David Cameron and President Obama talk about BP

“The Prime Minister and President spoke for over 30 minutes today.”

“They discussed Afghanistan, where the Prime Minister briefed the President on his visit. On Iran, they agreed on the need for the European Council to signal tough measures in support of this week’s clear message to the Iranian regime from New York that it must halt its military nuclear programme.”

“They also discussed preparations for the G20, where the US and UK are also working together closely.”

“The Prime Minister expressed his sadness at the ongoing human and environmental catastrophe in Louisiana. The President and Prime Minister agreed that BP should continue – as they have pledged – to work intensively to ensure that all sensible and reasonable steps are taken as rapidly as practicable to deal with the consequences of this catastrophe.”

“President Obama said to the Prime Minister that his unequivocal view was that BP was a multinational global company and that frustrations about the oil spill had nothing to do with national identity.The Prime Minister stressed the economic importance of BP to the UK, US and other countries. The President made clear that he had no interest in undermining BP’s value.”

“The President and Prime Minister reaffirmed their confidence in the unique strength of the US-UK relationship.”

4 thoughts on “David Cameron and President Obama talk about BP”

  1. … however the President made it clear that “the USA is going to kick British butts in South Africa tonight!”


  2. Interesting that is not what the President is saying in public. Oh I do hate it when any individual says one thing in private and another in public – that of course would never happen in the UK would it!!!!!!!

  3. Right-wingers are swiftly turning their backs on Obama, and with Palin’s newly announced visit (including a photo-op with the Iron Lady herself) seems that the ‘special relationship’ might be in trouble from both sides of the pond. Excuse the self-interested plug, but this might be of interest… http://loveyourpolitics.co.uk/?p=991

  4. when will the world look beyond and see that history is repeating itself over and over. A lifetime ago Rhodesia had it’s mass murder of it’s peoples and it’s farms. It lays in ruin, now South Africa lays in peril too, yet the world chooses to ignore it’s plight. I am sick of hearing about all the troubles in the Arab worlds, when I look at Africa. When is someone going to look at the plight of farmers and people being kicked out of their own country. Look what happened in Rhodesia? When is someone going to back South African farmers? Or is the topic to hot to handle?

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