A little more background on today’s PMQ’s

I cannot give much more detail until the police have been given more time to investigate whether evidence still exists from the mid-nineties, but here is what I can say.

Last week I was contacted by a former child protection specialist who for some years, had been concerned that a wider investigation regarding the activities of convicted paedophile, Peter Righton was not fully investigated.

He contacted me because he knew I had spoken out in the Murdoch scandal. Over the years, he had lost faith in the ability of politicians to get to the truth. The last time he contacted an MP was in 1994. The MP promised to follow up the case but nothing came of it.

The central allegation was that a large body of material seized in the raid on Righton’s home had not been fully investigated. Though Righton was the subject of a BBC profile in 1994 [I think this is the date] “The Secret Life of a Paedophile”, little had been done to follow up the leads from the case. A specialist unit in Scotland Yard had the material which supplemented a wider investigation into organised paedophile rings in children’s homes.

Over the last few days I have spoken to two other child protection specialists who share the concern of the gentleman who contacted me.

Within the material seized at Righton’s home were letters from known and convicted paedophiles. The contact, who has seen the letters, claimed that one paedophile in particular was of great concern. He said that the paedophile, who worked with children, boasted of a key aide to a former PM who could help get hold of indecent images of children. I am not naming the person for obvious reasons but for clarity it is not former MP, Peter Morrison. This afternoon my office has been bombarded with calls regarding Morrison, I think because he was named by Edwina Currie at the weekend as having inappropriate sexual relations with teenage boys.

I’ll say more when I can but this may not be for some time.

I should say that like with the hacking scandal, a number of people have contacted me this afternoon offering more information regarding the case. I am happy to talk to anyone who can help me – particularly those who came into contact with Righton and his contacts when they were young. I can understand how powerless they must have felt at the time – Righton’s net was cast wide.

One person also contacted me to suggest that the Met held a vast quantity of material suggesting Jimmy Savile was a predatory paedophile. I do not know whether this is true but I do know the source and she has been 100% accurate in the past.

One final thing I should say – I made the decision to ask a question of the PM late this morning and had not had time to write to the Met before speaking out. I have no doubt the Met will take this seriously and am sorry I didn’t have time to forewarn the commissioner of my intention to raise the matter.

I have written to him this afternoon with more details regarding the case. This will obviously remain confidential.

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  1. Well done to you. Thank goodness someone has raised this in Parliament as it will no doubt ensure some action is taken.

    On another note, I wish the committee of which you are a member had not raised with the BBC sexual harassment statistics. I say this being an avid reader of political memoirs. All too often I have read of women MPs being harassed in Parliament in lifts, in the House outside of the camera view etc. I an sure this does not go on now. Being of a mature age, I, nor people of my generation always knew how to deal with sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual behaviour such as touching. I feel that this culture has changed somewhat now but I feel the culture of the 1970s etc permitted this behaviour.

    Well done again for raising this issue. By the way, the committee lacked “oomph” yesterday without your contribution…..oh well….

  2. Mr Watson you are starting to restore my faith in government. Ii wish you well & hope you uncover the truth.

  3. Congratulations on your question at today’s PMQ’s: Cameron looked puzzled and horrified. As you know, the Savile scandal goes much wider than his own activities, and those of his immediate entourage. I wish you the very best of luck in bringing much more into the public domain over the coming weeks and months, just as you did with Murdoch and News Corp. Keep up the good work.

  4. Brilliant! Thanks for having the balls to raise real issues where others fear to tread. Good luck and stay safe mate, you shine lights in very dark corners. Parliament needs more MPs like you.

  5. Shame no-one else knows about it. Can we get this story published? Are no journalists willing to run this?

  6. Good on you, Tom. We’ve come to rely on you, which sadly is not the case with many MPs. But what concerns me more, is not historic wrongdoing, but paedophilia going on now, and being protected now, by persons in high places such as both Houses, the media, the Arts, the Churches, and the Monarchy.

  7. Knowing you as I do Tom . I am sure that you are the right person to get this sorted. Go get them Tom..

  8. I was at a boarding school in the 70s / 80s and believe that a number of teachers were active paedophiles, without any interference from other staff. A number of high profile individuals visited the school to speak or hand out awards, and were provided with dinner with “a young man” for the evening and possibly night. Sex between staff and pupils was openly joked about. One teacher showed paedophile pornography to pupils.

