Letter to Rupert Murdoch regarding burglary

Mr Rupert Murdoch
Chairman and CEO
News Corporation
1211 Avenue of Americas
New York
NY 10036

18 September 2012

Dear Mr Murdoch,

As you know, I have been uncovering criminality at News International for several years. During which time, the company’s management has regularly asked me to provide evidence of its habitual criminality. I have resisted such requests, as I did not believe they were sincere. It was my belief that senior people at the company knew perfectly well about journalists being involved in phone hacking, computer hacking, bribery and blackmail. And that the company had no wish to deal with these problems – did not even see them as such – rather to know what evidence existed in order to destroy it, to muddy the trail, in short, to cover up. For these reasons, I have resisted passing on evidence to you, and have passed it solely to the law enforcement authorities instead.

Nevertheless, I am writing to you today because I believe it may be possible that that era may be drawing to a close. I believe it possible that you and the current executives at the company may have realised that it is now too late to cover up what has gone on at News International. Whether or not you, and your executives, knew about the widespread use within News International of the latest investigative technique to be revealed – burglary – I believe you may now realise that the flat denial and attempt to destroy evidence of previous days will no longer wash with anybody.

I have seen a document from the hard drive of private investigator Sid Fillery, a regular contractor at News International through his company, Southern Investigations. The document, entitled “Alex1.doc” refers to a request for a sortie into the home of a woman living in Ascot. The hard drive was seized by the police in 2002 and is still in their possession. I understand that it was reviewed by the police in 2010 and that an internal document at the Metropolitan Police states quite clearly that they believe the file shows a conspiracy to break and enter into private property. Further details are on the front page of The Independent today.

You might not also be aware that a number of high profile figures who were the victims of phone hacking also reported mysterious break-ins at their homes. The pattern is the same: the homes clinically entered but no valuables taken. My colleague, Chris Bryant was so concerned that his home had been covertly entered that he reported the matter to the police. I understand the Metropolitan Police dispatched Commander Yates to take the statement. I understand the file containing the statement has gone missing.

I have audio testimony from the undercover former police officer with intimate knowledge of Southern investigations who claims that the burglary of the homes of MPs was a regular occurrence.

I am also aware, through the lawyer of a hacking victim, that there is testimony from another former private investigator that he was regularly hired to break into the homes of individuals who were the subject of investigation by News International. At the present time the investigator is not prepared to speak out in public.

This evidence has come to light after the Leveson Inquiry has stopped taking evidence. I think it important that you make a public statement to clarify how you intend to deal with these startling new revelations and how you will assist the police with their investigation.

Shortly, I will also be writing to you confidentially about information I have received from a former employee of the company regarding the conduct of former News of the World journalist and now Sunday Times investigator, Mazher Mahmood.

If there is any integrity at all to your claims to want to clean up the corruption and criminality endemic in your company, perhaps you would act on the evidence I am adducing. Public re-assurance that this matter is being dealt with would be welcome.

I would be grateful for a swift reply to this letter.

Yours sincerely


Tom Watson
Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East

Grant Shapps websites

Grant is clearly a scholar of historic literature and 1919 appears to have been a particularly interesting year yielding not only a long lost manuscript on how to improve your golf swing but a lost book on interpreting your dreams.

Now of course only available online thanks to Grant’s sleuth-like discovery.

There’s some interesting things you find when you perform a Reverse DNS lookup on a website. (Looking at other sites hosted on the same server). A quick look around at what shares a server with Grant Shapps’ website http://www.shapps.com/ reveals the following. There’s a whole host of other domains that crop up too – but with holding pages and the bare bones of a CMS – perhaps some long lost dreams of Grant himself.

http://www.instant-movie-making.com/ (In Japanese)

Complaint to the Information Commissioner regarding the activities of the sinister minister with two aliases, Grant Shapps

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF

3 September 2012

Dear Information Commissioner,

I write in relation to the non-registration of a Data Controller for “How to Corp Limited” registered address: Elm Point, East End Way, Pinner, Middlesex. HA5 3BS Company No. 05399983

The company claims that it collects, processes and shares with partners and affiliates personal information:


Could I urge you to investigate as a matter of urgency as you why this UK registered company has failed to enter a data controller registration.

Grant Shapps – this guy is a minister?

I’ve just downloaded the ebook by Michael Green aka Grant Shapps. It’s called “How to bounce back from the recession – the must read guide to bouncing back from recession to growth.”

Shapps once described me as his “nemesis” after he spectacularly failed to win the Ealing Southall by-election. It’s a long story but he was defeated by hubris. He obviously took the defeat to heart!

“EMULATE YOUR NEMESIS. That’s right. Love the ones you hate. Look at those you feel do not understand your loss (whatever it might be; job, income, home, support of family/spouse, etc.). What are they doing to make the changes of the recession, regardless how indirect (higher costs of housing, utilities, food and gas, lower wages, higher taxes, unplanned pregnancy, adult child moving back home, separation/divorce, etc.) work for them?
o What about the single neighbor that lost his job that now rents out a room or two to help make ends meet so he doesn’t lose his house? He now has someone to talk and eat with!
o What about the teacher whose hours were cut and now tutors children needing extra help to make up lost wages. The specialized instruction will boost her résumé so she can get a fulltime position, perhaps in a private institution at a higher salary.
o Be open to the possibilities. Complaining alienates you from potential opportunities and people who might be able to help or know someone who can.
o In short, network, network, network. Ask those that are “making it” how they do it. Get ideas and go for it!”