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  1. Lets have them all published on wikileaks. That way we can see what dirt NoTW holds on MPs.

  2. NotW is published by News International, which isn’t being liquidated. It’s just a brand being withdrawn: News of the World Ltd is a non-trading company, and it’s not clear that that is even being liquidated.

  3. Hi tom – could you just clear a few things up for me. Does this mean to say that –

    a) they are within their rights to destroy any material they like

    b) its probable that a liquidator will destroy as its cheaper then warehousing?

    Also, could you clarify what you are stating about claims? If someone is making a claim against the NOTW and its liquidated, what do mean by default? Plead guilty to a charge?


    Ps. Keep up the brilliant work. You have been amazing for the duration of this issue and I wish you were my local mp so i could proudly say i voted for you.

  4. Really just wanted to thank you Tom, you’ve been doing amazing, sterling work on behalf of all of us & I am so grateful. The above letter tallies with my fears, this is exactly what I’ve been thinking might happen, the shutting of NOTW kills many birds with one stone. I am somewhat bewildered that the police didn’t raid & seal the offices at the earliest opportunity to seize computers, documentation, etc. In my mind it is paramount to a crime scene.
    I do wish you luck & every success with this very important work, you’ve set the tone and made a massive contribution to our knowledge & understanding. Oh for more politicians like you.

  5. I think it would be reprehensible.. if not criminal ..if this was to happen. I wonder what response will be forthcoming from this letter. Surely the destruction of ‘evidence’ is a criminal act?

  6. Well done Tom! You are doing a wonderful job. This is exactly the next challenge to ensure these people do not destroy evidence. Hoping you get some time off at some stage.
    Best wishes,
    Rosie Much

  7. This is a hugely important issue Tom – and it’s the first that I’ve heard anything about this. I think this should be raised at Ed Miliband’s level to make sure there is public scrutiny on this. People are talking about the cynicism of closing the paper whilst keeping Rebekah Brooks in post, but if a deeper intention is to be able to destroy incriminating records then a huge injustice will have no chance of being righted.

    Good luck and please up the good work you’re doing on this!


  8. Tom,

    You may be interested in this post I’ve written on ‘how to hit Murdoch where it really hurts’ (and to the right thing at the same time….)

  9. Except NotW is simply a brand of News Group Newspapers so it’s hardly being wound up in the traditional sense. One could simply call it a cynical rebranding excercise. This also explains why staff are being made redundant and given new roles elsewhere in the organisation rather than just being out on the street.

    This seems like unecessary scaremongering and you’d be better off concentrating on the real issues of the case, rather than making up imaginary ones.

  10. Is closing down the paper a smokescreen to closing down the website? Just received an email from NoW that the site will close on Sunday too. This means no more access to the archives and therefor difficult for ‘ordinary’ people to research back stories. The clues to wrongdoing are surely in the stories….

  11. When the King(Royals),media barons,vested interests,land owners or one section or another get too powerfull or control freaks and tyarrany reins,then English/Britihs folks have rebbled some times with terrible consequences.i.e Queen Bodicea.
    Indeed,it was General Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell,who gathered with yeomen and locals as well Charles the 1st who didnt listen to masses who were suffering through endless wars of Bishops and King and were fed uf paying taxes which were back breaking and led to civil war.Many would say and think that isnt the situation the same once again with wars in Iraq,Libya,Afghnaisthan and cosy relations between media,royals and freesmason and what not so mass of english /britihs folks who are loosing thier jobs,who find it hard to make ends meet are in revolt and disgusted and fed up with the antics of the rulling clan.hence,thansk be to God for stalwart MP Tom Watson for persuaing through peacefull means to get justice and protect democracy in our land,once an honourable country some would look back with nostalgia.

  12. I like this very much indeed. I fear it won’t make much difference, but keep the pressure on!

    In a merger/monopoly decision where we can reasonably accuse the political decision makers of bias and corruption, why not put it to a referendum? Then fix it.

  13. It would seem me appropriate for the entire News International SITE to be sealed by a Non-London & independant Police body until all Police and other investigations are completed

  14. Just like to say I amongst others, am immensely proud of your stance and comments regarding News International,and illegal activities. You’ve demonstrated principle and courage, two qualities all parliamentary representatives should have but many lack. Wishing you the very best of success in all future activities.


    Beth Greene

  15. I agree with your letter absolutely. But do governments or individual politicians have any control over powerful [edited] men such as the Murdochs? I hope I’m wrong and that you and others will tame this cancer but I’m not holding my breath.

  16. Given statements made by some of the most senior police officers to the House of Commons Home affairs Committee that the original inquiry was obstructed and that the head of the present inquiry said that it took two months of negotiation before progress was made in obtaining cooperation any decision to destroy documents and data records at the News of World should be treated as perverting the course of justice

  17. Congratulations Mr Watson … I’m a floating voter, but it has slowly dawned on me that you’re one of the key people that made all this happen … Well Done … we need more people like you in the Commons …

  18. I wouldn’t hold your breath on a reply to this. Apparently the man is busy until the 10th of August.

  19. Tom,

    Congratulations on what has been a splendid campaign. A slightly belated response to this post:

    Any destruction of documents when criminal charges are being contemplated could itself be a criminal offence – perverting the course of justice. A cynic would say that’s a risk News International might be prepared to run to protect its executives. But I doubt a liquidator would be willing to do this. Given they have personal liability – and nothing to gain – insolvency practitioners tend to be extremely cautious beasts, even in run of the mill liquidations and insolvencies. A liquidator has a duty to creditors and potential creditors – destroying evidence that might be relevant to those creditors’ claims would be a breach of fiduciary duty, for which again the liquidator would be personally liable. This would make any liquidator think very carefully before authorising the destruction of emails etc, and the potential for criminal liability would likely terrify them.

    So my conclusion would be the opposite of yours – if there is a separate News of the World company and it goes into liquidation then that is probably good news, because a liquidator has every incentive to preserve evidence. Whether News Corp would let a subsidiary become insolvent is another question…


  20. Good work, Tom! I’ve been reading your wiki page (as you can’t be [edited] to write your own) and the more I read, the more I was impressed. You really do have some [edited] and campaign for real people. I know some of your moves might have made you a little (!) out of favour with your own party, but I really admire you. You’re now my No. 1 politician, and I predict great things for your future.
    Mandy (Labour party member and campaigner for Ken Livingstone)

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