  9. I for one am so proud of what you are doing, for uncovering coverups that have been going on far too long. Dont leave it there Tom, I hope that many other MP’s will come forward and say what they know! Its time to build a new establishment, one with Morals and Values and empathy, one that can be trusted to do what it says it will do, protect the vunverable, those who cannot speak out for themselves. My love and prayers I send to you and yours, take good care of yourself Tom, as I dont think you will be very populair over the coming days weeks xxx

  10. Thank you for your continued honest bravery on behalf of the public. Kind Wishes Regina De Giovanni

  11. You have done the right and honorable thing bringing this to light. I know it wasn’t an easy move to make, I could see that by the way you spoke at PMQ’S. I just wish there could be more people / MP’s like you.

  12. Dear Mr Watson,

    I thank you for your incredible bravery and determination in bringing what is an extremely serious allegation to the attention of not only Parliament, but to the Citizens the Government represent.

    I just hope that through your actions, coupled with your colleagues, the police, CPS, barristers et al that you will be able to uncover the whole truth behind this truly evil and despicable ring that obviously pervades every level of our society.

    Keep up the great work and once again, thank you for daring to stick your head above the parapet.

    Best regards,


  13. Dear Mr Watson,
    I’m very glad to hear your question today. It is refreshing to see an MP asking the right questions in the genuine interest of the general public. I wish you luck in unravelling the full details of this awful story.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Ben Gale

  14. I, for one, am pleased you brought it out into the open.

    Next step, exposing the Hollie Grieg case, which is a little less historic.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtstlx96s8M

    Conspiracy of Silence was a documentary about child trafficking in the U.S. that was to be shown in the United Kingdom, but it was suppressed by the Discovery Channel. However, a rough-cut of the documentary was leaked..this is the leaked version.
    The book “The Franklin Scandal” by Nick Bryant deals with the same pedophile ring who pandered children to a cabal of the rich and powerful. Those primarily responsible were a pair of political powerbrokers who had access to the highest levels of US government. Nebraska legislators nearly exposed the ring in 1990, but its unveiling had the potential to produce seismic political aftershocks.The legislators’ efforts resulted in rash of mysterious deaths and the overpowering corruption of federal and local law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Justice Department, effecting an immaculate cover-up of the trafficking network.

  16. Sorry, I should also have said I think you’re a brave man Tom! If indeed you are doing this for the right reasons, then you may help this species up another rung of evolution and deserve the appropriate gratitude. Best of luck.

  17. May I congratulate you on what must have been a nerve-wracking question to ask in PMQs. Your bravery is to be applauded: you are giving faith to many that all is not rotten at the top of the tree.

    I have personally known about the PM you refer to for over 20 years, and I found out about Savile in 1996 when a World in Action employee told me that they all (the media) knew about him but were not allowed to report it.

    I hope that the whole vile affair comes out and that we can rebuild this society into one we all want to live in.

    Thank you.

  18. Is Peter Righton himself now beyond questioning? (I have no way to find out; a Google search is hopeless. But 1994 isn’t *that* long ago.)

  19. At a certain point you have to wonder if all the respective leads and stories that were ‘not followed up’ were ‘not followed up’ for a reason. Tom, I’m assuming you’ve heard of the Franklin Scandal in the US (covered in the 90’s in a book written by former Nebraska senator John De Camp, and more recently in a volume by journalist Nicholas Bryant). I’m yet to see a smoking gun in that respect – though your post today feels like a step closer to one – but I’ve felt for a couple of weeks ago that this is the way the wind is blowing. Good luck and I’ll check into your blog and write/say hello on future happier topics later.

  20. Well done Tom, at last an MP who is doing what’s right and decent. If you have time, the Hollie Greig case needs looking at – the paedophile rings involving people in positions of trust need properly investigating and exposing – I fear we are only looking at the tip of the proverbial iceberg with what’s coming out. Again, well done!

