that having come this far that we are diverted by the next name either outed or suggested and, as ever, the real issues fades to the background.
    I appreciate so much a politician doing what he is elected to do. Stick with it Tom.

  117. Full respect to you Tom. The truth more than ever needs to he heard and we need strong people like you who are steadfast and strong minded. These cruel abusers need to be exposed for the sake of the abused and this country. I thank you heart and soul for the work you are doing.

  118. Tom, can I just say a heartfelt thank you for all you are doing. Not everyone who has been abused is strong enough to report their abusers. I was abused by my stepfather from the age of 4 until 12. I am now 40, a mum of 2, and have managed to carve a family and career out of my damaged life. However, I am struggling now – every day I hear about more and more people who are finding the strength to come forward and report their abuse, but in turn their abuse is affecting me. I have started having flashbacks again, déjà vu moments that I would rather leave behind. This may be a short lived news story for some, but this is day to day living for others. Abuse is a dirty secret that doesn’t get discussed. The truth is there are so many damaged individuals out there who struggle to make relationships, have anger issues and self confidence issues, all because someone rips it away from them by abusing them. We need someone to ensure the truth comes out, and to give counselling to those who need it. Hopefully, all of those brave people coming forward now will find the closure they desperately need. Thanks again. Lisa

  119. Absolutely shocking Blog in context and Hint of things to come..Brave man Tom…please keep digging..

  120. Tom

    When the Savile abuse was revealed by the courage of the victims in speaking out, I was certain that it was the tip of a very large iceberg. I was sure that their courage would empower others who had been abused, whether by Savile or others, to tell their own sad stories and take back some part of ther identity which had been lost to the dreadful crime of child abuse.

    Through your brave investigation, you are revealing that part of the iceberg that has been below the surface for so long.

    You are embarking on a vital journey. The more that the perpetrators are brought out into the open, the less power they have. They rely on their reputation and influence to frighten their victims into silence.

    It is time for the silence to be broken and your campaign will give them a voice.

    Good luck, Tom.

  121. The Hollie Greig Story is another child sex abuse scandal, including murder awaiting mainstream exposure. It is naive to expect the police to help, just as the Savile story the police and media were complicit in the cover it up. Who will be brave enough to stand up in parliament and tell the truth of this story?

  122. well said Tom and it will now not leave you as you probably have got an insight into a world many of us did not think could exist. The extent to which it extends is not only unbelievable but has an element of fear. I know I was a police officer involved in the investigations. I made so many complaints to those at the top my career was affected and I was removed from investigations. I felt I had let victims down and ashamed of my own job. I know there are many doing the best they can in investigations of this kind and anyone who manged to get so far into an investigation of such a nature would come to a dead end so to speak. The extent of the crimes is so widespread I do not know if it can or will be tackled. There has to be investigations with no holds barred and investigators of a certain integrity to do a proper job.

    Maybe you can bring this about and I admire your stance and hopefully there will be many to support it I certainly will

  123. Keep digging Tom,the more you uncover the weaker they will become and they will break their cover.

  124. At the core of all child abuse is the abuse of power and also the veil of silence and secrecy. Just keep talking and keep this a public debate and you will be safe. Good luck. Many are with you.

  125. Thank you for doing this.
    Wishing you strength.
    Look after yourself.
    Staring into the abyss for too long can burn you out.

  126. Nothing will change the evil holds the power and Tom you are risking your neck. Nice of you to try but you know that the people with the big seats are the sickest of them all.

  127. Are we really to believe that each and every comment submitted in response to this article is entirely fawning, congratulatory and credulous? For that’s how it looks here. You need to surround yourself with a few cynics and heterodox critics or you’ll risk falling for the hagiographic stuff being posted by your acolytes.

  128. Thanks Tom, back in 1974/75 we (The R.M.P.T.A) were investigating child sex abuse in London. I was just a rookie, and did not realize just how depraved this ‘Ring’ actually was. After winessing it at first hand, I ‘bottled out!’… I was not the first to do so! Had I stayed on, it is possible that I may have had to witness a Satanic Child Sacrifice Ceremony. my job would entail installing surveillance equipment. A Police Officer would have had to take shorthand notes! … There was a strong possibility the Operation would be compromised, and that could have endangered life and limb of the hypothetical surveillance team, or it could equally be a ‘wind-up’, and nothing more than a ‘Little Lamb’ sacrificed in a bizzare crackpot ceremony. I was not told a child would be sacrificed! …but those were my suspicions! Loooking back, I think I made the right decision, but I certainly lost my innocence by the experience! If you feel threatened Tom, Peter Earl of Rosslyn, Commander of the Metropolitan Police and Diplomatic Protection Squad may be able to help you. I now serve as private chaplain to Merin Hay, Lord Erroll. (Lord High Constable of Scotland.) Stay safe Tom. and Thanks!

  129. Well done Tom. You are very brave and my “favourite” politician!

    As others have said, I too worry about leaving it to the Police, although maybe you have no alternative, given that – to an extent – they will be investigating themselves (& we know ‘self-regulation’ generally doesn’t work).

    Apart from all-to-rare persons like yourself, we shouldn’t have to rely on the ‘alternative media’, social media and individuals on the internet to find out what is going on, should we – but it seems we do (& thank goodness for them).

    Keep up your great work … and I hope it doesn’t wear you out …. we need you around for a LONG time as there do not appear to be many more like you.


    10 out of 10 Tom.

  130. Excellent journalist Leah McGrath Goodman was doing fine in Jersey until she told their authorities she was investigating Haut de la Geronne.
    This led to her visa being revoked.
    People reading this blog can petition for her to have her travel ban lifted.

    Read all about it here.



  131. Panorama started to cover the Hollie Greig story some years ago, but then dropped it, without explanation. BBC surely has questions to answer about this case as well.

  132. Those of us who work in the sexual violence sector in the UK have always known about organised rings of abusers who perpetrate the most heinous of crimes against children; but their abusers have often been people in authority: the police, paramedics, the clergy, teachers and headmasters, social workers etc.. ‘upstanding members’ of our community who use the child’s ‘mental instability’ as the reasoning for these ‘wild’ allegations. Let’s not forget Operation Ore; the child porn investigation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Ore) where over 3700 people were arrested and charged and ‘The Sunday Times reported that the list included at least twenty senior executives, a senior teacher at an exclusive girl’s public school, personnel from military bases, GPs, university academics and civil servants, a famous newspaper columnist, a song writer for a legendary pop band, a member of a chart-topping 1980s cult pop group, and an official with the Church of England.’ We know of victims who have been warned off by the police.. My frustration throughout the discussions about these two scandals is the assumption that they are rare and that this is an historic issue. The organised abuse of children and young people is happening today in a street near you.. it’s prolific and unless we get our heads around that, the children who are being abused TODAY will continue to suffer because of our fear to take on board the evil that men (and women) can perpetrate. I’m not sure if you’re aware of an organisation called Izzy’s Promise, but they have been working in this field in Scotland for many years and are a mine of information (and support – you’ll need to be offloading some of what you’re hearing with experienced professionals) http://www.izzyspromise.org.uk/ The very very best of luck to you Tom.. for your courage and persistence you have my admiration!

  133. I can only applaud your honesty, integrity and bravery. At a time when our democracy is probably at its most discredited, and when politicians are openly corrupt and self serving, it’s almost unbelievable to see someone taking on this fight.

  134. Thanks Tom for your principled persistence.
    The truth will out. You are giving a voice to survivors which us a lifeline.
    Keep on keeping on.

  135. I salute your courage but fear for your safety as we are dealing with the darkest forces of power and pure evil. It is essential that we the consciencious public get behind your effort to uncover the truth. Tom, how can we help add our voices to your campaign?

  136. Tom, you only appeared on my radar, one of a few voices shouting about hacking. Things moved on. Now this. I guess you can only see where the trail goes, keep on it. Few things can be more important than protecting children and exposing individuals who have abused them. Good luck. Truth will out.

  137. For the sake of children then & now, I wish you success in rooting out the people who have & do abuse the power they have. Would that all politicians be as ethical, courageous & focused in their exercise of power as you. Keep going ‘o Captain, my Captain!’

  138. Keep going, this is not the stuff of movies, it happens everyday across all walks of life, those in powerful positions feel untouchable , lets show them they are not.

  139. You have the strength and will power to get to the bottom of this Tom.
    The truth needs to come out, but it will be tough to get to the core of the issue.
    You have my utmost respect and admiration!
    Good Luck!

  140. We are all behind you. We admire your stand. Keep up this courageous work. As you know there is more to this story and it reaches out further than anyone can imagine.

  141. Dear Tom

    Bloggers in Jersey have been exposing the Child Abuse Cover-up and the closing down of Operation Rectangle for 4yrs now. We have fully exposed the Toxicity that covers the highest levels of government, the Judiciary, Police and local media. We are living in the “Culture of Concealment”

    We have a Home Affairs Minister that has continued the Cover-up in the full glare of the media and public – yet no one said or did a thing – except for 4 politicians out of a total of 54.

