Extract from the BBC Charter

The BBC’s public nature and its objects

1. The BBC exists to serve the public interest.

2. The BBC’s main object is the promotion of its Public Purposes.

3. In addition, the BBC may maintain, establish or acquire subsidiaries through whichcommercial activities may be undertaken to any extent permitted by a FrameworkAgreement. (The BBC’s general powers enable it to maintain, establish or acquiresubsidiaries for purposes sufficiently connected with its Public Purposes…..

4.The Public PurposesThe Public Purposes of the BBC are as follows—

(a)sustaining citizenship and civil society;

(b)promoting education and learning;

(c)stimulating creativity and cultural excellence;

(d)representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities;2

(e)bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK;(f)in promoting its other purposes, helping to deliver to the public the benefit ofemerging communications technologies and services and, in addition, taking aleading role in the switchover to digital television.

5.How the BBC promotes its Public Purposes: the BBC’s mission to inform,educateand entertain

(1)The BBC’s main activities should be the promotion of its Public Purposes through theprovision of output which consists of information, education and entertainment, suppliedby means of—

(a)television, radio and online services;

(b)similar or related services which make output generally available and which may bein forms or by means of technologies which either have not previously been used bythe BBC or which have yet to be developed.


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