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Grant is clearly a scholar of historic literature and 1919 appears to have been a particularly interesting year yielding not only a long lost manuscript on how to improve your golf swing but a lost book on interpreting your dreams.

Now of course only available online thanks to Grant’s sleuth-like discovery.

There’s some interesting things you find when you perform a Reverse DNS lookup on a website. (Looking at other sites hosted on the same server). A quick look around at what shares a server with Grant Shapps’ website reveals the following. There’s a whole host of other domains that crop up too – but with holding pages and the bare bones of a CMS – perhaps some long lost dreams of Grant himself. (In Japanese)

4 thoughts on “Grant Shapps websites”

  1. What’s intriguing is how few of these show up anywhere near the top on Google. When it comes to marketing, Shapps is not only a man with dubious methods, he’s incompetent.

  2. Here sure does know how to do a lot of things. Surely he should get the Chencellorship or something with that kind of talent…

  3. At least two of those appear to be connected to his work as an MP as opposed to his pre-Parliament work at “HowToCorp”. I trust his paperwork is all in order and that the taxpayer hasn’t been paying for his company’s domain name renewals.

  4. Your criticism is? Is it wrong for an MP to have outside interests or god forbid free market experience? You may have only ever worked for unions or as an MP but having private sector experience is useful.

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