    You can find the answers you are looking for in Jersey

    You can find them on these Blogs



    Rico Sorda

  142. Stay strong and stay on it, dont let these bastards close you down, out every last one of these scumbags, your voice is the strongest and all victims of abuse are depending on yours being the loudest and the one that is heard. You are indeed a rare human being, go for it and get them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  143. For evil to win, all that needs to happen is that good men do nothing…..Tom YOU are doing something. Bravo!

  144. Tom,

    Well done on this. As a victim myself I have directly contacted the Culture, Media and Sport committee regarding this whole thing (actually initially in connection with the Savile/BBC allegations) and they have totally ignored me. They haven’t responded to any emails, not even an auto-reply. I’ve offered to provide them with evidence, they ignore me. What is one to do? Other than to go to the press and “allude” to names (which then places us victims in an awful position as our reports lack substance as we cannot give too much detail for fear of naming someone by default) I didn’t used to believe in cover-ups but I do now.

  145. Tom – you are an absolute national treasure and inspiration. Your courage and heart to do what is right and protect the innocent is admirable – you are one of my heroes. THANK YOU so much for being brave enough to bring this to public attention.

    CAN PEOPLE PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION DEMANDING A FULL INVESTIGATION? https://www.change.org/petitions/uk-parliament-investigate-evidence-of-a-paedophile-network-with-links-to-parliment

    Keep digging – we are behind you. <3

    Other MPs – Watch and learn.

    Love x

  146. Great responses here.
    I have been doing my own research recently, for what it’s worth, which supports your thinking totally.
    At first I couldn’t believe it but then with time and more research I came to the conclusion that these grotesque activities are not uncommon at all and are also global.
    Responses #46 and #118 are spot on.
    You should talk to Brian Gerrish, he is another brave man and will help support you well.
    If you need more support, just holler.
    Good luck.

  147. While i admire you bringing this issue to light, despite obvious danger to yourself, there needs to be a collective will to investigate and end this horrific abuse of children. With this being an elite issue including aristocracy, politicians, judges, lawyers and police i seriously doubt anything will be done, that is how it has been covered up so long. tho i’m sure i few choice will be put forward as sacrificial lambs to try and put an end to investigations.

  148. I was 8 when the schoolteacher came to overnight at our house. What he engaged me in was mild compared to some of the atrocities committed by these scum. However, even as a proud father and grandfather, at 62, I am still haunted by the memory and the fact that he got away with it.

  149. Tom Watson,I commend your stance which really is OUR stance.What I hope for is that all commentators on this POST truly OVERSTAND the implications that you derived to. And that your RISK is in fact OUR RISK,and how far are we ALL prepared to take this.
    Ps. I know a lot of Comfortable Cowards out there.I hope those that have offered there support actually realize, the real lies with there real eyes.

  150. Dear Tom, thank you for all that you are doing. I heard about the Hollie Greig scandal 3 years ago which revealed yet another vile coverup. That too was hard to believe, however after researching the case, talking to abused victims, campaigning, writing to MP’s and the media, I have come to the conclusion that child sex abuse is rife in the upper echelons of this sick society….indeed it would appear that it is a necessary act in order to join “the club”. This rabbit hole is deep and need’s to be exposed to the light, you have the support of thousands, if not millions of people around the globe….yes, it is a global problem….I admire your courage and support you totally, if you need any help…just ask. Thank you again Tom, keep shining the light…the truth will out.

  151. Tom. Keep going.

    I respect you tremendously for sanding up and seeking questions to be asked and the those questions to be properly looked into! (I only wish I had such a morally committed MP as you down here in St Austell Cornwall)

    But truly, you are only scratching the surface which you are probably aware of by now!

    It might be helpful to declare you have no intention of committing suicide and you have no outstanding heart condition! (I am being serious! There have been those, high up within the police force who have had such a sense of public duty and moral decency as your self and they are no longer with us because they have “committed suicide”, I direct you to 3 SENIOR police offices in particular that all “committed suicide” in the space of 78 HOURS!

    Very best wishes and like I say KEEP GOING , DON’T BE DISTRACTED FROM THIS! Jack

  152. Tom,
    Good luck with your searching for the truth.
    In fact I left my Job as a Project Manager after lies appeared in my performance review. The manager who had put them there had admited to a colleague he had got the job through the lodge. After several years I looked again at the words in my review and the 2 deceptions were underpinned by Masonic keywords ?
    I think you may come across similar challenges…

  153. Thank you, Tom. This sends the very powerful message to people who were abused in childhood, or are being abused right now, that their lives are valued by decent, honourable people. I’ve been one of those kids, and the abuse continued way beyond into my adult life because I wasn’t taken seriously, was dissuaded from reporting abuse and believed my abuse was all I deserved. Now, after beginning to learn how to fight my way out of that horrible past, I can turn my anger and grief into action to fight child abuse and make a noise. It’s people like you who give me courage.

    Like others here I have little faith in the police after my own experiences of being belittled and ignored. People in power have failed us, time and time again because they haven’t had the moral character or courage to take a stand. That all has to change, with public momentum behind a refusal to take no for an answer any more. I hope you can identify others in the HoP who are as committed as you to rattling cages, making a noise and refusing to let this disappear. Again, thank you.

  154. If the police had wanted to catch these people they easily could have caught them in the act. Now it is going to take some time to be proven. When you report things to the Police you don’t expect to be told to get out of the Police station with them saying I don’t want to hear it ,as has happened. Name everyone of these evil sick twisted satanic abusers. There are in every walk of life in the community helping to bring about these atrocities.

  155. Thank you for showing how a decent MP can have a profound effect. One of the few, a very honorable public servant.

  156. Well done Tom, the public is slowly waking up to this and are behind you all the way, keep going and stay safe.

  157. Tom – I note your words ” It’s spooked me so much that I’ve kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen” – this is clearly a message to the perpetrators and those who are seeking to cover up their crimes – you will not be cowed or made to stay quiet.

    Even if they attempt to make something ‘happen’ – this matter is never, never going to go away. I hope the perps & their collaborators recognise this and start now coming forward and owning up before they get a knock on the door at 5am.

    It is time to STOP this abuse. It is time to stop all attempts to cover it up.

  158. Brave man tom, i wish you all the very best be carefull there are strong forces out there, dont end up like dando

  159. Tom I live in Belfast and there is a widely held belief that senior people involved in the Kincora child abuse scandal have never been exposed -‘it is alleged by satirical magazine Private Eye, high-ranking members of the Whitehall Civil Service and senior officers of the UK military were involved in the sexual abuse of boys in Kincora.’

  160. Dear Tom
    The very nature of child sexual abuse precludes any attempt to use the existing criminal law, CPS and evidence thresholds for arrest and conviction. But there is enough heresay, rumour, suspicion, disclosure and names to provide the Police with the basis for investigation- just as they would if a terrorist attack was being planned, or fraudulent expenses were alleged to be claimed by MP’s. Dont be afraid to speak out, you have a unique position in society- use it to do some good.

  161. Finally an MP with balls. You restore my faith in MPs! Many who get too far into the rabbit hole are silenced and so it takes guts to do what you are doing. Google Dunblane cover up and also Hollie Greig. Paedophiles are the fabric of the web that holds the establishment together in so many countries.

    You are a brave man Tom, if you were my MP you would be getting my vote and I have never voted before because I am disillusioned with the system but you restore my faith. Much love and keep safe!

  162. Like others here, I would urge you to look at the Holly Greig case if, for no other reason, than it illustrates that the corruption extends to the police and judicial system, and that the victim seems to suffer a second form of abuse by being persecuted for speaking out.

    The people who speak up for these victims are often, themselves, attacked in turn. Look at what happened to Robert Green, who stood up for Holly Greig and her Mother.

    Take all necessary precautions to protect your own safety and the information that you gather. The stakes are so high for these people that you hope to expose, that they will stop at nothing. Why would they, when they have already perpetrated such despicable acts?

    And finally, a couple of philosophical questions for you, Tom:

    What if THIS is your life’s purpose?
    What if THIS is what you will be remembered for?
    What if THIS is why you are here, now?

    Expressions of gratitude will never be enough for what you are doing, but it is all that we have to offer. Stay strong. Stay safe.

  163. I am waiting for my CRB to come through. What does it tell you other than you have never been caught. Think of Ian Huntley. We need much stronger scrutiny in order to protect the vulnerable, young and old.
    Keep going, Tom and thank you for your brave work.

  164. This subject matter needs to spoken about and made public.A system designed by them for the greater good of them need’s to be exposed for the greater good of society.Tom you should no that many Good honest descent Sane human beginnings in this country and abroad support you wholeheartedly.Your voice is a Noble gesture that’s Rightfully Respected BY The MANY…..

  165. The bravest man in Parliament ,hat off to you sir !

    If anything happens to you blood will run in the streets

    Google Hollie Greig

  166. When I watched the Leveson enquiry and saw Tom Watson questioning the way he did, plus the fact that it probably wouldnt have even happened if not for Tom, I finally found an MP that deserved my respect. Tom, you are a representative of the people that this country should be proud of.

    Please stay safe, Im sure you dont need telling that you are opening pandoras box with this. Some very powerful and very dangerous people are going to do everything they can to stop you persuing this. Stay brave, dont be intimidated. A heck of a lot of people support what you are doing here. Good luck.