  21. I also hope that an investigation into Operation Ore, which should perhaps have been named ‘Operation War’, is to be had.
    At the time the media implied many MP’s were under scrutiny. They scuttled to the ‘eye’ vote for war and Operation Ore was never to be heard of again.

  22. Tom, you are one of the few back and front bench MPs with any integrity. I hope this does not slip under the radar and the people who are involved are bought to justice.
    Keep up the great work.

  23. Thanks Tom, we need honest folk such as yourself to join the dots which others have tried to hide. Keep up the good work; you have more friends and supporters than you will ever know.

  24. Tom, you go! I just hope that the decision makers of the present recognize that what was covered up in the past for various reasons needs to dealt with publicly today.

  25. Tom Watson – this seems potentially very big – you seemed unusually hesitant in putting the question and clearly everyone else there, including DC was taken aback. Good luck in your enquirires. Im a great fan after your doggedness in the Levison enquiry @pigreen (Twitter)

  26. I just want to say thank you for having the courage to raise this issue in parliament. I hope in the future we, the electorate, will be given the opportunity to vote for you to be prime minister because you should be running this country.

  27. The question you raised in Parliament yesterday re Savile would go some way to explain how every reporting and investigation of his child abuse got dropped. Savile knowing somone of a like mind with powerful political connections, whether back to Downing Street or not, would explain how he got away with his abuse for so long.
    Whilst to some your enquiries might seem far fetched, remember the scandal in Belgium?
    Good luck on your quest to uncover the full story, and let’s hope that some jounalists can remember some investigative skills like those the late Paul Foot had.

  28. I think most people accept that there will always be creeps, but when otherwise reasonable and responsible people turn a blind eye, surely these complicitous men and women should also be named and shamed. Maybe they should be charged with being accessories to the crime – just as in matters of burglary and murder, as the victims of paedophilia have had their lives pilfered and spirits crushed, and many say they have ‘died’ inside as a result.

    Most crimes committed by paedophiles are not isolated, but tend to be serial crimes, and rely on the complicity of colleagues and the society around them. You might say they feed off an outer circle of respectable types who say nothing, repelling the claims of victims with a wall of incredulity. Perhaps there needs to be a new law that penalises those who, by their inaction, create a safe haven for paedophiles in their midst.

    This approach might help root out the paedophiles, as it would take away the protective outer circle who do nothing to stop the crimes being committed. It seems part of the sick game the paedophile plays, that he can commit outrageous acts at the centre of respectability and authority – within the offices of the BBC, as in Savile’s case, or at Westminster – or in the wider society, in a school or doctor’s office.

    In some ways, exposing the very people who condoned with their silence a secret ring of paedophiles, whether at the BBC or at Westminster, presents a challenge, especially because it rips away the veneer of respectability that these institutions have, which can be a mask that conceals heinous acts of all kinds.

    The fact that you stood up at PMQs and ask in your solid and thoughtful way for an examination of how an alleged paedophile ring could have nested within Westminster, is such a mark of progress, as it is bound to raise questions about the peers and colleagues of the time who were aware, all the way up to the office of prime minister. It also prevents a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude by Westminster towards the BBC, as they, too, as an institution, sheltered sexual predators. I feel it is time to name the very people who were aware, and did nothing – or at least raise the point that an institution is composed of individuals who act of their own free will, and cannot themselves hide behind their offices.

    It seems vital to know who, exactly, from the prime minister down, sheltered – and even humoured – these paedophiles, although the emphasis is bound to be on who were the members of the alleged paedophile ring itself. It would be interesting, too, to identify the language customarily used to diminish or dismiss paedophiles of a certain status – the ultra-English ‘ho-ho’, ‘poo-poo’ attitude of diminishment that so patronises the victim and indulges the perpitrator – language we still hear today. Perhaps such an examination of the outer circle – the institutional and cultural ‘muffler’ enabling such crimes, could alert the public to the dangers of inaction, and be able to spot and tag the telltale signs of concealment, and make those who say nothing and do nothing culpable, too.

    I imagine that there are some Westminster and BBC elders, some with titles, padding around with guilty secrets still to this day. Speaking of titles, could you not call for Jimmy Savile to be stripped of his title? Why has the Queen not insisted on this point already?

