Comment on today’s Sunday Times revelations that Rebekah Brooks is prepared to provide the Leveson inquiry with all her private emails and texts to David Cameron.

The revelation in today’s Sunday Times, that Rebekah Brooks stands ready to disclose all emails and text messages between her and David Cameron is game changing.

If Lord Justice Leveson really does want to fully undertand the apparatus constructed by Rupert Murdoch’s executives, then the conversations that were meant to be forever private is the way to get there.

Yet is is not right, that only David Cameron is targeted in such a way. If, as it now appears, Brooks has retained meticulous digital records, then her email and text messages between the current PM and Chancellor and all former Prime Ministers and Chancellors should be disclosed to Leveson.

If this is done, then the country really will get to see how Rupert Murdoch operates in Britain.

Reviews of Dial ‘M’ for Murdoch

“You will be gobsmacked by this account”, Guardian.
“written like a thriller…a gripping account”, Joan Smith, Amazon.
“The book to sink an empire?”, Open Democracy

“A devastating book about a very dark media an political scandal”, Independent on Sunday

“…the fullest account yet of the sordid saga”, Observer

“it wasn’t journalism, it was corporate espionage”. New Statesman


A rebuttal to Peter Dominiczak and his friend, Lynton Crosby

From the magic of Twitter, I can see that Peter Dominiczak of the London evening standard is about to write a partial account of an interview I did on LBC this morning. So here’s what I was trying to say. Just so that I can be clear:

1. The race in London is neck and neck.
2. There are a number of people who tell us on the doorstep that they would vote Labour if there was a general election tomorrow but are currently considering voting Conservative because they either a; like Boris Johnson or b; don’t like Ken.
3. I was trying to say that it is imporant for our campaign to convince these people that even if they didn’t like Ken they should consider voting Labour because David Cameron would claim victory if Boris wins, and from what our campaigners on the ground say, the last thing this group want to do is give an endorsement to David Cameron.
4. I also reminded people of Ken’s pledge on fares – which Nick Ferrari didn’t believe but I do.
5. There is a great picture of Ken and his beautiful labrador dog in today’s Guardian. That prompted me to crack the Harry Truman maxim about politicians and dogs.
6. Peter Dominicazak is already tweeting about this claiming I am suggesting Ken is in trouble. That’s not true. I fear Peter Dominiczak, a man I have never knowingly spoken to, will already have filed a misleading story.
7. You see what I am doing here Peter Domiczak?

Ed Vaizey has met with NDS – Interesting…

Our Ref: 203621

Dear Mr Watson,

Thank you for your request of 30 March asking for the following:

“[…] list the date and purpose of all meetings between ministers in your department and representatives of the company NDS since 11 May 2010.”

I have dealt with your request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I am able to release the information you requested.

Information is held for one Ministerial meeting with NDS since 11 May 2010. Ed Vaizey visited NDS’s head offices in Jerusalem on Monday 5 March 2012 along with a delegation of leading UK media and broadcasting companies, as part of a 2 day programme (3 days for the delegation) which sought to explore the potential for collaboration with Israeli new media companies.