  167. I do not know how people can turn a ‘blind eye’ to suspicions, I would rather sleep at night knowing I did the right thing, than live knowing I did nothing! I have children and it sickens me to the core to think anyone would do anything to them!! I have met through me life alot of people, men and women, who were abused as children, and were to afraid to report it, whose parents were to afraid to put their children through more distress. I it AMAZING there are people like YOU out there that are ready to not only put their neck on the line, but possibly life aswell! Your’s is a life worth living and I hope knowing there are people watching your back and rooting for you and what you stand for, will continue to give you courage to see it to the end X

  168. Bless you Tom for exposing this scandal. You should talk to Pete Sawyer journalist and author who worked for Scallywag and Spiked on this scandal.

  169. I have a low opinion of those in politics. But Tom Watson is a rare exception. If only all in the houses of Parliament were like him…

  170. There must be no hiding place for these creatures who have preyed upon, and ruined the lives of so many victims; but who remain sheltered by powerful friends in positions of trust who also rule the lives of ordinary decent people.

    I hope and pray you may be allowed to continue in your brave determination to clean up the filth, and are allowed to root-out every last stinking pustule of human execration among these child-abusers, whoever, wherever, they may be.

  171. Tom, I couldn’t agree more that victims of abuse need to be heard. Although much is wrong with this world, I do hope and believe that times have and are changing, and that attitudes of the 1960s, 70s are no longer acceptable or tolerated by society.

    That said, we do also need to be mindful of ensuring that the campaign for justice doesn’t turn into a witch-hunt based on nothing more than innuendo. The allegations found online relate to Governments of all colours, and allegations can be found relating to almost any politician you care to name. It is important that where there is evidence, and not based on content from websites, this is passed quickly to the authorities so they can act quickly and preserve evidence. I do not feel the right place for this trial to take place is on blogs and in the media.

    We owe it to the victims for this to be dealt with properly and quickly, and that this speculation doesn’t get out of control. Because if it does it will be quickly used as a smokescreen to cover all suspects – those who have committed these offences and those who are innocent. That will not serve the victims, only those who have deeds to cover.

  172. This blog led me to the story of Hollie Grieg.. I do not have words to sufficiently describe the horror and disgust I feel for the abuse and also the level at which it has been perpetrated and covered up. I smelt a far bigger rat around the Saville case and feel that the establishment, police & media are giving the public a dead celebrity and a couple of celebrity arrests as fodder and it is a smokescreen for those more powerful to hide behind… Please continue with your campaign… You are doing what an MP should be doing, and I shall certainly be writing to my own MP to ask what he intends to do about the issue.

  173. So glad that there are people like you out there who have the guts to attack this. Thank you, Mr Watson!

  174. Just when you are about to lose faith in all politicians, of all parties, along comes one like Tom Watson. More power to you, sir.

  175. Keep digging Tom. I’ve worked in child protection for 25 years. I know how tempted those in power are to ‘cover up’ rather than tackle abuse. We need high profile people like you to stick their necks out. And we’ll try to watch your back.

  176. I really have been feeling that my lifelong interest in politics has been a waste of time; a sense that democracy doesn’t exist and that politicians represent no-one but themselves. Tom Watson – you have changed this: you have my attention and my support and I’m sure this is true of thousands of other people in the UK: Keep at it – show us what politicians should really look like. Thank you Tom.

  177. bravo tom,

    you have earned the admiration and support of many. keep up this good fight, and don’t let those whose interests it is to make it go away deflect you from your efforts.

  178. Its not about the BBC its about who Savile knew and what he knew about them and its why he was able to do what he did for so long. The BBC is an influential and powerful body but it does not have the power to block investigations by the CPS and it cannot channel the power of the law. Only more powerful bodies can do that.

  179. Tom – have you heard Lianne Wood AM on the radio 4 lunchtime news today? She is backing calls for a new enquiry into oranised child abuse in children’s homes in the 1970s and 1980s.

    Please could you take every precaution for your personal safety and your record keeping. Have you considered letting a trusted person know what your plans are on a daily basis in relation to what you are investigating – who you are meeting and when? You are about to unveil horrors at the very top of society, and some of the people involved are still living and in positions of power.

    Keep going Tom.

  180. Thank you Tom.

    There are many who support you, despite your fears.

    Please be assured that you’re not going insane or off track. Abuse and corruption do indeed seem to be the-stock-in-trade of public services now, as far too many ordinary people can tell you.

    I really do wish I could trust the police to protect and serve. But I’ve had my own experience of trying to report an NHS practitioner’s exploitation and abuse of an at-risk child and vulnerable adults.

    The police just ignored me, as did social services. The NHS et al protected the practitioner to the hilt.

    In the end, I took private legal action, proved the abuse and won the case, at great cost – not to mention the avalanche of character assassination orchestrated by said authorities. This new charge of ‘corporate wilful neglect’ would fit the picture here.

    Like many others, I’m left wondering who exactly public services work for, whose interests do they really serve? Especially where children and vulnerable adults are involved.

    Because it certainly seems that there’s an endemic, callous culture amongst services that enables, even encourages staff to work against the public (who pay them!)

    Anything you can do to get services working properly for we ordinary, decent, law-abiding little people is very welcome – and would probably be a huge step towards reversing what’s looking like the almost inevitable terminal decline of our country.

    Please let us know how we can support you?

    All good wishes.

  181. Tom,
    Would it be useful to do a post saying what you do and do not need in terms of help? Is there anything people ca do and anything that would not be helpful?

    Do you need any help from pro bono lawyers, journalists, bloggers, web hosts? Do you want people to sign things, write to MPs, newspapers, do you want people to come out in vigils, protests? What can we do that is useful?

  182. Tom, it is good to know that there are still “Good Men” in the establishment that are not going to “do nothing and let evil prevail”. You are an advocate for all those vulnerable children (now adults) who were ignored for years. They never chose to be in care homes and institutions, neither did they choose to be the victims of sick and perverted actions against them by those in power.
    I know you have taken a risk that many have shied away from, I only hope that now you have stood up and asked questions that you will be joined by other “good men” that can no longer “Do nothing and let evil continue to prevail”
    Thank you Tom Watson!

  183. For the sake of the victims and all that is right, hold steadfastly to what you believe to be good. Your tenacity in all that has gone before was just practice. The late Peter Morrison, who famously became a Minister and Margaret Thatcher’s PPS, was infamous in his Chester constituency during the 1970s-80s. His infamy was arcanely well-protected. Nick Davies in 1998 touched on the cover-up: http://www.nickdavies.net/1998/04/01/the-sheer-scale-of-child-sexual-abuse-in-britain/

    As for today, hold on tightly to your principles, and stay alert to your right to live to express them. If we can believe what is reported to have happened this summer with John Mann, MP, it’s best to be alert and do safety-checks. After Hillsborough, the UK wants no more conspiracies in high places, or esoteric cover-ups. Justice needs to follow on from Truth. Bless you.

  184. People are ranting on about you being an opportunistic politician. To be honest I do not care. I applaud you for putting your head above the parapit. DONT let this go. The original inquiry here in North Wales was never published and each and every copy was destroyed. For the sake of the children that suffered the whole truth needs to come out, and damn the old boy network for the coverups going back years. IT ENDS NOW.

  185. Shows what a weak society we are when everyone is telling Tom to go for it yet they are afraid to do it themselves, because they know what these people can do . Have always said if he fails others will follow. If not the population will be lead like the Jews to their deaths very subtly without putting up a fight as this elite minority is being allowed to erode all decency and sanctity of life.

  186. I read your post yesterday, moments after it was published and have popped back today to see what I expected – an overwhelming response. Tom, as an MP you represent everything we are taught MPs should be; a man of integrity and strong social conscience who wants to leave behind a Britain that is stronger and better than before. Full credit to you yet again for touching on a subject so uncomfortable that it makes even those of us personally untouched by it feel that we deserve justice. I can only begin to imagine how the victims of these monsters of perversion and corruption must feel; how they must feel knowing that after all these years of dealing with their sadness and the destruction of their childhoods they finally have a voice. Keep faith in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing and give strength to others.

  187. I’ve just emailed my MP Alun Cairns to urge his support of a new inquiry into north Wales care home abuse in the 70s/80s. My utmost respect goes to people like you who spearhead calls for investigations rather than wait to be prompted by the likes of me. Keep up the tenacious work, you’re a profoundly important voice in this matter. Best regards.

  188. Pkease, everyone get behind Tom (as you are- brilliant) and support NAPAC. People are out to destroy our charity. It must not happen. We have given a voice to thousands and thousands more must come forward.
    We are entering a defining moment in how we protect our children. Survivors are speaking out and we won’t be silenced. Abusers everywhere will be seriously worried – thank God. Well done Tom. STICK WITH US.
    Pete Saunders

  189. Good on you Tom, the change we all want to see in our country starts right HERE. How in Hell has this been going on and been kept quiet? Even more people agree about the horror of this than the illegality of War.

    We all need to put pressure on our own MPs to JOIN Tom in a coordinated purge of our system. We will need to March to support them.

