Comment on today’s Sunday Times revelations that Rebekah Brooks is prepared to provide the Leveson inquiry with all her private emails and texts to David Cameron.

The revelation in today’s Sunday Times, that Rebekah Brooks stands ready to disclose all emails and text messages between her and David Cameron is game changing.

If Lord Justice Leveson really does want to fully undertand the apparatus constructed by Rupert Murdoch’s executives, then the conversations that were meant to be forever private is the way to get there.

Yet is is not right, that only David Cameron is targeted in such a way. If, as it now appears, Brooks has retained meticulous digital records, then her email and text messages between the current PM and Chancellor and all former Prime Ministers and Chancellors should be disclosed to Leveson.

If this is done, then the country really will get to see how Rupert Murdoch operates in Britain.

15 thoughts on “Comment on today’s Sunday Times revelations that Rebekah Brooks is prepared to provide the Leveson inquiry with all her private emails and texts to David Cameron.”

  1. Rioters, or even people outside the “Chipping Norton Set” have phones confiscated / front doors burst open / IT equipment seized pretty much immediately.

    Like royalty, she continues to enjoy a privileged position, [NB remaining text deleted for legal reasons]

  2. The first perfect comment I have ever seen on the internet. Clear, complete, correct and SO important if there is to be a future for the Uk, or for England, other than as a safe haven “banana republic”. See Rich List, QED. (appologies to legit countries which actually rely on the exports of bananas)

  3. Originally from Canada but now a British citizen, there is one thing that I have never understood about the British justice system: why do the police rely on suspects to volunteer material evidence rather than seize it by search/seizure warrant when there is clear evidence of criminal activity?

    All the material that was made available to the police and/or the Leveson inquiry by the Murdoch empire was clearly selected for its content and for the desired effect to be achieved. How can it be assumed emails and sms’s have not been forged or modified to suit some purpose?

    It all seems so bizarre to me that criminals are trusted to tell the truth and hand out proof of their crimes! [Edited]

    On a different but related topic, I have enormous admiration for your determination to expose the truth on these matters. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. @ paul cardin – agreed!

    Why oh WHY is this contrast in treatment ALLOWED, UNREMARKED by any politician??? What is PM question time for???

  5. Are we sure that all emails and text messages are available and not just those that haven’t been deleted or destroyed from hard drives?

    Similarly, all messages passing between News International employees and Government Ministers, past and present, may prove to be in the “public interest” the media line for justification for most of their “stories”.

  6. Yes but what has happened to the laptop that Rebeka Brooks husband tried to put in the rubbish?

  7. As the dealings between News International appear to be somewhat Indirect in places, shouldn’t we also get emails and text messages between Brooks and Coulson too? and Coulson and Cameron?

  8. The trouble is, former Prime Ministers incldues Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, who was the only Member of Parliament whose expenses claim details were shredded in time.

    This is not a man who ever used e-mail to any significant extent, so the effect of “full disclosure” of e-mails will incriminate everyone who did use e-mail and absolve those who did not, but who might well have communicated more directly and more venally.

  9. You’re absolutely right, of course, if any such messages are to be disclosed then it’s essential that it applies to communications with all recent PMs and government ministers, not just the incumbents.

    It does bother me a bit, though, that we may be heading for a situation where ministers (and maybe even MPs) will be reluctant to have any kind of informal communication with anyone at all other than orally, face to face, and insist on all formal communication continuing to be in writing. That would be a distinctly retrograde step. It’s hard enough now to get some politicians to use the Internet effectively and be a bit less formal in their communication with outsiders, and that’s only going to get worse if they feel that anything, even a throwaway remark via email or text, might later have to be disclosed.

  10. Hi,

    Sorry, didn’t know how else to get in touch, and this out there.

    Why is no one (inc. politician or thought-leader) calling for the break-up of all british News Corp. assets, already.

    Sky tv’s content from retail platform and commercial distribution, the papers, Harper Collins, shine, other TV production, a multitude of other b2b and digital operations, et al – the UK needs to be de-clawed/fanged from all the overwhelming power a single foreign company has had in such fundamental aspects of the country [edited] and completely corroding our institutions and culture.

    How many opportunities will there be, and it would be completely like how AT&T in America was fragmented to the benefit of all.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yours kindly,

    SR – Still scared because I have ambitions in the media-industry, business, etc.

  11. Well Done!

    How refreshing that an MP speaks his mind
    with honesty and conviction.

    It’s what any reasonable member of this planet that we live on has been saying for a long time.

    How high will this go? interesting!

  12. The question to ask is not “what” but “why”. Why did Rebekah Brooks volunteer through the Sunday Times to release her correspondence with David Cameron to the Leveson inquiry?
    Considering the events of the last few days, it sure sounds to me like a very, very loud warning to David Cameron…

  13. NI managed to delete emails or destroy computers which incriminated them, but kept meticulous digital records when it involves other people…….

  14. Not good enough! One law for the rich and powerful and one for the poor. I’ve been waiting a long long time for Rupert Murdoch’s comeuppence eversince he colluded with Margaret Thatcher in moving the print media from Fleet Street in THE DEAD OF THE NIGHT and for the pair of them ruining so many lives.

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