Swiftcover: They’re not very swift

I’ve just sent this to swiftcover. No doubt they’ll ignore it but at least potential customers who read this blog will know of my experience with them:

It is now more that 36 hours since my car was reported to the breakdown service I paid for with the annual insurance renewal. How long have we been together now, is it two or three years? In all that time, never have I troubled you.

That is, until the day before yesterday. 14 calls later, my car has still not been delivered to the Toyota garage in South London as agreed on call number one. It’s almost like you have kidnapped my vehicle.

This is not the level of service I expect. Indeed, it is shoddy and unacceptable.

Your failure to apply the most basic standards of service has not just inconvenienced colleagues at work, it has caused difficulty for my family.

I must ask that you pull your socks up, sort out my problem and come back to me with some proposal for how you can put this matter right.

The car registration is XXXX

One last thing: It may be a pointless endeavour but I have started to raise your poor service across an array of social networks. It relieves the ennui of dealing with the passive aggressive people you employ to take “service” calls at the contact centre.

John Yates on Lucy Panton

Culture Media & Sport Select Committee – 24th March 2011.

Q78 Jim Sheridan: How would you describe you relationship with Lucy Panton?

John Yates: I have known Lucy for a number of years. I have been around crime and serious crime for probably the best part of 15, 20 years. I have known Lucy for ages, actually.

Q79 Jim Sheridan: Do you have any other friends at News International?

John Yates: Currently?

Jim Sheridan: Well, even then. Old friends/new friends?

John Yates: Yes, probably – I have to think about who has been there, who has not been there and where they have gone since. No, there would be a number of people I know. Again, I have been around serious crime for 20 years; you are going to come across journalists in every walk of life. It is not unusual.

Q80 Jim Sheridan: But do you not think it would be unusual, given the circumstances at that time for you to have dinner and social arrangements with people who are being investigated?

John Yates: Hang on, News International is a big firm. It is like saying someone cannot have dinner with me because a detective inspector in Bromley has been nicked for corruption. It is absurd. If they were suspects, absolutely not right, but they were not at that point, as far as I am aware they are not now, and if they did become then clearly that makes a huge difference.

Q81 Jim Sheridan: Have you met any of the Murdoch family?

John Yates: Not that I am aware of.

More People Now Say the Tories are ‘Old & Tired’ than Labour

It looks like David Cameron should get plenty of sleep this Christmas. In YouGov’s regular tracking question about party image, last week – for the first time – more people now say the Conservatives look ‘old and tired’ (32%) than Labour (31%).

This is an interesting indicator of public opinion. You can’r read too much into it but it definitely shows the Tories are now considered the establishment. It’s harder for them to promote the “it’s all Labour’s fault” defence with ratings like this:

Party Image Graph