  190. I’ve read a few understandable comments on not trusting the police to investigate properly and given how deep this runs & how far reaching the network seems to be, is it not worth getting an independent, international police force/authority involved? Not sure if that’s even possible but any investigation needs to be fully trusted and respected by the public!

  191. Knocked out by this post and your bravery – not just in this case but also in taking on Murdoch. It’s time for justice and for people who lived with this to achieve some kind of closure. Keep inspiring people to do the right thing. This is not political, it is about what is right.

  192. A big well done from me Tom and keep going no matter what, i will help in any way i can. This is the tip of the ice burg i am sure that comes from the very top down, it is a deep evil sickness that has been allowed to manifest itself in our world and lives, we all know it is deeply evil and wrong and therefore should be stopped at any cost. You can count on my support.

  193. I really hope you’re wrong about this, but just in case, here is my story from more than 40 years ago.

    I was around 14 & abused by a music teacher – father of my father’s friend. It wasn’t extreme, he groped me and forced me to sit on his knee, but it happened every time. And we paid for lessons!

    My family didn’t take it seriously – even when I came back with sweets and soft porn. My dad just acquired the books. My mum asked why this man should do such a thing. I was in no position to answer.

    It only stopped when someone I knew at school who lived close to the teacher told me he was well known, and I should be careful. Apparently the police were calling at his house.

    Then my dad took action and I guess he lost a friend – but did not inform the police. Times were – slightly – different no one really belived an old man would act like that. His wife was in next room, and indeed I was 14 and working class (though this was never said) but there was a sense I should be preparead to cope and needed to deal with such things myself.

    So my feeling now is that you may only be looking for a very small, quiet conspiracy, if it involves the right people it just might have had a very big effect.

  194. Please keep on raising this subject. Why is there hardly anything on TV or in the media about the Newsnight Report?

    Thank you.

  195. Alas, although there is an occasional exception, the normal pattern in these investigations is for the accusers to be pilloried or jailed and for the most assiduous police investigators to be pressured out of their jobs and/or jailed. The same scenario has played out in Belgium, the USA, Canada, and France, and probably other countries as well.

  196. Thank you for summoning the courage to raise these questions in parliament, Tom.

    In case you aren’t aware of his work, here is a link to an article by Brian Gerrish (founding editor of the UK Column) which you may find interesting:


    It outlines the way children are forcibly separated from their families and put into “care” by a system that is worryingly opaque. To quote the article:

    “Of serious interest to the public, is that cases follow a ‘template’ of actions by Social Services, Police and the Courts, to ensure that parents reporting child abuse are gagged, and / or branded as mentally ill, so allowing the child to be taken. Once taken, the parents are restricted to visits of one hour twice per week – usually under CCTVs and with ‘experts’ watching their every move.”

  197. You are one of the few MPs to take individual action regarding matters of grave importance; speaking out for a vulnerable section of society, unable to come together as a collective force? More importantly what can we do ourselves to help this exposure and protect more innocents from these powerful perpetrators? Appalling that it comes down to a few brave individuals to challenge gross acts of inhumanity and apparently risk their own personal safety for speaking out.

  198. Tom, until recently I believed all that our MPs were rotten to the core. When I started reading this blog I had no idea which political party you belonged to. I applaud what you are doing, but I can’t stress enough how you should protect yourself. Get the documents encrypted and out there with passwords to some very trusted people. Not all of those being just friends and colleagues. Don’t just trust to electronic communications though. Get some paper copies into the hands of trusted people through trusted third parties. I am sure that there will be “agencies” taking an interest in you now. Look around you more than you might normally. Change your routines. Look at counter-surveillance. Don’t take risks. Be safe. Expect “interesting” stories to appear about you. Expect your phone to be bugged and your communications to be monitored. Dump the mobile phone, or at least only switch it on when you need it. They are not just transmitters.

  199. Your support base is growing, Tom. The mainstream media might be too lily-livered to name these “elites” who prey on children but more and more names are coming out on twitter and other social media. You are a hero. And their days are numbered. I saute you.

  200. You might not be able to help people personally, but as a politician you could really help put the spotlight on this whole ghastly business. Sock it to ’em! These old boy networks have had their own way for too long. But watch your back and document everything! Matt @ 11.04.12 at 5:19 pm has already mentioned the excellent Brian Gerrish site. There is a wealth of information there.

  201. If more politicians were like you tom, we probably would not have these problems. Don’t give them an inch. Well done.

  202. Just another MP grandstanding trying to score the odd political point.
    Tom if you REALLY believe then just pull the old Parliamentary Priviledges, worked on Gigsy didnt it ????
    Names are wildly available on line, and the case you refer too goes back 20 odd years
    Grow a pair or a spine and name them , not him…them, prove you are worth my vote

  203. If anything happens to you, I will be at the front of the march on the Palace of Westminster. And if you need any help, let us know.

  204. Stay strong and be brave for the victims sake….past, present and future. The public are becoming more aware. This is the time for truth and exposure.

  205. I thought the conspiracy theories around the death of Stephen Milligan were nonsense; surely no one in power could sanction such a thing. But if these people are capable of torturing children, then they are capable of anything. You must know this, which means you are a very brave man. You are an inspiration to everyone, let’s end this cycle of corruption now.

  206. This will be a hard road to follow but follow it you must. The revelations and suspicions do not surprise me. What would surprise me would be the truth ever being revealed.

  207. Must be such a relief for those who have experienced child abuse to see people willing to champion their right to justice, in all media, and now through you (and Mark William’ Thomas) the mainstream media.

    The awful realisation of how adults can do terrible things to a child, is something a lot of us would like to avoid. Then for it to be so entrenched in the establishment, It’s hard to read, a big part of me can only go so far into the details, it’s heartbreaking really.

    But then I try and remember that it is the child who has had to live them, if they can, then I can face the the horrendous facts, which is what we all must do unfortunately, to at least try and eradicate it.

    Thank you Tom, there are a lot of people watching your back and plenty others who will support you practically. Oh and I trust the police, they have their bad apples too but the majority would like to clean up.

  208. Stay strong and brave, we salute you and your resolution. Thank you, we need someone like you so very badly.

  209. Your courage has touched me very deeply. I heard about the role of prominent politicians in the North Wales abuse scandal and the subsequent cover up from someone who was close friends with a social worker who was involved in uncovering it. And I must say I was, and still am, scared to repeat what I had heard publicly. Once a few courageous people such as yourself take up the cause, I believe that more will follow and, perhaps, justice will finally be brought against these despicable people.

  210. Ifonly there were more MPs like you – peopel of integrity and real courage. The issues here and elsewhere exposed by yourself transcend idology – they speak to the very heart of democracy and the rule of law. As you and others have alluded to, the web of corruption and perversion appears to extend far beyond the BBC and JS – While, as you correctly state, the bar of proof must be set high, conversely, it should not be so high as to perpetuaute the criminal coverup.
    Best wishes to you

  211. Tom
    Watch your back Im sure your aware of the MP in past who threatened to name names in the commons and what happened to him These men and women are powerful in every facet of society and are the reason Savile got away with it and why his real deeds are still not coming to light The mainstream media will not publish the truth the only way in the web

  212. I salute you, Tom – you’re what an MP should be,and this make me feel so proud to be British. Thank you and take care. x

  213. Tom, You are a shining light amongst this web of depraved darkness, please continue with your search for the truth, I’m sure that there will be many obstacles put in your way and there will be threats made against you personally. Keep the faith the populace is with you even if the politicians aren’t. We want, no demand that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes be brought to justice, whether they be past or present Cabinet members, senior politicians or civil servants even members of the royal family, for the sanity of the nation they need outing and summarily dealing with.

  214. Thank you Tom Watson for taking a stand on this and bringing it to the awareness of the wider public. Paedophilia is an absolute scourge on our society and causes untold damage to so many youngsters. People question why abused children do not come forward sooner? Well, some of them did but they were either not believed or those they told had a vested interest in keeping the abuse under wraps. Many adults cannot face reporting abuse and rape, so imagine how much harder it must be for a powerless kid to do so.
    If, as seems to be the case, some people are not interested in what happened to these youngsters perhaps they might have a change of heart if they understood the immense cost to society in monetary terms, i.e. the future medical & psychiatric care that so many victims eventually need, as well as the huge percentage of former child abuse victims who end up in the prison population – I would dearly like to see these issues addressed more fully in the future.
    I am hoping that the awareness of child abuse raised by the Savile & Noth Wales cases, will encourage victims who have suffered, or are still suffering abuse, to report it.
    Best wishes Tom

  215. You are so brave. We are so pleased that someone is finally going to do something about this. Perhaps you can get a number of other MPs to pledge their support to this and then you may feel a little safer. In my humble opinion David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband should come out and pledge their support too. Other children may be at risk now.

  216. I could cry at the thought of how much abuse has gone on. I am from Gwynedd originally and am frankly nauseated at what has been allowed to go on for so long.

    There must be a lot of material which is not digital – typed sheets, paper photographs, video – make sure you get this digitised asap, and keep loads of copies.

    Good luck and I hope you one day make us a prime minister. You’d be brilliant.

  217. Tom, what you are doing is truly extraordinary.

    The time is right, you are caputuring the moment and what flows from here will have wide reaching consequences for all aspects of our society.