    Thank you for raising this at PMQs.

  29. Well played , Tom Watson! I thought you were brilliant yesterday. Time to bring down the entire house of cards.
    The reasons behind Dunblane NEED examining. In daylight. The files on that case have been put away for 100 years. I wonder why. This is an outrageous state of affairs. Those children’s parents deserve to know THE TRUTH. Who was Thomas Hamilton? Who else was involved? This will never go away…

  30. It is important that we fight this scourge of paedophiles and ephebophiles wherever they appear. We owe it to the next generation that they be allowed to grow up in innocence and safety and we must ensure that those who they look up to, for whatever reason be it through authority or popularity, acts in a way that is both appropriate and respectful to their well being.
    Please don’t let politics stay your hand and use every weapon in your arsenal to expose any and all predators no matter who they are or what positions they hold.

  31. Good work.
    I hate to say it but trawling the web it’s easy to end up on conspiracy websites and it seems some of them have been banging on about this for years.
    I wouldn’t normally give them the time of day, but regarding Savile they seem to have been right so far.
    Apparently The Times have a story due to be published (or not) any day soon based on an interview with a chap called Ben Fellows. They may or may not publish the names he gave.

  32. Come on now Mr Watson, don’t be shy, your constituents want to know who the former “key aide” was and which PM he was working for. Give us a clue, an anagram, anything….Or when you say “it is not former MP, Peter Morrison”. Is that new labour speak for it WAS former MP, Peter Morrison!…A bit like Sadam’s weapons of mass distruction. I’ve been taking bets on this, My money’s on Heath. But could it be Thatcher??…Oh please tell, I’ll even vote for you.

  33. That’s not a lot is it. MPs are bound to try to create a bit of smoke and mirrors around the topic.
    Until they start opening up about the real goings-on in detail, talk of enquiries and investigations is bound to become the daily currency of the political class, desperate to hide who they really are, and what they really do. A slight stammer from Cameron. That’s not going to change the culture of power that they are made of. Watson’s an old pro, who knows how to help take pressure off by giving the appearance of serious enquiry. Cameron will be grateful for the feed.


  34. I just want to say well done for speaking out on this issue, Mr. Watson. Members of Parliament are often given a rough time (sometimes deservedly so) but it is so good to see someone fighting for transparency and the truth. Here’s hoping that if there is substance to this, it will come out no matter how ugly it might be.

  35. Hi Tom, I am retired but in my previous life I worked with paedophile’s. I had some interesting conversations in those days about networking. On occasions offenders would boast how sophisticated these paedophile rings were and there were suggestions that the higher one went up the social ladder the more sophisticated it would be. So I for one am not surprised at what you have learned. I also used to hear unsubstanciated stories of paedophilia within police forces. Anyway, good luck

  36. Well done, Tom Watson.

    I dread to think what and who will have to be dragged out in order to face justice, but I am pleased to see you using your position as an MP to help shine a light on the darkness that has permeated the major UK institutions for decades.

    Thank you.

  37. There seems to be an awful lot of whispers on the internet about this ring being far wider than anyone imagined. Please Tom, carry on your good work and restore our faith in politics. Those who have covered up information and those that have been actively involved must be punished no matter how deep the rabbit hole goes.

  38. Good luck Tom,if anybody can get to the truth….it’s you.Have admired your stance of aggressive but pointed questioning all relevant parties in all matters in the public interest in several issues.Keep up the good work.

  39. my god i can be believe what i have just read but second thoughts i can please expose this scum and also press for proper sentences for all convicted! we in the working class can not believe the the time this scum get put away for it is a joke but not funny! ps well done love seeing murdog squirm ,, but they still got what they wanted the tv station HOW?

  40. Dear Mr Watson,

    Good for you for raising this issue in a public forum. I hope you realize that this isn’t a story that exists in isolation or long ago. Child trafficking, pedophilia, and the murder of children is world wide, ongoing, and especially prevalent in the establishment. One case that comes to mind is hedge fund billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein:


    Look at what he got away with and who he is connected to – the very pinnacles of power.

