Grant Shapps – this guy is a minister?

I’ve just downloaded the ebook by Michael Green aka Grant Shapps. It’s called “How to bounce back from the recession – the must read guide to bouncing back from recession to growth.”

Shapps once described me as his “nemesis” after he spectacularly failed to win the Ealing Southall by-election. It’s a long story but he was defeated by hubris. He obviously took the defeat to heart!

“EMULATE YOUR NEMESIS. That’s right. Love the ones you hate. Look at those you feel do not understand your loss (whatever it might be; job, income, home, support of family/spouse, etc.). What are they doing to make the changes of the recession, regardless how indirect (higher costs of housing, utilities, food and gas, lower wages, higher taxes, unplanned pregnancy, adult child moving back home, separation/divorce, etc.) work for them?
o What about the single neighbor that lost his job that now rents out a room or two to help make ends meet so he doesn’t lose his house? He now has someone to talk and eat with!
o What about the teacher whose hours were cut and now tutors children needing extra help to make up lost wages. The specialized instruction will boost her résumé so she can get a fulltime position, perhaps in a private institution at a higher salary.
o Be open to the possibilities. Complaining alienates you from potential opportunities and people who might be able to help or know someone who can.
o In short, network, network, network. Ask those that are “making it” how they do it. Get ideas and go for it!”

7 thoughts on “Grant Shapps – this guy is a minister?”

  1. …ooh yes, and what about the ATOS-assessed disabled person who can now miraculously work for a living because the criteria don’t include his/her own real difficulties? Gosh, they could make a fortune selling off their mobility aids, psych medication, adapted cars, chemo drugs…

    I’m inspired…

  2. Obviously in need of the extra help from a teacher (her) who needs to boost her resume. By taking on special needs ministers perhaps?

  3. What vacuous ‘advice.’ It’s as if Baldrick‘s submitted to Viz.

    Even the specifics are erroneous.

    He suggests a single person could rent out a spare ‘room or two’ – um, a single person in a 3-bed is hardly a common scenario. Or maybe it is in Chipping Norton.

    He suggests a teacher could move to a ‘private institution at a higher salary.’ – Er, no. Private schools, on the whole, pay teachers less than state schools.

    The rest seems simply – Don’t complain. Do pester people. Like Yosser on Prozac.

  4. “and why the US spelling of neighbour?”

    I think it was aimed at the US market. You missed the ‘résumé’ as well.

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