    I am sure there will be bad, bad times ahead as people we trust and admire are revealed to be monsters, but hopefully what will emerge will be a better, fairer and freer society.

    Someone else here already said it, but this could just be the mark you leave on the world.

    But they will try to get you so make sure you protect yourself and your research.

    At last, the cat is now out of the bag and I bet these b*******s are quaking in their boots tonight.

    We all need you, you are doing so much good!

    Have courage and stay safe. AND THANK YOU!

  218. Thank you so much for your honourable determination to get truth out of any situation – we so need you to stay safe, stay strong and never stop.

  219. Please keep digging. I was abused over 50 years ago for over a year and never told anyone. My abuser, like Savile, is probably long dead so can never be brought to justice, but for the many like me, the truth should come out.

  220. They aren’t going to take you out, Tom. Too many of us watching. They perhaps should have done David Icke before he got going. Too late now. This is the beginning of the revolution in thinking; the age of enlightenment; the next big leap in human consciousness. And there is nothing they can do about it. Respect to you and to your peers, whom we expect to be speaking out also, demanding action. I truly hope those who remain silent get no votes when next they next seek re election.

  221. Thank god that someone in Parliament is standing up for the marginalised and vulnerable in our society. By and large our elected representatives serve either themselves or a `public’ which they view as those with a similar political, economic, and social status to themselves. Meanwhile the police appear to be a bigger part of the problem than the solution – at North Wales, as at Hillsborough, as at News International.

  222. Hi Tom,I have spent this weekend mainly researching through the net looking at accusations and blogs some of which have made my jaw drop , if only a fraction of what is here is true it’s way to much.
    You by standing up and saying this much has restored some faith in our institutions, thank you.

  223. You have to keep at it Tom… have to! Keep speaking out publicly, the more you say the safer you’ll be. To target you would be far too obvious. Good luck… be strong.

  224. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that ‘abuse of every kind, is wrong’. This great country has a history of ‘changing the lives of people who experienced abuse of many kinds. reformers saw new laws introduced and old ones reformed. Society and Accepted Behaviours were changed people came to accept that it was wrong to exploit ‘slaves, or own another human being, people who used to think it ok to use young children for ‘slave labour’ in our factories and mines etc changed their view and stopped exploiting them: For generations it had been an accepted and widly heald belief that women didn’t understand politics so they had no vote this was changed, women were given the vote. We have created ‘equality laws’ so we all have rights. human rights and childrens rights and many other ‘unjust and morally repugnant practices have been swept away by people of courage and conviction. I am 100% behind you in this endeavour to remove this evil from our society. Other evils (such as the ones listed above) seemed (in their time) to be insumountable and the opposition to changing the law and the society of the day was seen by many as ‘unchangable’ but all these causes and many more have been (at least to some extent) successfully implimented. MP’s must stand up and speak out. Doctors must be instructed to report suspected abuse. Social workers, Fostercarers and other child care professionals must be given the opportunity to share their wisdom and knowledge regarding the effect abuse has on the children that are now in their care. victims need to see their abuser and those like them ‘shut away from society’ (not so much as a punishment but to stop them re-offending). Abusers need to be placed in secure units where they are premitted to live but have severe restrictions placed on ther lifestile. (a closed establishment) I believe because Britian has this historic record it can be a ‘world leader’ in this. Britian can once again change the course of history. We can remove these Paedophiles, Child Pornographers, Child Abusers and other Child Perverts from our communities and online sites, restrict travel for suspected or proved sex offenders. We can change the ‘acceptability factor’ that has been in existance and has been growing in our world to this time. The idea that we can do little or nothing to stop this corrosive evil in our wonderful world is propergated by weak and small minded individuals, these people are like ones who said we could never change the things listed above. As I said at the start. Abuse is wrong. I applaud you Tom) and all who want it to stop. I want it to stop. So let’s work together to stop all abusive behaviour and practice! God Bless you and Keep you safe, my friend. David King (Child Care Professional)

  225. I am sure you don’t need me to tell you that ‘abuse of every kind, is wrong’. This great country has a history of ‘changing the lives of people who experienced abuse of many kinds. Reformers saw new laws introduced and old ones reformed. Society and Accepted Behaviours were changed people came to accept that it was wrong to exploit ‘slaves, or own another human being, people who used to think it ok to use young children for ‘slave labour’ in our factories and mines Etc changed their view and stopped exploiting them: For generations it had been an accepted and widely held belief that women didn’t understand politics so they had no vote this was changed, women were given the vote. We have created ‘equality laws’ so we all have rights. Human rights and childrens rights and many other ‘unjust and morally repugnant practices have been swept away by people of courage and conviction. I am 100% behind you in this endeavour to remove this evil from our society. Other evils (such as the ones listed above) seemed (in their time) to be insurmountable and the opposition to changing the law and the society of the day was seen by many as ‘unchangeable’ but all these causes and many more have been (at least to some extent) successfully implemented. MP’s must stand up and speak out. Doctors must be instructed to report suspected abuse. Social workers, Foster carers and other child care professionals must be given the opportunity to share their wisdom and knowledge regarding the effect abuse has on the children that are now in their care. Victims need to see their abuser and those like them ‘shut away from society’ (not as much as a punishment but to stop them re-offending). Abusers need to be placed in secure units where they are permitted to live but have severe restrictions placed on their lifestyle. (A closed establishment) I believe because Britain has this historic record it can be a ‘world leader’ in this. Britain can once again change the course of history. We can remove these Paedophiles, Child Pornographers, Child Abusers and other Child Perverts from our communities and online sites, restrict travel for suspected or proved sex offenders. We can change the ‘acceptability factor’ that has been in existence and has been growing in our world to this time. The idea that we can do little or nothing to stop this corrosive evil in our wonderful world is propagated by weak and small minded individuals, these people are like ones who said we could never change the things listed above. As I said at the start. Abuse is wrong. I applaud you Tom) and all who want it to stop. I want it to stop. So let’s work together to stop all abusive behaviour and practice! God bless you and Keep you safe, my friend. David King (Child Care Professional)

  226. Why not use your Parliamentary privledge and name the offenders in Parliament.Police and Government will more than likely cover it up if the past is anything to go by.

  227. It goes deeper Mr Watson, quite a bit deeper, if you think you’re going insane now with just these revelations, just wait until the next stuff you find out, welcome down the rabbit hole 😀

    But seriously, take care, and keep at it, there’s a lot more to find out yet.

  228. You’re doing a great job, Mr W and I salute you for your courage.

    One thing that has been striking, in recent years, is that the police *decide* whether or not to investigate.

    Is it not their duty to uphold the law? Who / what gives them the right to decide to ignore the law made by our democratically elected parliamentarians?

    What is the point of parliament if the police have so much power?

  229. Thanks Tom finally another MP with real fire in his heart. Please don’t give up. Never give in, never. The look on Cameron’s face when you asked your question said it all. You can’t back down. Speak about it every day if you have to. The public demand Justice.

  230. There is no one else in front of you Tom so on you must lead. It feels like this all wants to come out, a few pieces need nudging here and there and hopefully it will all collapse. If ever there was a cause worth staking everything on it is this – the most evil exploitation of defenceless children by bad bad people. I cannot be physically by your side to give you my strength, but in spirit I am burning for you.

  231. Tom, well done for having the guts to speak out. I spoke out recently about Broadmoor and the Jimmy Saville stuff 30 years after being dismissed as naive for believing patients when I was a young nurse. I did so because the victims may have been reluctant to come forward initially. After all, who wants to go public about having been a patient in a secure mental hospital? It’s now clear that high profile predators were allowed free reign with victims who had little or no credibility and no voices. It is never too late to speak out and everyone who does so will be helping those who were used and degraded to feel validated and able to speak out. Bring it on! Those days were days of denial and corruption which led to widescale abuse by those in power positions in institutions.

  232. You’re operating where angels fear to tread Tom and as horrific as the pressure was when you were working on the hacking scandal, I imagine it’s actually going to be worse now that you’re investigating paedophilia.

    I spent several years working in child protection, and the scale of the task is almost beyond public comprehension at the present time. Thank you comrade x

  233. Again WELL DONE TOM

    But the can you are opening is sitting in a stack so big that most would be unable to accept it to be true

    Sadly what your helping to uncover is really really big and goes to the heart of many peoples lives

    Some have been strong enough to have spoken out but you are in the position to be heard. You are rare! 2 other MPs I can think of who WERE in a similar position as yourself; Robin Cook and Tony Banks oh and a certain chief constable, Mike Todd.

    Keep going and TAKE CARE! The more you speak about this in public the greater your defence! Not to mention the Moral Commitment to all the many many victims

  234. Just to add Tom;

    Though you are right to focus on the higher cases that lead to the upper levels of the political + judiciary power (Don’t think it wont go even “higher”) don’t loose sight of the cover up, as this has lead many victims not to report these abuses to the established law enforcement agencies, the very same ones you are directing them to now .

    Would it be fare to say that, given your position, you could achieve the most for the largest amount of victims by focusing on the COVER UP?

    KEEP GOING ……………….!

