Reviews of Dial ‘M’ for Murdoch

“You will be gobsmacked by this account”, Guardian.
“written like a thriller…a gripping account”, Joan Smith, Amazon.
“The book to sink an empire?”, Open Democracy

“A devastating book about a very dark media an political scandal”, Independent on Sunday

“…the fullest account yet of the sordid saga”, Observer

“it wasn’t journalism, it was corporate espionage”. New Statesman


4 thoughts on “Reviews of Dial ‘M’ for Murdoch”

  1. Well done Tom and Martin. This book should be essential reading in every school and sixth form college in the UK – educating kids in”decoding” the Press and understanding the agendas of proprietors and journalists would be extremely helpful in ensuring that a situation like this never arises again. Very glad to see you mention the moment in this whole saga (which many viewers and commentators seem to have missed) which I found the most audacious of all: when Glenn Mulcaire, without a trace of irony, asked the reporters outside his home to respect the privacy of his wife and family. You just couldn’t make it up.

  2. An inspirational account of how a handful of people stood up to Murdochs evil empire and shamed the powers that be into action… and if Tom Watson is not a hero then that word must mean something completely different to what I think it means.

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