John Yates met Neil Wallis after Operation Weeting was launched

26 January 2011
Scotland Yard begins a fresh inquiry, Operation Weeting, into the phone-hacking scandal after receiving “significant new information” from News International.

24 March 2011
At a hearing of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee on 24 March, Assistant Commissioner John Yates admits to meeting Neil Wallis after Operation Weeting was launched.

Q90 Mr Watson: When did you last meet Mr Wallis for lunch or dinner?

John Yates: I have known Neil for a number of years. I cannot recall the last time.

Q91 Mr Watson: Could it be this year?

John Yates: Yes. What are we, April? It could easily be.

Q92 Mr Watson: Could it be February?

John Yates: It may well be.

6 thoughts on “John Yates met Neil Wallis after Operation Weeting was launched”

  1. Tom, congratulations on your efforts so far. Can you push the Prime Minister to extend his register for politicians contact with journalists to the police – so that either police officers are prohibited from meeting journalists in a non-professional capacity at a station or have to record such meetings? Lack of opportunity to meet would eliminate much opportunity for bribery.

  2. Finally the truth is coming out! Though there is much more yet to come. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks Tom for all you do to bring back genuine freedoms,democracy to UK and re establish English rule of law:No one is above the law,neither the King or a commoner or PM tom,dick or harry.
    Indeed,your name sake,General Fairfax of Yorkshire,abley assisted by Oliver Cromwell brought the King to heal,alas with a load of loss of life of high and mighty and common blighters and perishers as Englishman were known then and now.But atleast in your case,it has been a blood less campaign to restore openess and transparent media who are not the rullers but part of the masses who are accountable through the joe blog,the elctorate through thier elected ,paid MPs by tax paying citizens ,common or other wise as human being,regardless of race,colour,sex,creed and of faith and none.Indeed,General Fairfax,Black Tom would be well pleased by your efforts.with best wishes,

  4. Isn’t this enquiry a waste of time and money? Does anyone expect any of those involved to tell the truth? Yates said he ‘asked’ Wallis if he had involvement with hacking (can’t remember his exact words). He was assistant commissioner: is that how the police investigate? Just ask the suspect and accept his word? The Murdochs and Brooks say they didn’t know the extent of the hacking etc. In that case they were at least failing in their duty. When the subject was first raised years ago they should have instituted rigorous procedures to ensure that it did not continue/happen again: but as the tone of an organisation comes from its senior executives [redacted]. I am also concerned about a Prime Minister who employs Andy Coulson as his communications director. [Redacted] If so Mr. Cameron is at the very least a bad judge of character and unwise in his choice of poeple with whom to surround himself.

  5. The News of the World phone hacking corruption is a scandal, and a serious one that must be exposed. And I for one am grateful you are doing this.
    But so was the BT/Phorm affair.
    Why was there no Parliamentary investigation into that scam? Why wasn’t Ian Livingston questioned in Committee? Why wasn’t Kent Ertugrul forced to give evidence? Why weren’t the Police/CPS asked to explain their failure to investigate and prosecute? Why wasn’t the ICO invited to explain their inaction?

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