  235. Fool. There is no secret here, except where people with the help of the media have kept the secret from themselves. It has also always been part of the well told story that police are also involved, very high ranking police. Thus the suggestion that the Police are now the right ones to be overseeing this investigation is just more of the same. Are you actually just helping with this coverup I wonder? A limited hangout maybe? If you’re serious you will not be calling for a police investigation, unless the police are supervised by citizens outside the power circles. ALL in power or authority must be deemed to be potential perpetrators or active participants in the coverup, hence they must not be allowed to control the investigation.

  236. I wrote the following a few days ago on my FB page.

    A lot of outrage from all sides about the Jimmy Savile can of worms which has been opened. The whole Savile thing is also the tip of the iceberg in every sense. The same media which had a large hand in NOT exposing Savile before now, in essence giving him immunity, are doing the same for the iceberg which exists no doubt today. All the media reporting and much of the opinionating uses words in th
    e past tense, as if this is a historical autopsy and after a bit of investigation and a few court cases maybe some great evil will have been exorcised.

    This ignores the elephant in the children’s bedroom.

    Savile was obviously part of a culture of pedophilia which we have long heard rumoured exists in elite and celebrity circles and he was neither the only one, nor can he be assumed to be the biggest or worst one, just one of a culture of impunity for such monstrous behavior against “lesser humans” as they obviously see others. Now if this monster has never been slain before and we now see just a tip of its tail, what makes anyone think it went away or that it is dead?

    Since when does corruption call it a day without being caught and exorcised?

    By treating this as historical, this is really just protecting the continued corruption today. There needs to be a people’s investigation, independent of the judiciary, the police or government authority, namely because all those groups have been rumoured to be, and have now shown themselves to be potentially complicit. Then we will see some changes on a scale not seen since the guillotine was invented

  237. Tom, and all you decent people concerned by the magnitude of what’s being suggested here, please consider the probability that our successive governments and their agencies and departments are but a filter, a firewall so to say, to the real power(s) behind it.

    The purpose of this structure is to impose power’s will in an almost exclusively ‘top down’ manner, despite the ‘rules’.

    In support of this view see how Marc Dutroux was very reluctantly ‘hung out to dry’ in Belgium, or how the Franklin Affair was ‘disappeared’ in America, or how Gladio type operations continue today in many countries, all with total impunity.

    On balance the evidence is clear, our Governments are far less ours than we think.

    Please do what you reasonably can and never underestimate what your ultimate cost may be.

    Thank you for your efforts and all the best.


  238. at last an MP with real morals and conviction. You are a rare breed Mr. Watson and godspeed in your great work. If only most of the other elected officials had backbones, horrific scandals like this would have been highlighted before many others were scarred for life. Thank you

  239. Keep digging Tom, keep the pressure up. I can’t believe I’m actually proud of an M.P…I’d lost all hope of seeing someone search for truth x

  240. I have uncovered things in the last two weeks that i never imagined could be true.

    I always took the everyday corruption in Parliament as a given , but the depth of these allegations is shocking. The information seems hard to deny , this is no hoax .Our country is rotten , shame on us all if we let this stand .

    Good luck Tom , the best way to expose this is in numbers . We can build something better , we just have to get off our knees .

  241. if you have information Tom it’s your duty to bring it to investigation regardless of the consequence or you are part of the problem … if you do not act then you are part of the cover up ..

  242. Isn’t it interesting that the Thatcher government set about dismantling public service broadcasting in the late 1980s? Labour continued it. And soon the programmes that might have investigated these things (made by Thames, Yorkshire and Granada) had gone. Now even the BBC is enfeebled.

    Along with our libel laws and the state of the press both locally and nationally these are some of the reasons why nothing was reported. Except on the internet of course.

    This is an unhealthy state of affairs which needs to change. Otherwise what is the point of the mainstream media?

  243. I think you should get Protection, Tom. I hesitate to say Police, which is appalling. This is not the country or the world I want to live in. We all have to put our fears and disgust to one side and insist with one voice that justice is done. I watched some of the Documentary of a similar tale in the USA, made in England, banned and never aired, linked to above. ALL witnesses, even potential witnesses, have died or been hounded out of State. It’s unbelievable, this story, I think most people are either in shock, fearful, or determinedly looking the other way. I can’t bear that any child go through this on account of us looking the other way.

  244. the other thing i wonder about here Tom is how long have you had this info and not acted upon it ,, i am beginning to think your blog here are all empty words from a politician trying to get in on the bandwagon ????

  245. This thing goes so much deeper than you may be aware of at the present moment. I hope you have the fortitude to take it all the way.

  246. Great work Tom. In light of the fact that the world is being systematically taken over by a criminal cabal, we desperately need people of real honour like yourself in the seat of power.

    I strongly suggest that you take a serious look into the aweful case of Hollie Grieg. A young Downs Syndrome girl horribly abused in Aberdeen by high ranking members of the Scottish establishment, whose uncle’s life was taken in highly suspicious circumstances, and together with her mother have since been victimised into silence.
    A good man named Robert Green tried to highlight the case, and got locked up for his trouble. All the details can easily be researched on the net Google those names.

    This is the kind of evil we are up against in these dark times, and this is why we so desperately need people of real honour and no little political weight behind them to fight our corner.

    Going to the Police does not always work–as in the case of Robert Green and Hollie Grieg.

  247. First, the obligatory “thank you so much Tom”

    2nd I hope you can find allies in the HOC, you may not need many to make a big difference. Given that Leanne Williams of Plaid has called for an investigation in to the Welsh care home stuff perhaps some of their MPs could be worth talking to, or Caroline Lucas.

    I am concerned this is being minimized in the press for a number of ropey reasons.

    “Celbrity Paedo” seems a more interesting game to these purient weirdos that “Political Paedo”

  248. Keep digging! Never give up! Never be ‘bought off’!

    ……. and we may all hear the slamming of cell doors behind those in politics who have abused their power!

  249. Good luck Tom.

    I hope the services which cannot be named are on your side because if they aren’t you have a heck of a job awaiting.

    To those advocating going to the police and other authorities – haven’t you guessed by now how and by whom these people’s actions have been allowed to stay secret for all these years? It is only the invention of the social media that has brought out into the light these despicable people. Remember this when politicians complain about the chilling effect of Leveson – Leveson has only been going a year and a bit.

  250. Thanks to people like you the truth will come out. This is the tip of the iceberg, it will blow the establishment into pieces and show how deeply corrupt those at the top are.
    All power to you Tom, you are a hero.

  251. MP Tom Watson – in this online blog – has stated that his life has been threatened if he persists in endeavours to unmask the scum in British politics and the media (BBC) involved in this paedo-scandal. At least one senior member of Thatcher’s Conservative Government / Cabinet – and who is still alive – has been implicated. Whilst the widespread child abuse itself is utterly unacceptable so is the thuggery from the establishment in trying to keep the whistle blowers quiet. Savile employed a mafia of thugs to keep his victims silent in Leeds. And even senior members of the police have been reported as being involved. I wonder just how high these paedo-rings actually go? Even though Savile was a prolific offender – Glitter & Starr are sacrificial small fry – he may be just the tip of a very nasty mountain of nationwide abuse covered up by those in higher authority. Tom – keep asking those questions – and watch your back. Might I suggest an anti-child-abuse march and rally at Trafalgar Square soon?

  252. Thinking of you and your family, and praying for your protection, as you have clearly upset (to say the lest) a powerful and evil group. May Truth Prevail.

  253. i read on a forum that an MP that died a couple of years ago was a suspect.
    the forum poster named the MP.

  254. Its time for people to realise no matter how powerful they are they are accountable for their actions. These people must be brought to justice and serve as reminder to all those who think they are too powerful and too important that they are not and they are bound by the same rules of decency and humanity as we all are. Tom keep going you have lots of support.

  255. Good work. Try to get the Dunblane inquiry re-opened. That story goes much deeper and is a whole can of worms

  256. Well done Tom – your courage and decency are truly inspirational. A great surge of people will support you, so please continue your great work.

  257. Why didn’t we speak out? Someone says, “Don’t tell your mummy and daddy; they’ll be angry with you”. Adults can appear quite intimidating if you’re only little.

  258. Tom, you were a hero for your courage and persistence in unearthing the scandal of phone-hacking, but this is more than heroic. Please, please take care for your safety. Find true friends who can support you and watch your back. Make multiple copies of everything. God bless you and protect you, Tom – what you are trying to do is so important and so admirable. I wish you luck and success.

  259. A terrible story, but I am not surprised that people found it too difficult to raise their suspicions – look at the power Maxwell had over everyone for years. These people were even more powerfully protected.
    And too many of the laws enacted more recently have helped to muzzle people – the whistle-blowers act notwithstanding.
    I’d heard rumours about two former Cabinet Ministers, but that’s all it was – fourth or fifth hand and no direct proof.

  260. I hope that you are for a real Tom and have the stomach to see exactly how very deep this rabbit hole goes. In which case you will have the support of a great many people.

