PM and Deputy PM lead different lives

I guess the real story of the hospitality and diaries of David Cameron and Nick Clegg is how they lead different lives. Nick Clegg has hardly met anyone, though he did meet the Metropolitan Police in July – what was that about? David Cameron however has had an action packed life. Rupert Murdoch was one of his first guests though presumably his visit will not be known in the future because private visits to the flat will not be registered in future publications. Their statements on transparency were a con but you’ll probably know that by now.

I’m going to publish an end of day roundup next, then hang up my boots for the day.

3 thoughts on “PM and Deputy PM lead different lives”

  1. 300k for a 3 day stop in Toronto? is that cost just the travel and accommodation or does that include security and the like?

    BA do first class tickets for £3k!

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