Conservative leader of Corby Borough Council, David Sims – Louise Mensch – C4 News 09/08/2012

Channel 4 News
Thursday 9th August 2012

Speakers: Michael Crick
David Simms

MC: Did you ask her whether she was thinking of quitting?

DS: I think most people asked her

MC: And what did she say?

DS: She wouldn’t respond

MC: And did you ask her?

DS: I’ve mentioned it in the past yes.

MC: and she didn’t respond when you asked her?

DS: Not in a, she answered it in a political way shall we say…

MC: An evasive answer you mean?

DS: I said a political way


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#1 Catherine Townsend on 08.18.12 at 11:36 pm

This reminds me of boy/girl situations when you ask a question like “Have you ever cheated on anyone?” and get the answer: “I’m a nice guy, why would you ask that?” or “That has nothing to do with what we were talking about.” If you get more than 5 seconds of silence to a tough question + either subject change or random statement about character, watch out!

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