    You should not apologize for failing to give some police commissioner a heads up. You owe that to NO ONE, nor do you know who, in these official institutions, are in on the global pedophilia outrage. All you know is that they have chosen to do NOTHING.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. Hopefully more people will contact you. You may blow the lid off something that has remained hidden for decades. Never forget that it’s still happening and will continue until it’s fully and routinely exposed. This is WIDESPREAD and the players are politicians, bankers, judges, lawyers, cops, doctors, celebrities, church people, child protective services and family courts. The entire system is rotten to the core.

    Please be careful. These people are powerful and perfectly capable of killing anyone who threatens them.

  41. I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations for having the guts to link this to parliament.

  42. I am sure there will be more than one former child protection officers who could come forward with serious concerns of serious abuse cases which were not fully investigated myself being one. I know I too lost complete faith in my organisation despite the many times I took it to the top to be discredited .However that is a separate story but to date my concerns are still very much live, There is so much at stake with regard to paedophile rings within the grips of powerful and influential people that it really is very difficult when being a mere detective to raise questions they do not want to answer. As we are now all aware of the hugh impact the word accountability now means, then maybe just maybe this will actually be at the forefront of all investigations old or new as it has certainly come to bite the BBC and many other organisations very hard in the Butt. Seriously hope all this horrendous criminal activity can be investigated as should always have been. Of course human error occurs but unfortunately this is nor has been human error.

  43. thank you, Mr Watson. What you did was very brave. Get human
    There has never been this amount of public opinion to lend weight to the accusations levelled at various offices in the UK for being unfit for the prime purpose of protecting our precious children. It’s with this wave of support that you’ll be able to make your questions heard.
    I bet that you’ve had all sorts of pressure applied to you since you made your stand. Please stick to your guns…please.
    I for one would not hesitate for one single second, to come to London or to your surgery, to assist or support you in this good cause…as I am sure would hundreds of thousands.
    Since I started digging into this whole mess, only 2 weeks ago, I have felt like I’ve been punched in the gut. I keep breaking out in tears…me, a big man, as well. It has been absolutely killing me.
    I have been trying my level best to make people aware, but even close friends have difficulty dealing with this issue.
    I will close by once again thanking you, on behalf of the many thousands who had no choice but to endure in silence what happened to them due to the abuses of paedophiles…this includes the kids in private boarding schools as well as the kids who were processed thru the greater social system.
    I’ve put in a link to an online government petition that mirrors you voiced concerns, and I leave with the invitation to visit my personal FB page, which is uncensored and open…with an online blog to follow.
    Adeybob McCormack


  44. Mr Watson
    Since you have a strong interest in addressing possible events relating to paedophilia conspiracies and establishment efforts to cover these up, I expect you would also wish to look into a possible paedophile conspiracy involving the NCCL, senior members of the labour party and local government – where office holders in the NCCL campaigned to legalise paedophilia in the 1970s and one of these same people tried to cover up incidents of paedophilia in local government in the 1980s (paying damages for doing so once proven), and finally became ministers for the labour government in health and children’s areas of policy in the late 1990s. A conspiracy theorist couldn’t make it up.! Its all well documented online so I expect you know about this already and don’t want to see labour links to paedophilia highlighted, do you? I hope you’re not merely using paedophilia to score distasteful political points against the tories and you’ll raise this with your friends in the labour party too.

  45. Tom, There are hundreds of people out there who have tried to tell Parliament, Police and Local Authorities about abuses. I told Frank Field in the 90s and we did see a result. I think a coordinated effort to collect the evidence of individuals and groupos is required otherwise this will blow over when the next exciting event is created by the media. The point here is that Savile is a ‘martyr ‘ in the eyes of some. Once the issue has been done to death people will focus on something else and the abuse will go on. As a child brought up in the care system, now a Labour Cllr, I do know what I am talking about.

  46. Blimey, you posted this bombshell 5 days ago yet no one in the entire country has posted a comment yet!

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for having the courage to raise the isssue no one else has had the guts to raise.

    As I’m sure you’re aware, this pedophile network did not just go away with the passage of time. Pedophiles live among us and the most egregious offenders, it seems, tend to accrue a LOT of power.

