New You Gov poll: 52% of people think Andy Coulson should resign, 24% think he should remain.

You Gov say:

The majority of the public thinks that Downing Street’s Director of Communications Andy Coulson should be removed from office (pdf) and that investigations into the News of the World phone tapping affair should be reopened after fresh allegations, our survey reveals.

In 2007, the News of the World’s royal editor, Clive Goodman, and private investigator Glen Mulcaire, were jailed over conspiracy to intercept the voicemail of senior royal aides. The editor at the time, Coulson, denied all knowledge of the operation but accepted ‘ultimate responsibility’ and stepped down. He has since become David Cameron’s Director of Communications, but recent allegations have suggested that phone tapping was widespread at the paper and that Coulson was aware of its use.

Losing his job
Just over half the population (52%) believe the Government’s PR boss should lose his job because of this, compared to 24% who think that Coulson, who has denied the allegations and said he is ‘happy to voluntarily meet’ police to assist further investigation, should keep his position.

Strikingly, just 14% of the population think that the police conducted a full investigation of the phone tapping affair at the time. Although the Metropolitan Police maintain that they gave the Criminal Prosecution Service full access to the clear evidence gathered, almost half of the public (47%) say they do not believe a full investigation was carried out, and a considerable 54% of Brits believe that the police should re-open the investigation, compared to under a quarter (24%) who doesn’t think this necessary.
Editorial ethics
Although this case of illegal story acquisition is limited to News of the World, it appears that the general public do not have much faith in the ethics of other publications either. A staggering 80% of the public believe that other newspapers ‘probably do similar things’, and the News of the World reporter ‘just happened’ to get caught

11 thoughts on “New You Gov poll: 52% of people think Andy Coulson should resign, 24% think he should remain.”

  1. It’ll be very interesting if it comes to a straight choice between which version of the story a jury believes. Coulson clearly has everything to gain from saying he had no idea what was going on in his own newsroom, while an ex-employee would seem to have rather less to gain from telling, what would have to be a pack of lies.

  2. “Just over half the population” Oh come on, we know your just having a laugh now. Lets re-do that survey without the essay style questions forcing people down a path.

    Q. Should Andy Coulson be sacked
    96% Who?
    2% Yes
    1% No
    1% Is he on Eastenders?

  3. Do you know Andy if you are reading this blog you know that you have well and truly become the story…You should know your next move.

  4. I am a long-term LIb Dem voter but I came to your site after watching your speech today. I wanted to say well done and well said, the videos all cut off before the end, but I hope you got a few cheers from the others members. It’s rare for a politician to put what’s best for democracy ahead of “narrow party advantage” and I hope you have prodded a few into action today.

  5. Andy Coulson stands to make a lot of money from this scandal when he writes or sells his story to the press and others , in addition to this he will probably write his biography that will no doubt sell well because he will spin it as the full story and the untold truth, with all the spin to glamourise it . He must be counting the money already. Andy Coulson will be laughing.

  6. Big mistake by Cameron inviting him back to the new coalition government post-election. In July 2009, Cameron’s audacious response to the Andy Coulson affair was that he “believes in giving people second chances”. If Coulson were truly innocent then he wouldn’t have needed any second chances?

  7. Good on you Tom. Keep up the good work fighting the more sleazy element of the mainstream media.

    I know many are very supportive of your stance.

  8. I will be considerably more impressed when you move this on from Coulson (which is obviously purely partisan politics) to the wider press (anybody know how many times the Mirror and Guardian were caught out?) which is in the public interest.

  9. So? When did YouGov take over the running of the country? Don’t you get it? No-one outside the Labour Party is interested in this, and anything that has Prescott in a lather is simply comedy material. Heavens! His name was on a list of a journalist’s contacts. Human Rights breach. Human Rights breach.

    And this from your shower who wanted all of our communications to be monitored all the time

    Crawl back under your stone, Watson.

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