Jeremy Hunt on football related offences and the world cup

Forgive me, but I thought it had been shown that hooliganism had nothing to do with Hillsborough:

DM: …Staying with football, those footballers have just set the wrong example haven’t they, I mean so many people who have travelled out there, so many people who have been watching at home saying we really didn’t play as a team it is not an example to set to youngsters.

JH:   Well yeah of course it was disappointing because we have this enormous talent and for some reason they just didn’t gel as a team but I have to say, you know as a Minister I was incredibly encouraged by the example set by the England fans, I mean not a single arrest for a football related offensive and the terrible problems that we had in Heysel and Hillsborough in the 1980s seem now to be behind us and I think you know there is small grounds for encouragement there even though obviously we are very disappointed about the result.

Osborne cancels tax relief for video games industy

“The UK’s video games industry will be rightly furious that a solemn promise made during the election has been broken six weeks later. It’s a short sited move and will lead to more developers being lured abroad to countries that understand the strategic importance of this expanding sector of the creative industries.

“Frankly, gamers, developers and publishers were misled by the Tories”

Nick Clegg “the truth is….”

Many years ago I told myself that I would never blog in anger. So for now, I’ll just publish what this two-faced pompous wretch said before and after the election.

Nick Clegg before the election:

Let’s say there was a Conservative government, right. And let’s say a Conservative government announced in that sort of macho way, ‘we’re going to slash public spending by a third, we are going to slash this, we’re going to slash this, we’re going to do it tomorrow because we have to take early tough action’, just imagine the reaction of my constituents in South West Sheffiled.

Nick Clegg today:

“Sheffield Forgemasters is a great British company and as a Sheffield MP I regret that the Government cannot afford to support its expansion.

“The truth is that this loan was promised by the outgoing Labour Government as a calculated ploy to win support in Sheffield just ahead of the election – when they knew all along that there simply wasn’t the money to keep to that pledge in first place. In front of TV cameras Labour made all sorts of lofty promises, but behind closed doors they left notes telling this Government that there was no money left. This was a breathtakingly cynical way of raising false hope of everyone in Sheffield.

“I believe Sheffielders should be treated with greater honesty.

“At a time when the Government is spending more in interest on debt than it does on defending the nation or policing our streets, we have to take difficult choices to make sure taxpayers’ money is spent as wisely as possible. This Government will do all it can to help secure private finding for the expansion of Sheffield Forgemasters. I want us to give the company real help, not false promises of money that doesn’t even exist.”

David Cameron and President Obama talk about BP

“The Prime Minister and President spoke for over 30 minutes today.”

“They discussed Afghanistan, where the Prime Minister briefed the President on his visit. On Iran, they agreed on the need for the European Council to signal tough measures in support of this week’s clear message to the Iranian regime from New York that it must halt its military nuclear programme.”

“They also discussed preparations for the G20, where the US and UK are also working together closely.”

“The Prime Minister expressed his sadness at the ongoing human and environmental catastrophe in Louisiana. The President and Prime Minister agreed that BP should continue – as they have pledged – to work intensively to ensure that all sensible and reasonable steps are taken as rapidly as practicable to deal with the consequences of this catastrophe.”

“President Obama said to the Prime Minister that his unequivocal view was that BP was a multinational global company and that frustrations about the oil spill had nothing to do with national identity.The Prime Minister stressed the economic importance of BP to the UK, US and other countries. The President made clear that he had no interest in undermining BP’s value.”

“The President and Prime Minister reaffirmed their confidence in the unique strength of the US-UK relationship.”