Day Two of the London Bridge stewards distraction attack

Thought you’d want to see that after Pritti Patel yesterday, it seems poor old  Michael Fallon, Conservative Party Deputy Chair is on the attack rota today.  I like and admire Michael. A tiny piece of his soul will have been extinguished with the tortured words below. I reproduce the Tory central office press release in its full glory:

Fallon: Miliband must condemn Tom Watson’s shameful Jubilee attack

Deputy Chairman of the Labour Party Tom Watson MP has yet to apologise for his remarks on Twitter dismissing the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations as a ‘show of opulence by state elites’. And Ed Miliband has yet to condemn the comments.

Commenting, Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Michael Fallon, said:

‘The Diamond Jubilee celebrations showed the best of British as the country came together to celebrate 60 years of service by our Queen.  For Labour’s Deputy Chairman to attack the Jubilee celebrations in this way is shameful. Ed Miliband must stop being weak and condemn these remarks.’


For further information, please contact the press office on 020 7984 8121.

Notes to editors

 ·         Tom Watson claimed that the Jubilee celebrations were a ‘show of opulence’.  Tom Watson tweeted ‘Young people as commodities with few rights in a show of opulence by state elites? Isn’t there a powerful symbolism to that’ (Tom Watson, Twitter, 6 June 2012, link).

 ·         Tom Watson has failed to apologise for his remarks.  In a blog post Tom Watson has claimed that his tweet was taken out of context but has failed to apologise for any offence that he may have caused (Tom Watson, Tom Watson MP Blog, 6 June 2012, link).

·        Ed Miliband has not passed any comment on his Deputy Chairman’s remarks.



4 thoughts on “Day Two of the London Bridge stewards distraction attack”

  1. One thing is for sure, you know you’ve got them rattled when they have to play the Queen card!

  2. Fallon sounds very American, doesn’t he? “the best of British” – “British” is an adjective – the best of British what? But what really grates is “60 years of service by our Queen”. The Queen is not our servant. For Fallon to refer to the Queen in such terms is infinitely more offensive than anything Tom Watson said.

  3. Someone should tell Fallon that the End Free Speech Bill from his government is NEXT month.

  4. Interesting wording there: “but has failed to apologise for any offence that he may have caused”. Apologising “for any offence that I may have caused” is what’s generally known as a non-apology apology. It’s like it’s all part of a big game, and you have to play by the rules and acknowledge any objection, however manifestly ill-founded, with an apology “for any offence that you may have caused”, then get on with things as before – rather than reserving apologies for when they’re actually needed, and when you intend to change your behaviour.

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