Nick Clegg “the truth is….”

Many years ago I told myself that I would never blog in anger. So for now, I’ll just publish what this two-faced pompous wretch said before and after the election.

Nick Clegg before the election:

Let’s say there was a Conservative government, right. And let’s say a Conservative government announced in that sort of macho way, ‘we’re going to slash public spending by a third, we are going to slash this, we’re going to slash this, we’re going to do it tomorrow because we have to take early tough action’, just imagine the reaction of my constituents in South West Sheffiled.

Nick Clegg today:

“Sheffield Forgemasters is a great British company and as a Sheffield MP I regret that the Government cannot afford to support its expansion.

“The truth is that this loan was promised by the outgoing Labour Government as a calculated ploy to win support in Sheffield just ahead of the election – when they knew all along that there simply wasn’t the money to keep to that pledge in first place. In front of TV cameras Labour made all sorts of lofty promises, but behind closed doors they left notes telling this Government that there was no money left. This was a breathtakingly cynical way of raising false hope of everyone in Sheffield.

“I believe Sheffielders should be treated with greater honesty.

“At a time when the Government is spending more in interest on debt than it does on defending the nation or policing our streets, we have to take difficult choices to make sure taxpayers’ money is spent as wisely as possible. This Government will do all it can to help secure private finding for the expansion of Sheffield Forgemasters. I want us to give the company real help, not false promises of money that doesn’t even exist.”

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  1. Yep. The truth is Labour have splashed the cash, and as Liam Byrne wrote, there is none left.

    1.2 trillion of civil servants pensions liabilities all hidden off the books.

    Enron on steriods


  2. Words of a man who sold his soul for a bit of power, sad really. He’ll never be trusted again.

  3. Are you really surprised by principled Government decisions. Clegg should be applauded for taking hard decisions.

    I know in the Mandelsonian, spin obsessed Labour party that decisions were taken for political reasons, hence why spending was increased in Labour seats.

    This Government is cutting the deficit – Labour has said they would too but oppose every cut. Where would you cut?

  4. How about referring the appointment of the Deputy Prime Minister’s wife to be a senior paid member of the Desalination Body to the Standards Committee of the House of Commons for being totally improper bearing in mind that the said company has been lobbying the Government for some time about this aspect of water supplies..

    11 June 2010
    Deputy PM’s wife to join board of UK’s first desalination plant operators

    The Cleggs
    The firm behind the UK’s first desalination plant – which opened earlier this month on the River Thames – are close to adding the wife of the deputy prime minister to its board.

    The board of directors of Spanish-owned Acciona agreed, subject to share holder approval, the details of appointing Miriam González Durantez as a non-executive director yesterday (June 10).

    The offer has now been put to Ms González Durantez, who is married to the new deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, offering her a first directorship – should she accept.

    Ms González Durantez, who uses her maiden name for work, is currently a partner at DLA Piper, a UK-based law firm, where she heads up their international trade and EU law practice.

    Chairman of Acciona, José Manuel Entrecanales, said the planned appointment showed the firm’s ‘commitment to international expansion’.

    He added: “We are absolutely delighted to offer this directorship to Miriam.

    “Her experience at the European Commission and in international trade is invaluable to us and is totally in line with Acciona business strategy, we look forward to welcoming her.”

  5. I can see no sign that Clegg has been two faced here, He has been honest with the good people of Sheffield who have been callously let down by Labour. Perhaps you should only blog once you have had time to digest all the facts first Tom.

  6. A quick search in Google News, and I can’t find a detailed assessment of this decision. Just usual churnalism, adding a couple of tiny quotes to the information I’d already read in the Treasury’s official announcement.

    The Government (well, Chris Huhne, anyway) seems to be claiming they can “help get a private loan” for Forgemasters. Is that true? Who knows.

    The press ought to be writing about whether it is likely they can get the loan privately, and describing in more detail the financial situation of the company, and indeed the nuclear market that they are selling to. Plus a view of whether the original loan was political (it was made just before the election started and announced by Mandelson at the Forgemasters plant).

    Guess I’ll have to hope the Economist or the Financial Times write it up properly later, given the Government and today’s papers have failed to.

    I personally would like to see one more generation of nuclear power stations, because Climate Change is worrying enough we have to throw everything at it. Looks like a bad decision from that point of view, although it might explain why the anti-nuclear Lib Dems favour it.

    It’s actually quite encouraging that this is Nick Clegg’s constituency – it shows that the coalition isn’t favouring the constituencies of ministers when implementing cuts.

  7. Especially when David Willets let slip today that the Tory Democrat government doesn’t believe that investment in a single company is the role of government. Cuts that lose jobs for Tory ideological reasons all supported by Liberal excuses.

  8. the grant to sheffield forgemasters was to have been a significant element in the much needed effort to rebuild our manufacturing industry which was so badly damages by thatcher & then later poorly served by the blair government. nick clegg’s justification of the massive cuts to investment in sheffield are totally pathetic and indicate he has no real vision for the future of this country.

  9. “Many years ago I told myself I would never blog in anger.”

    And you have kept your word. Like most Labour blogs, this piece overflows with put-on-for-show self righteous indignation instead.

  10. It’s his pre-election views which were politically motivated drivel. Now he sees the realities in Government he has come to his senses! It’s your party that screwed things up Tom. Faux anger now fools no-one but those who support Labour come hell or high water.

  11. Not a cut… Chris Huhne was probably right when he asked why this supposed excellent investment, if it really was all that good, couldn’t be financed privately. For the government it’d cost £80m and would produce 160 jobs – at half a million quid per job that’s not value for money either.

  12. I agree I feel that the Lib dems should enjoy the power whilst they have it. It will not be repeated and this kind of hyprocrisy they have shown will ensure their power is short lived

  13. As individuals we learn from our experiences and change our views and minds over time. I think that Nick Clegg must be experiencing some sort of accelerated learning/experiences to change his in such a short time.

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