Dial ‘M’ for Murdoch – News Corporation and the corruption of Britain

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Very excited to say we’ve finally finished the book. It’s out this Thursday. I have a hunch it will be one of the most attacked books this year! Will tell you more about it later today but if you can let your networks know about it, I’d really appreciate it.

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  1. Hi Tom.

    It’s wonderful news that the book produced by you and Martin is due out this Thursday. I love the title! Very clever. As a Wapping veteran (1986/1987) I am very anxious to purchase this long-overdue book.

    Congratulations on the great work you have done and are still doing. You are the kind of person who gives politicians a GOOD name!

    Kindest regards,

    Michael Flood.

  2. Great job Mr Watson!
    Well done to yourself, Mr Mark Lewis and others involved, who have put their integrity and professional careers on the line to expose one of the biggest political scandals in UK history.
    Lets hope theres a follow up next year! 😀

    Daniel Hurley

  3. Well done on the quick turnaround guys! It took my 3 years to write my first book. I am really looking forward to getting a copy later today. Proud of both your efforts.

  4. In the Telegraph, March 15, 2002, Becky Barrow reported that “NDS, … has two of Mr Murdoch’s children, James and Lachlan, working for it …” This raises some very interesting questions that might shed light on Rupert Murdoch’s knowledge of NDS activities:

    What was their role in the company?
    Wouldn’t they be up to their necks in any illegal activities by NDS?
    What did Rupert’s sons, both tapped as heir apparent (at different times) to be chairman of News Corporation, tell their father about NDS?

    Great work so far. Good luck at the hearings. I look forward to reading the book.

  5. I look forward to the book and plan to preorder it..

    When James Murdoch is before Leveson next week, someone should ask him what he did for NDS in 2002 when he worked for them. Someone should ask Rupert if James and Lachlan (who is also reported to have worked for NDS in 2002) informed him on the NDS support of pay TV piracy.

    On 15 March 2002, in an article on charges of NDS pay TV piracy ( http://tinyurl.com/6p9yumt ), The Telegraph reported that both Murdoch sons we “working for” NDS at that time. Curious, isn’t it.

  6. Well done Watson. Though I fear this next chase may prove something of a wild goose one. Might it not turn out to be an example of hacking in reverse. It concerns alleged restriction of access to certain selected freeview media streams, via the hacking of routine tuner upgrades. If confirmed, machinations worthy of Moriarty himself. Remember. When you have eliminated ignorance, what’s left may prove alimentary.

  7. I have read Dial M for Murdoch. Even though I have followed events from the time Murdoch took over the Sun, including watching most of the Leveson hearings, there were parts of the book that came as a surprise. But the information is only part of the story. This is a thriller as well as an exposition of dirty deeds. Can information be unearthed before the “Move along, nothing happening here” brigade manage to close down all the investigations?
    Good people are silenced and those calculating their chances move over to the dark side – even if reluctantly. Like any real-life mafia organisation there is no guarantee that the criminals will face justice. And all the time the good, box-standard average, and a few very special people, suffer for no reason other than they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or chose not to ignore the wrong doing.

    It’s a thriller and it’s a thriller that continues in real life.

    Tom’s book will be beside me as I watch series three of Leveson from 23rd April (St George’s Day). An essential reference as well as background reading whilst we see just how politicians were suborned to do what suited Murdoch.

  8. Excellent book, I have waited years for this and have not suffered the pains that you and your colleagues obviously have, (but it felt like it at the time). It was great to see Rees and Fillery mentioned as well. WELL BLOODY DONE!

  9. Finished reading on Kindle last Sunday, enthralling catalogue of the wrongdoing at NI and campaign in uncovering the deviousness. This is what politicians are meant to do. Carry on and finish the job.

  10. Halfway through, finding it hard to put down.

    Brilliant to have all the current knowledge and info (there will I am sure be much, much more) presented in a book rather than as piece meal over the years.
    Thank you and well done for hanging in there, year after year and with so much crap coming at you.

  11. Thanks Mr Watson Keep Up The Great Work! Lots of love and best wishes always, Mrs Astrid London…

  12. I’ve been following the phone hacking story since the very beginning. I never believed that editors would not know the sources of ‘scoop’ stories and I’m glad the full picture and scale has come to light. Looking forward to reading your book!

  13. Downloaded the sample from Kindle store before going on holiday. Read it while away and was ‘hooked’: great story and compellingly written. BUT, now I cannot purchase from the Kindle store..it has disappeared! Why? Will it be back? If so, when?

  14. Good Day Sir. Tom, thank you for your great and somewhat scary book, “Dial M for Murdoch”. You and your fellow writer Martin have produced a must read book. I was luckly to find a copy yesterday at the Asia Book store in Bangkok, could not put the book down and finished it at 6am this morning.
    Greeting from The great mango.
    With Regards.

  15. In Avengers Assemble, the sequel, I hear an additional member will be appearing with a superpower of fearless truthtelling. It is a power that can humble empires. The new hero has no need of mask, nor cape, nor shield. His name is Watson, Tom Watson M.P. Thank you, Tom, for making us all believe that, in this cynic-soaked damp island of cosy compromise, that there are still good guys, and that they can still win. The book is cool,and so are you.
    Our next Prime Minister, after Ed Miliband wins the election, God/Allah/Buddah willing ? Should we start a petition?

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