Did Andy Coulson register News International payments?

In accordance with Resolutions made by the House of Commons on 17 December 1985 and 28 June 1993, holders of photo-identity passes as Members’ secretaries or research assistants are in essence required to register:

· Any occupation or employment for which they receive over £329 from the same source in the course of a calendar year, if that occupation or employment is in any way advantaged by the privileged access to Parliament afforded by their pass.

· Any gift (eg: jewellery) or benefit (eg: hospitality, services or facilities) they receive in the course of a calendar year, if the value of the gift or benefit exceeds £329 and if it in any way relates to or arises from their work in Parliament.

If Andy Coulson did receive a remuneration package from News international after leaving the company, this could be perceived as influencing his behaviour/conduct as a privileged Commons passholder. It should have been declared in the Register of Members’ Secretaries and Research Assistants

Register of members assitants interests form

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  1. This borders on being irrelevant to the post, but today’s ‘mafia boss’ imagery was hugely entertaining…

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