Tommy Sheridan: his conviction is unsound

Calling for an urgent review of the Sheridan conviction, Tom Watson said:

“Tommy Sheridan was convicted on an 8 to 6 verdict of a jury in a Scottish court. Mr Sheridan lost his liberty and is still the subject of restrictions on his movement.

“The detention of Andy Coulson further highlights why Mr Sheridan’s conviction was unsound. It is now abundantly clear that members of the jury were not in full possession of the facts. If they knew what the police now know, It seems impossible not to conclude that Mr Sheridan would be a free man.

“His conviction should be urgently reviewed. And if the first minister has any honour, he would launch an immediate inquiry into illicit information techniques practiced by News International’s employees in Scotland.”

5 thoughts on “Tommy Sheridan: his conviction is unsound”

  1. Definitely – I wonder how long it will take for such an inquiry to take place. I can’t see Alex Salmond rushing to defend Tommy Sheridan any time soon…

  2. Suggesting that Alec Salmond opens an inquiry is like asking Cameron to tax the Banks !!!!

  3. You should write to David Cameron and request that he writes to the First Minister to have Tommy Sheridan’s conviction reviewed !

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