Was Rupert Murdoch aware of the bail conditions imposed on his staff when he lifted their suspension?

Mr Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM
Metropolitan Police Service
New Scotland Yard

20 February 2012

Dear Commissioner,

Bail conditions of staff at News International

You will have seen reports that Rupert Murdoch has personally lifted the suspensions of journalists at The Sun newspaper, arrested on suspicion of offences relating to bribery, corruption and similar.

In his email to staff on this matter, Mr Murdoch made a point of saying “We are doing everything we can to assist those who were arrested…they are welcome to return to work”.

We are all keen to see good journalists employed in the conduct of excellent public interest reporting. I do not want to see Mr Murdoch’s actions undermine your investigation though. Mr Murdoch must not be aware of the terms of the bail that was awarded to his employees. The ‘no contact’ terms were there for a reason.

Are you satisfied that vital evidence will be secure as a result of Mr Murdoch’s actions?

It is known that for many years News International has destroyed evidence and obstructed police and Parliamentary enquiries into its corrupt and illegal practices.

It seems remarkable that the people being investigated of such serious crimes should be put in a position that makes it impossible to determine whether bail terms have been breached.

Can you please confirm that you have secured computer and paper filing systems? The public will think it odd that the circumstances that lead to the bail of a number of high profile individuals will allow them to be in the proximity of evidence that can be tampered with.

Your assurance that all such evidence will be secure from further depredations will put my mind at ease.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Tom Watson
Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East

6 thoughts on “Was Rupert Murdoch aware of the bail conditions imposed on his staff when he lifted their suspension?”

  1. This is a vitally important letter you have written to the Met.

    Let’s look for a moment at what’s go on. The moment the MSC is set up, the 350m emails are made available to the Police. I’m not exactly sure in ehich order but that’s the sume of it. The MSC is controlled by the Murdochs. A few journos and others are outed. But I bet nothing will on the Murdochs themselves.

    In other words it’s a scam to control the agenda, and get hold of those emails in torality I expect the damning ones realting to the family will be missing.

    At the same time Murdoch throws a biscuit to those he has betrayed saying they can have their jobs back and launches the Sun on Sunday a NoTW clone.

    IT MUST BE STOPPED, [Edited]

  2. Well, we’ll soon see if this is a genuine inquiry by the police or just another pretence. Their track record over the phone hacking affair leaves us with no confidence at all.

  3. Good on you ,Tom , Get that Murdoch and his henchmen
    who run “newspapers” like a Mafia ! we have the same in Australia . [Edited]

  4. All the more reason why Tom Watson and Chris Bryant should keep hammering away. As the Duke of Wellington used to say: “Hard pounding, gentlemen, hard pounding!”

    More strength to your elbows, and good luck.


  5. That letter was dated 20 feb 2012. I’m assuming
    Mr Bernard Hogan – Howe has yet to respond. We ‘the public’ eagerly await the response to this
    important letter, and if I am wrong in my assumption could the honorable Mr Watson please publish Mr Hogan-Howes response. (excuse me if the response is located within this website, I am yet to find it – perhaps under the letter above would be the best location). WE WANT TO KNOW AND WE HAVE THAT RIGHT)

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