    I suggest that anyone with a decent level of intution watches this video and observes the peculiar furrowed brow on the individual Tom directed his question to:

    All that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  261. good work. Another area of abuse and potential
    abuse is the field of psychotherapy. There were going
    to be controls, proposed by the last Labour government, but these have been scuttled and now there are only
    voluntary registers. Recommend the Witness book, Broken Boundaries, pub. Lulu. A very vulnerable and gullible public is open to abuse they will find it very hard to complain about.

  262. please create a discussion group/forum for ‘Child Care/protection professionals and charity workers, so we can back your work in the commons and else where. I am serious about becoming involved in this campaign to erradicate this evil from our world (starting here in the UK) I believe we need to create an Anti-paedophile campaign, It should do all the things othere campaigns do when they want to see real change. The paedophiles use social networking sites to spread their evil. let’s beat them by doing it better. start today!

  263. Good luck and all power to you Tom. I agree with the above comment, a campaign would highlight how much support you have so that anyone trying to harm you or your work will realise they’re in a minority. It would help the people working with good motives to uncover the truth, some confidence and heart to carry on unhindered too.

  264. Well done, brave fellow and it’s refreshing to have faith in an MP again. Might even vote Labour again! You have probably helped hundreds of victims already, just by standing up for them.

  265. Good luck with the ongoing investigation. You restore my faith in what it means to be an MP. I hope that you can stay safe whilst digging deeper into this murky mess, where all too often the most powerful men go scot free.

  266. When are the Man of the Year awards handed out? You’re the outstanding candidate, Tom. Keep digging, talking and fighting the good fight.

  267. Good luck, Tom. If only other politicians had your balls to stand up to the establishment. All these abusers should be exposed and brought to justice, unfortunately this is just the tip of a big iceberg,

  268. Congratulations for raising, on the floor of the House of Commons, the issue of the possibility of a powerful Westminster paedophile – while you’re trying to bring down the rotten Establishment paedophile edifice, you should study and expose the Holly Greig sex abuse scandal involving an Aberdeen Establishment paedophile ring many decent people have been trying to expose for about a decade.

    Kindest regards,

    Peter Gun

  269. Congratulations for raising, on the floor of the House of Commons, the issue of the possibility of a powerful Westminster paedophile ring – while you’re trying to bring down the rotten Establishment paedophile edifice, you should study and expose the Holly Greig sex abuse scandal involving an Aberdeen Establishment paedophile ring many decent people have been trying to expose for about a decade.

    Kindest regards,

    Peter Gun

  270. Well done Tom Watson, you are an amazing & brave man for fighting to expose those who think it is okay to abuse children and young people. I work and volunteer with families affected by such horrors and I feel their pain and grief on a regular basis.

    You are what an MP should be and I salute you!

  271. for Evil to flourish …
    good men need do nothing….

    we, the people are behind you all the way with this Tom ,
    future generation will speak of you ,in the same breath as Manny Shinwell , John McLean , men who fought heroic battles for their Class.
    we have your back Tom ..

  272. What else can I add to everything that’s already been said but to thank you and to thank you with my full support for what will turn out to be an ‘extremely sticky wicket to deal with’, as they say. Know what I mean…
    Good Luck Tom
    We ARE all in this together!!

  273. Mr. Watson I wish you the greatest of luck and courage. Take precautions from advisors that you trust.

    As you uncover cetain famous, powerful, wealthy, politically senior and ‘well bred’ identities at the level of actual criminal harm to children you will then face the challenge of the cover-up network (some of them will fall into both ‘abuser’ & ‘cover up’ camps as well as facilitators and go-betweens).
    This network -the cover up-, sometimes overlapping from one scandal locus to others (N.Wales-Kincora-Dunblane-Jersey etc) as well as being connected to other judicial perversions of justice connected to historical terrorism cases… this network has one common factor: high degree freemasonic membership & leadership, including internationally.
    This network comprises the most senior past & current political, civil service, judicial, media, military, police, royal and intelligence agency office/title holders.
    Power and control by blackmail (using the fruits of surveillance, filming, photographing etc) is the key. Mere financial bribery (or the risk of ruin) goes on but is less powerful. You will find an example by way of proof for this in the (some declassified) files relating to MI5/SB-Loyalist activities from NI. If you want to totally control somebody then having a video of them performing hideous acts is an efficient method… and there are many videos.
    Some of the skeletons-in-closets that this network protect and cover-up are so mind-blowing, so treasonous and so criminal that the very foundations of the Establishment would be severely rocked by exposure.

    This is the power that you will be up against in your efforts in exposing the Elite paedophile rings. Hopefully you will be able to reach a compromise exposure so at least the known names doing the internet rounds will be sacrificed. The ones who have placenames for surnames are surely out of your reach…

    All the best of luck, you have thousands and thousands of ordinary citizens behind you.
    Only drink water you have bought yourself and be aware that you will be heavily surveilled, including digitally.
    Le Dingue

  274. Finally a Politician who is prepared to expose this systemic abuse. Please run for PM, Tom. You are giving faith back to the people.

  275. Tom
    Only you have the power after taking on Murdoch and the Sun to take these people on. If they are part of the Establishment of Britain we all should hang our heads in shame as we have allowed them the power. You are a hero and watch your back they will not give up their power too easily.

  276. I wish people would stop referencing Richard Webster, the man was an abuse denier, much like David Irving was a holocaust denier.

    He claims that the North Wales children’s home scandal was a case of moral panic and media hysteria, a nothing-to-see-here attitude. He was also trying to spin the exact same line in relation to a well known Portuguese care home scandal.

    His Wikipedia page is a must-read – but the talk page rather than the actual page – a huge debate broke out over criticisms of his work and their deletion (there is no criticism section whatsoever).

    It seems that people who are defending child abuse are rather more prevalent than we would like to think. Please pay attention to the ulterior motives of certain individuals.

  277. Hang in there Tom, but do take sensible precautions for your safety. Not through fear but for commonsense. You haven’t taken leave of your , but you are pursuing people who have. They have power and are used to away with things.


  278. Tears in my eyes, Tom, you are a brave and honourable man in a corrupt world. I never thought to feel so emotional but you are indeed a true hero. Thank you X

  279. ps I would like to add that my husband was at Bryn Estyn and will not talk about his experience there, but I know it was bad.

  280. Well done Tom, keep safe, there are surely powerful forces at work here. Sometimes it seems Parliament is full of clones and professional politicians who prostitute what is right for power.

    The investigation into phone hacking began to shine a light into a dark corner. This corner is even darker and more wicked. Keep up the pressure.

  281. Keep up the good work Tom, and don’t go for any walks in the country by yourself – that was David Kelly’s mistake.

  282. Thank goodness we have fantastic MPs like you Tom! You are a courageous person and an inspiration. Keep going but look after yourself….. and thank you!

  283. Lot of people seem to think we can wait for someone to save us from this . WE HAVE TO SAVE OURSELVES , THE TIME IS NOW.

  284. Keep at it Tom but beware the dark forces that are addicted to power. Some mountains (especially alpine mountains) seem too steep to climb but this makes the air at the top smell even sweeter when you eventually get there.

  285. Hello there, you don’t know me-BUT you are one fantastic MP, everything you did regarding phone hacking and now this….You have a huge heart. Anything I can do to help…let me know…Jessica Well done

  286. It’s great to know that there are politicians out there doing their job. I don’t mean that as a slight on you at all – far from it – but this is what every politician should be doing. Fighting for the truth, applying pressure, being persistent, representing only their constituents. It’s a sad state of affairs that you appear to stand out so vividly. Maybe one day you won’t. Until then, I hope you know that you have the support of so many people. Please take care of yourself and ensure that you take every precaution and apply every safeguard you can, and thank you.

  287. I sincerely hope that you continue in your work to expose the perpetrators of child abuse. They may snarl and bark at you to put you off, but remember you have thousands of friends and supporters in this. This is an issue, i believe, where people of all walks of life draw the line and say no more. We all want the truth, justice and a safe world for our children. Peace be with you and keep going Tom.

  288. Dear Tom I was wondering why my comment (No. 227) was still in moderation, is this because it mentions Labour also hiding paedophiles? Is this campaign one sided, i.e. biased against the Tories, or do you think all paedophiles should be prosecuted whichever side of government they sit?

  289. Good work Sir, long may it continue!

    Perhaps in light of current revelations, the Holly Grieg case doesnt seem so fantastic and easily dismissed, as it has been the mainstream media ?

  290. ‘Next stage of the cover up’
    I think that if you have not had your view of this country seriously challenged by the events of the last few weeks, you’re not paying attention.

  291. My
    congratulations to
    All concerned.
    lets hope theres more like you in
    parliament that will
    in time
    nullify this

  292. Tom, I have tears of relief that there is someone who actually cares, and is trying to do something about abuse of our children, our future. Child abuse has been going on for far too long, and we want it stopped. We want harsher sentences, and anyone that doesn’t agree, is surely up to it themselves, for who in their right mind thinks that a couple of years, a slapped wrist and put on a list is enough for ruining a child’s life. I’m sure we all would rather the truth and these Paedophiles caught, even if it does mean it will rock the government/country. Please be careful with who you trust, as they will try to get close to you, silence you, even make out they are on your side. We are all behind you. I have hoped for far too long for someone to have the strength to bring this out in the open, and I’m sure like many others, we all wanted to do something, but we didn’t know how. Thank you and please don’t stop until every sick, cruel person has been brought to justice, and our children are safe.

