Response to Tony Blair’s comments at Leveson

During the Leveson inquiry today, Robert Jay asked Tony Blair whether he had received emails from Rebekah Brooks suggesting that she exact some form of retribution for my resignation in 2006. He dismissed the claim.

This puts me in a difficult position because the person who told me does not want their name to be made public, but given Mr Blair’s outright dismissal of the claim, I feel I have to give further comment.

I was told by a former cabinet minister, a victim of hacking, just over two weeks ago that evidence to prove my claim exists and is held by Operation Weeting. The former Secretary of State, who is considered very close to Tony Blair, told me there is evidence to show Rebekah Brooks made the offer to exact retribution for the resignation. The minister said that the evidence shows that Tony Blair did not reject the offer. This of course was his choice, but it was a choice – one given to him by Brooks.

The evidence about the text messages from Rebekah Brooks regarded a person close to Tony Blair’s successor, Gordon Brown. I know who this person is but choose to protect their privacy. The text messages existed last time I checked though.

I think it probably best that I say no more on this matter. It’s better we all move on.

4 thoughts on “Response to Tony Blair’s comments at Leveson”

  1. It’ll all come out in the wash eventually
    I’m not convinced about moving on just yet

  2. Tom Watson’s option is the better one – trust the people to decide. We’re smarter than any of them think.

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