News reaches me that the Tories have attacked the Labour Party for my comments about those poor young people who were made to change into their uniforms in public under London Bridge at the weekend.

I suspect they crassly assumed that I would hold anti-monarchist views because of the strident position I have taken in other policy areas.

My comments were misconstrued and nobody should think I was referring to The Queen. I spent most of the weekend celebrating her extraordinary service to Britain at events in the Midlands. I am a strong supporter of the monarchy. Those celebrations were for the people and for her, not the political elite.

And just in case some of my tabloid friends are thinking of wilfully misconstruing my position, please see below, pictures of our family jubilee party. There was also the wonderful event held at Hartlebury Castle – where Elizabeth I once stayed and there is a plaque to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria.

I think I’ve made my point. Are you reading this Tom Newton Dunn of the Sun?

And just to make certain: my silver jubilee scout badge even made an appearance at the weekend too.

6 thoughts on “Jubilee”

  1. This is an example of what happens to Brave people like you that have exposed the Murdoch’s and associates for what they are. Tom you will have to always watch your back because they are laying in wait for any opportunity to discredit you, [edited] or what ever other means they can use/exaggerate to put you down.

    Tom you are a good man so keep your chin up because these people will never forgive you for all the good that you have done and what you have achieved.

  2. And there was I, after having read the story about ‘opulence’ in the Guardian, thinking you might not be a cringing monarchist. But of course, like all other Labour Party members hoping to hold on to a seat, you are. The red flag doesn’t fly in Kidderminster, eh?

  3. Millions of pounds of tax payers cash is sent to the palace to keep these people in confort. Yet the people who do all the work in the palace are denied a decent wage as their claim for a wage increase has been rejected. What’s the Labour party going to do about this injustice Tom? Like one of the earlier comments I too think you are a good man. Surely the Royal family is now outdated. Give them all another place and the palace can be transforned into amuseum which will attract millions of visitors world wide. Sixty years ago after only ten days into my national service I was standing outside the palace gates during the changing of the guards when this huge figure of the seargent of the guards came bursting through the huge crowd and told me bluntly “salute now or I will see you get six months in prison” I haven’t been back but I would love to have a walk around this place of luxury as at the time we (four of us) were living in a one bedroomed flat in Gateshead with no hot running water and an outside toilet. I appreciated very much the conditions of my two years of army life

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