  293. Fantastic job your doing, you need more support from other MP’s.
    Also thanks to all the other people making comments on here especially people who have fought the system during their working lives, as a victim i say thank you for doing something, i wish we could all meet.
    How about a demonstration in London for victims and genral cover up’s in the police, CPS and government???

  294. Thank God for you Tom Watson. But now, we the people have to spread the word and stop the corruption, lies, crimes and abuses by the powerful in this country.

  295. I have an ex who worked as a social worker among kids on the street, back in the day. She told me tales of her clients, some of whom were teenage male prostitutes, having liaisons with some fairly heavyweight politicians of the day.

  296. Well done Tom! Keep up your GREAT work of challenging the powers that be, and sharing your information with a wider public. Keep asking questions.

    It’s essential that victims start blogging NOW and share their experiences with the world via the net, instead of going to the police or expecting the authorities to help. They won’t.

  297. I am so glad you are pursuing this, Tom. I was so impressed by what you said in the House but I also wondered if you were endangering yourself. These people must not be allowed to slither out of sight any more. These people enjoy their power over the children they abuse and use it to intimidate those who would bring them to answer for their crimes. I long for them to be stopped and thank you for standing up to them.

  298. My admiration for Tom Watson knows no bounds, MPs such as this are rare and should be given every support and protection.
    Carry on the good work Tom and all the very best of luck.
    I will be writing to my MP asking her to give you all the support she can.

  299. You are very brave Tom, as this could go to the very top of our society, and the wall silence will come come down, along with threats against yourself. I hope that other MP’s from all sides of the house join up with you, to rid our country of this evil. But please take care, as I feel that there are some extreme dark forces out there.

  300. Do you really feel intimidated by Teresa May’s attempt to gag MPs by stating that naming names in Parliament would prejudice any future prosecution ? The cops were quick enough to to arrest and name Freddy Starr so why isn’t an international arrest warrant being sought in ITALY like the Swedes served in this country?

  301. There more I find out about what’s going on in our country the more horrified I become, I never thought child abuse could be so systemic & organised at such high places. I actually seen a very well known Tory front bencher in the House of Commons yesterday that is one of the names abusers ! Fecking unbelievable !

    Will everything come out in the open, I hope so, but even now I see the beginning of a massive cover up, e.g. Child Protection agencies are to be given more power & the media is saying they should intervine more quickly, they are part of the damn problem ! , I know this from personal experience as a child. This issue runs so deep & the crimes committed & being committed are so horrendous that if the truth ever comes out British society will be rocked to its very foundations … Will the truth out, only if the police have the courage to investigate some of the most powerful people & institutions in this country ….

  302. Thanks for restoring my faith in public officials….i hope you find the answers to the many questions arising out of the Jimmy Savile scandal and look forward to changes in the system so this can never happen again

  303. I like you Tom, and trust you and am very disturbed by these issues.

    But I know someone who has had his life ruined by an utterly untrue malicious allegation of abuse made against him. Maybe the woman who made it, a historical allegation, was abused, but by someone else. Lives can be ruined, step very very carefully, memory is a strange thing and can be warped. Too much detail for instance is a big indication that the story is false.

  304. You must keep going for the children that have been killed so they have not died in vain, it’s very rare a MP actually does somthing honourable…………..

    Being from the right wing, people like you make me think that maybe coming back to Conservative rank might be a good thing, as you are doing what we want you to.

    Millions are behind you 🙂


  305. This feels like dreaming. Or rather a nightmare.every time i read somemore its gets deeper and blacker and more unsettling . The foundations of our society are being rocked and i feel ashamed that we allow these apologies for humans to be “in charge”
    Thanks goodness for Tom Watson.

  306. Tom, I’m not being funny, and I support what you’re trying to do. But: This’ll go nowhere. THEY are too powerful, you’ll end up dead before they ever come near justice. It’s happened before. Some people are too powerful, and some secrets will necessitate the sacrifice of those who question.

  307. Mr Watson,
    You wrote above: “Newsnight failed to name the paedophile mentioned by a North Wales survivor. I can understand why. A career can be destroyed by an allegation of such magnitude. There needs to be a high bar of proof.”
    In the light of the comments made today by Mr Messham, do you regret that choice of words and is it now time for you to make a further statement?

  308. People on here talk about you as though you are some sort of hero. All you’ve done, firstly i suspect on behalf of your past master Gordon Brown, is to pursue the Murdochs to a paranoid degree, after which you then have co authored a book on the subject. I wonder what your true motives are because although your party was in bed with the Murdochs prior to 2009 it seems obvious now that an upset media ,because of the setting up of the Leveson enquiry, are hell bent on destroying Cameron. Then recently you raise at PMQ’s an alleged historical child abuse allegation with a then senior Tory at the heart of a peadophile ring. This of course raises the question in my mind as to whether or not you would have been so quick to raise it had it featured an ex Labour minister. Of course you wouldn’t. It now transpires, and of course you must be disappointed, that the alleged Tory you refer to is raising merry hell and threatening to sue all and sundry and appears to have been libelled and defamed to a scandulous degree. In conclusion Mr Watson there is an old saying that you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all of the time.

  309. I tip my hat to you Tom. I wish more people in Government had your guts and callibre.

    This needs to be fully and efficiently investigated where person found guilty of these henious offences needs to be criminally charged, jailed and removed from government/authority with any honours/peerage received revoked too, not swept under the carpet as has been the case many times before for other crimes comitted because they used the parliamentary “get out of jail free card”. That should also STOP.

    Consider this: If those people in positions of power and in the public eye can abuse and ignore laws that they helped bring into law, then any oath they gave will be meaningless and they will have no qualms in using their positions within their employ to exploit the nation and it’s poeple.

  310. Is anyone getting that sinking feeling that the Tory Damage Limitation Team have been on overtime and that this is going to be swept nicely under the carpet again & that the cogs are turning to discredit the abuse victims again? I’m getting the same horrible de ja vu feeling from after the Waterhouse cover up : (

  311. God bless you Tom! We need more men like you to stand up against these sickening crimes. I feel your fear but you have far too much support for anything to happen to you.

    You are an inspiration!

  312. can some one please investigate the pharmaceutical world next, they are killing thousands of animals in research and people of drug reactions, and no one bats an eye lid about the grants been lashed out set on lies,

  313. May I congratulate Tom Watson for his heroic and principled stance.?

    I would also like to thank those contributors who have mentioned the Hollie Greig case, as I was the journalist jailed for having the temerity to demand a police investigation on the basis of overwhelmingly supportive expert witness evidence that Hollie had indeed been the victim of sustained sexual abuse.

    That the cover up led to the doors od senior SNP politicians had everything to do with the subsequent persecution of Hollie and her mother, as well as the staggering attempts to shut me up at all costs.

    You are a brave man, Tom Watson. You will no doubt be vilified from all sides from those with much to hide, but the overwhelming majority of the good people of our country will be with you, I promise.

  314. Many children’s care home investigations, seemingly, going back to the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland, have been covered up to some degree. The real truth will never be allowed to come out. A few politicians getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar are only the tip of the iceberg. Good on you, Tom for trying, but i feel this depraved treatment of children is inherent within the establishment and will go on and on and on and on, regardless of any further safegaurding policies that, no doubt, will be put in place.

  315. Please keep going, Tom. One thing we have not heard is what the previous police enquiry found in Wales, and if there is anyone alive who worked there previously, who can come forward. All of this has to be addressed. I worry that the current BBC debacle will sideline anything else that should be the real focus. Bless you.

  316. Dont stop till you get the truth, we all laugh at he Italian gov and sex scandals, but what will the rest of the world think about UK MPs being paedophiles no one will ever belive UK gov again if this is not followed though.

  317. It takes a lot of guts and decency to tackle something which the rest of parliament would rather you dropped. Thank you for keeping it going, and not bowing to pressure. You can sleep with a clear conscience that you are doing the right thing, whereas those who are guilty cannot and should not:)

  318. As with many others, I may not support your party politics but I admire what you are doing here. Get the truth out and hunt down whoever has been involved in all this.

    Whatever our beliefs we MUST always protect children, so do carry on and do whatever needs to be done

  319. Well done Tom……We are right with you.
    You are a bright light in a very dark place.
    This world need more people like you.

  320. To To Watson,
    talk on BBC radio 4 today 11-1-13 that there is no evidence of a paedophile ring smacks of the same rhetoric
    which came from the upper class lackey press and media after the Kincora scandal, Jersey, Orckney and Rochdale scandals!
    Also, I believe that describing these upperclass criminal groups as paedophile rings is a deliberate rouse to coverup their true structure!
    I believe the description should be – “paedophile/satanic ritual murder rings!”
    Remember the satanic cult allegations concerning the Marc Dutroux scandal, Orckney, Rochdale and Kincora!
    Get the video called – “Eyes wide shut”
    Youll see the REAL structure of the BEAST!

  321. Tom, My heart bleeds, I want these EVIL people in high places named and bought to justice. How can they do these terrible things to children and get away with it. God go with you and keep you safe

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