Jeremy Hunt on football related offences and the world cup

Forgive me, but I thought it had been shown that hooliganism had nothing to do with Hillsborough:

DM: …Staying with football, those footballers have just set the wrong example haven’t they, I mean so many people who have travelled out there, so many people who have been watching at home saying we really didn’t play as a team it is not an example to set to youngsters.

JH:   Well yeah of course it was disappointing because we have this enormous talent and for some reason they just didn’t gel as a team but I have to say, you know as a Minister I was incredibly encouraged by the example set by the England fans, I mean not a single arrest for a football related offensive and the terrible problems that we had in Heysel and Hillsborough in the 1980s seem now to be behind us and I think you know there is small grounds for encouragement there even though obviously we are very disappointed about the result.

6 thoughts on “Jeremy Hunt on football related offences and the world cup”

  1. Hillsborough was a tragedy, pure, plain, and simple that continues to be lied about to this day. Heysel, while also a tragedy, was also hooliganism, for which people were prosecuted. To lump the two together is heinous.

  2. Whats the problem. You seem to specialise in faux anger. You life must be hard to live being angry all the time.

    No-one said Hillsborough was caused by the fans. We all know in that era that there was a liot of hooligaism.

    Labour like to use terms in generalities. For example with IDS’s comments on welfare your lot says “tebbits on your bike message is being said again”. Except tebbit never said “get on your bike” – it is just a useful shorthand.
    Stop being touchy.

  3. Pass this on the friends in Liverpool. Outrageous slur. The testimony of the 6′ 3″ off duty Liverpool policeman lifted from his feet and nearly crushed to death says all you need to know

  4. This sort of comment is why the people who have been involved in fighting for the real reason Hillsborough happened get really cross and who can blame them. Many times for many reasons people just get things confused and mixed up with the truth and throw away comments like this which are generalisations and of no use to anyone.

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