5 thoughts on “Response from Solicitors Regulation Authority – Harbottle & Lewis”

  1. Keep going Mr Watson brilliant although watch our for smears these characters will try anything

    ps I am from Liverpool and lost a student at Hillsborough it is of some comfort that Murdoch’s problems are mounting- I still cannot understand why the BBC invites McKenzie to appear on their programmes, would Richard Dimbley or James Cameron have given him the time of day ?


  2. During the select committee hearings before the summer recess I was suprised that nobody asked the direct questions:

    “Who lodged the file with H&L?”
    “Who set their terms of reference for their review ?”
    “Who at H&L was responsible for assessing the contents the file and was a peer review of this assessment performed?”.

    As an engineer, I would not dream of issuing such a document without several layers of quality assurance and checking of: basis, methodology, uncertainties, conclusions and recommendations.

    Lets hope this process will shed some light on the above.

    Much respect and admiration for the tenacity and vigor with which you are pursuing this matter.


  3. I was wondering if the SRA ever got anywhere with this investigation? I was reading a blog about the poor performance of the SRA in that 98% of complaints from the public about solicitors in 2009 didn’t lead to any sanctions. Hopefully you got a better response?

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