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Response from Solicitors Regulation Authority – Harbottle & Lewis

John Yates met Neil Wallis after Operation Weeting was launched

26 January 2011
Scotland Yard begins a fresh inquiry, Operation Weeting, into the phone-hacking scandal after receiving “significant new information” from News International.

24 March 2011
At a hearing of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee on 24 March, Assistant Commissioner John Yates admits to meeting Neil Wallis after Operation Weeting was launched.

Q90 Mr Watson: When did you last meet Mr Wallis for lunch or dinner?

John Yates: I have known Neil for a number of years. I cannot recall the last time.

Q91 Mr Watson: Could it be this year?

John Yates: Yes. What are we, April? It could easily be.

Q92 Mr Watson: Could it be February?

John Yates: It may well be.

Letter to James Murdoch