    If there is one bit of advice I can give you, it is that you should share as much as you can as widely as possible. For now the media is cooperating, but they can be turned against you at the drop of a hat. The more light you give off, the harder it will be for them to throw mud at you.

    Good luck.

  47. I wish more members of parliament were as compassionate and brave as you are Tom. Thanks so much and I’m grateful you understand serving in parliament is supposed to be selfless rather than selfish.

  48. Well done Tom and good luck, it would seem a few people with knowledge of these disgusting crimes have met with a premature demise including many of the original victims. My prediction is anyone that was involved and is now deceased will be named and shamed, we may get someone named that will be too elderly to be imprisoned by the time the legal process is finished and there may be one or two lower order perverts thrown to the wolves but I suspect those in high places to escape justice if previous form is anything to go by.

  49. Tom , I am not a Labour supporter , but I am a supporter of your tenacity and courage ! Please keep going at this like a dog with a bone ! All decent people , regardless of political allegiance , salute your leadership and integrity.

  50. The issue of child abuse is a big issue, but this will not be dealt with until questions are asked about how it is possible to carry out the abuse and how it is covered up. One reason these are possible is deference. There is a line across society. Those above the line can commit crime without fear of being held to account because others ‘above the line’ will cover up (turning a blind eye is also joining the cover up). Wrongdoers below the line are sacrificed giving an impression that what can be done is being done. People below the line trying to expose wrongdoing are ignored.
    Thorough investigation is needed by Select Committees. Why do we have faith in judges when most enquiries are conducted by judges and most enquiries are found to be wanting? Why is it accepted that today’s dodgy lawyer is tomorrow’s honourable judge?
    Two major problems for journalists or ordinary people trying to expose issues are the libel laws and our obsession with secrecy.
    I have experience of wrondoing in the Family Courts, but all attempts to have this dealt with through official channels have failed, not because the evidence is not there, but because the will to deal with the wrongdoing of ‘important’ people is lacking.
    Recently a number of people have commented that the only institution yet to have a major scandal is the judiciary. This should ring alarm bells. It is not that the corruption is not there, but that no one is yet prepared to take on that task.
    I think the only bodies who will be prepared to take on that investigation will be the newspapers, unless we have more MP’s like you who are prepared to take on the vested interests.

  51. It appears that actors in the police are complicate if it turns out they new but did not act. Why would that be? Is this the masons at work again

  52. Dear Mr. Watson

    I am just an ordinary Mum of three and Teaching Assistant at the local secondary school.

    I wish you the best of luck and lots of success in the possible uncovering of what, I believe, are some of the worst crimes that adults can perpetrate.

    A difficult and dangerous job especially when you are dealing with those in positions of power. It’s all extremely scary and must be exposed.

    Jimmy Savile, I suspect, is the ‘tip of the iceberg’.

    I salute you.

  53. Dear Tom,

    You must be overwhelmed by the encouragement you have been given. Please do not be surprised. Normal people know that democracy has been hijacked by the rich and powerful, consequently they no longer trust self serving career politicians. If fact they are more of an enemy to the people than the greedy elite. People like yourself whoever are a breath of fresh air and a flashback to the days when people went into politics for justice and to help build a decent society. You are a rare breed. Do not stop being brave , there are millions behind you. Cometh the time cometh the man…..good luck David

  54. Mark (comment #37) what exactly do you mean when you ask ‘Is there no lower you will sink’?

    You reveal much about yourself if you think this MPs efforts are a low act. So it’s now low to be concerned that some of those in the higher echelons of power are/were paedophiles. Not only that, others seem to have created an inpenetrable bubble around these people.

    Your comment just makes me think.

  55. At some point you will feel afraid, you will be threatened, bullied and you will feel for the safety of your loved ones. When this happens i hope you can hang on to your integrity. It may help to think of the bravery of some of the young people, some of them amongst the most vulnerable in our society, who show enormous bravery and courage in their attempts to disclose sexual abuse. When the heat is turned up for you, think of those children and imagine how much more terrifying it must be for them to be threatened and bullied and intimidated. Abused children against powerful adults with no support networks of family, friends or colleagues. I hope that will spur you on in persuit of justice.

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