Osborne cancels tax relief for video games industy

“The UK’s video games industry will be rightly furious that a solemn promise made during the election has been broken six weeks later. It’s a short sited move and will lead to more developers being lured abroad to countries that understand the strategic importance of this expanding sector of the creative industries.

“Frankly, gamers, developers and publishers were misled by the Tories”

6 thoughts on “Osborne cancels tax relief for video games industy”

  1. Let the tiny video game industry leave if they really want too. That is the argument left wing Labour types use with CEO’s who say if you raise tax they will leave (and you raised tax to 62% when including scrapping higher rate allowance on NI). So please be consistent.

  2. I cannot see why the so-called video games “industry” should benefit from any State help at all. It is not essential; it does not appear to encourage anyone to work and produce anything worthwhile; and it causes a lot of people, especially young people, to waste time and avoid doing anyhtiong constructive with their lives. Further, the greatest beneficiaries are operating in a way not far removed from the finance industry which gathers the ill-informed flak of those who regularly contribute to this discussion.

  3. In Develop, Charles Cecil has confirmed the rumour that at least one foreign owned publisher has been actively lobbying against tax breaks since before March. They have apparently been doing so in secret and unknown to either TIGA or ELSPA.

    Charles states that the ministers told him we wouldn’t get tax breaks without a uniform voice. And yet, we don’t know who these dissenting voices are. Until a few days ago, most of us didn’t even know there were any dissenting voices.

    Can you confirm that 1 or more foreign owned publishers have been lobbying against tax breaks?

    How long have they been campaigning?

    Can you name and shame?

  4. I have no knowledge of this though I think your comment misses the point. TIGA provided one of the strongest cases for a tax break I have seen as a minister. ELSPA and leading industry figures like Iain Livingstone amplified the case.

    The proposed system went through the Treasury scrutiny process.

    The only people responsible for scuppering the proposals are the government. Do not be fooled into thinking anything else.

  5. I think this is a bad move this industry does bring in a lot of revenue, I am sure it will suffer from this broken promise. What worries me is how many more promises will be broken and what else will suffer?

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