19 July 2011 extract from interview with Rebekah Brooks

Q437 Mr Watson: In your letter to us in 2009, you said that you did not recall meeting Glenn Mulcaire. You will appreciate that this is an inadequate answer in the circumstances, and that we require a specific response to our questions. Did you ever have any contact, directly or through others, with Glenn Mulcaire?

Rebekah Brooks: No. None whatsoever.

Q438 Mr Watson: Would your former diary secretary, Michelle, be able to confirm that?

Rebekah Brooks: Michelle?

Mr Watson: Your former diary secretary.

Rebekah Brooks: I’ve had a PA for 19 years called Cheryl.

Mr Watson: Okay. Would your PA be able to confirm that?

Rebekah Brooks: Absolutely.

Q439 Mr Watson: Does she hold your diary for the last 19 years?

Rebekah Brooks: No, she probably doesn’t. We don’t keep that for 19 years, but she may have something from back then. I don’t know.

Q440 Mr Watson: Would it be in a paper format or an electronic format?

Rebekah Brooks: I did not meet Mr Mulcaire.

Mr Watson: I am talking about your diary. Is it in electronic format or a paper format?

Rebekah Brooks: It would have been in a paper format until very recently.

Q441 Mr Watson: Okay. Do you think Glenn Mulcaire would deny that he ever met you?

Rebekah Brooks: I am sure he would, although-yes; it’s the truth.

Q442 Mr Watson: Were you aware of the arrangement that News Group Newspapers had with Mr Mulcaire while you were the editor of News of the World and The Sun?

Rebekah Brooks: No.

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