Wolverhampton by-election

I don’t normally post by-election results but this one is significant.  Lynda Leach won the Bilston North By-Election last night for Labour on a massive 13.1% swing from the Tories since May 6th. The Lib Dem vote collapsed (their vote was down over 90% since May 6th) and the Conservatives were roundly beaten by more than 800 votes.

The victory gives Labour our 30th seat of 60 on Wolverhampton Council and puts us a whisker away from overall control.

Lab 1292
Tory 460
BNP 131
Lib D 52

4 thoughts on “Wolverhampton by-election”

  1. Good!!!
    It’s a start. Let’s hope it will continue. Maybe the actions of this disaster we have, slashing without thought of consequences at the core of our national supporting structures, will trigger a few more memories of 18 years of Tory misrule. I am one of the lost generation and my own children are realising everything I predicted is coming true. I hope they don’t become ‘a lost generation’ too.

  2. Did the LibDems come 5th rather than 4th? You’ve listed them as having 52 votes with UKIP behind them, but on 55 votes. If they did come last, then it would only be fair to correctly represent that position in the list!

    It’s as if UKIP have upstaged the LibDems in UK politics – see Nigel Farage’s recent appearances on Newsnight and BBC Question Time, with no LibDem counterpart, as examples.

  3. yea – I’m guessing that if the Lib Dem voters from the last election got a re-run (knowing that they’re actually just voting Tory) the results of the election could well have been very different.

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